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How to recover from a google panda 4.2 penalty


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Steps to recover from Google Panda Penalty that cause traffic drops.Find more step for how to recover google algorithm panda 4.2 penalty.

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How to recover from a google panda 4.2 penalty

  1. 1. How To Recover From A Google Panda Penalty Google confirmed panda 4.2 update on 18th July. It was affected about 2% to 3% English language queries. The last panda update 4.1 was updated almost ten months ago on September 2014. Google clarifies still we’re rolling out, it’s continued up to a few months and affecting currently on few site pages, slowly it will effect on all pages. Users who are already getting a panda penalty in the last few months, if there are clean everything and maintain high quality content these people will see positive changes in rankings. Aim of Google Algorithm Panda Actually, panda update reduces rankings for low quality websites, as well as provide best ranks for high quality sites. Panda Penalty Recovery tips 1.Remove thin content and update more content with minimum 500 words. 2.Don’t encourage empty pages, try to fill these pages with relevant content. 3.Avoid duplicate content and update unique and user friendly content.
  2. 2. 4.Don’t copy content from other websites. Conclusion Finally, the major search engine Google says maintain good content in the websites for users. High quality content and websites always will get good rankings in search results. Google Panda 4.2 Recovery: Hit by Google Panda 4.2? Do the things I told above matches to what happened to your site? Ouch! You’ve been hurt bad. Panda recovery takes time, if don’t play fair enough it would go more worse. So what to do? The Google Panda Recovery? The solution? Here’s they – 1) Analyze your Site’s Search Queries over Google Search Console. Click on Changes, and you can see the page’s that has been hit badly (the indication would be red). Overview those posts & pages, and revamp them. Make sure they’re of 500+ words. If you’ve copied or spin’ed or even generated that content with any tool make sure you’re updating them manually. 2) If you’ve duplicate permalinks (be it like & then use rel=”canonical” tag to tell Google about the original content. 3) Use a 301 redirect the 404 error pages to homepage and go to Search Console -> Crawl Rate -> Crawl Errors and mark it as fixed. 4) If you’ve used too many 301 redirects from expired domains to pass link juice to your site, make sure you remove ’em else you’d not be recovered. 5) If you’ve got irrelevant pages on your site, consider 301 them to homepage. As deleting them would would led to another 404 error. 6) Make sure you’re not having any “Blog Roll“, consider removing them. Passing too many site link juice from sitewides would led to penalty. 7) Don’t use any content scrapper & article re-writer tool. Manually write or hire any content writer. 8) Remove Ads when you’ve been penalized. Too many ads above fold leds to penalty. 9) Make sure having good coding structure of your site. Google even now crawling & rending javascripts so make sure you’re having good coding. 10) Make sure you’re having unique title (and meta tags).