The coaching route: Guide you customer towards better Results


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The coaching route: Guide you customer towards better Results

  1. 1. The Coaching Route:Guide Your Customers Toward Better Results Akash C.Mathapati
  2. 2. Bring Out The Product’s Full Benefits:1st Model of Coaching Companies deal with underutilized products / under exploited market  Arms and Hammer Coaching companies educate its customers About potential and previously unexploited use of its products Increases product’s value and boosts sales Another variety of coaching is providing manuals and instructional materials Akash C.Mathapati
  3. 3.  Home Depot – Professionally trained, highly experienced salespeople SKF – Swedish manufacturer On job training to help customers optimize performance of SKF products Akash C.Mathapati
  4. 4. The Product Isn’t the Problem Akash C.Mathapati
  5. 5.  s/w HR information Management Start up services and ongoing support Ceridian Customers buy the product and the assurance, that they’ll know how to use every facet of it What’s holding other companies back ? Intense concentration on building superior products Coach with Outsider’s Assistance Akash C.Mathapati
  6. 6. Shape Up the Customer’s Usage Process2nd Model Levi’s Strauss & Co and High Point Chemicals tailoring efforts to create a variation on the stonewashed look It up to retailers to promote and sell the New product If retailers aren’t reaching end customers they will suffer and ultimately the manufacturers LeviLink (installed electronic data interchange network) Connects mfg division of the company with POS merchants Akash C.Mathapati
  7. 7. Become the customer’s Trusted Advisor Staple National Advantage (SNA), a division of staples For reshaping its customers procurement processes 19995, SNA had 125 customer, 90% committed to purchase $ 1 million annually Staples prices are highly competitive SNA changes customers process:  Scattershot buying to national approach  Switch from paper based to electronic ordering process  SNA trains its customers to stop purchasing for inventory Akash C.Mathapati
  8. 8.  Explore new ways of operating Sell Productivity, Not Products Akash C.Mathapati
  9. 9. Break New Ground With The Customer:3rd Model Delaware-based MBNA Corporation is a bank holding company. It is the parent company of MBNA America Bank, N.A., the third largest issuer of credit cards in the world and the top issuer of affinity credit cards, issued in cooperation with professional associations, charitable organizations, and recreational groups. Principal Competitors: BANK ONE Corporation; Chase Manhattan Corporation; Citigroup Inc. Now know as Bank of Amercia Akash C.Mathapati
  10. 10.  Sierra Club (US largest & Most influential grassroots environmental Organization) Markets through 5000 professional Organizations, sports leagues, retailers & National society of professional engineers Cott Corporation Canada Akash C.Mathapati
  11. 11.  Lic and Axis Bank Came together for new credit card The Tata Group in association with SBI Card launched credit cards Akash C.Mathapati