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  1. 1. What is Excel 2007?•Microsoft Office Excel 2007 (or Excel) is a computerprogram used to enter, analyze, and presentquantitative data.•A spreadsheet is a collection of text and numbers laidout in a rectangular grid. Often used in business forbudgeting, inventory management, and decision making.•What-if analysis lets you change one or more values ina spreadsheet and then assess the effect those changeshave on the calculated values.•Creating Chart and graph: We can create a highlycustomized charts and graphs.
  2. 2. Basic Information• No. of Cells on each work sheet = 17,179,869,184• Column letter : A to IXFD = 16,384 Columns in the worksheet.• Row numbers : 1 to 1,048,576 in each worksheet.
  3. 3. Entering data into Cell• Enter numbers,• Enter days,• Enter months
  4. 4. Ex. 1: Design the Time Table given to you at the start of the semester in the following formatby use grid line. G. L. Bajaj Institute of Management and Research Greater Noida (U.P) Time Tale of PGDM Trimester –IV Batch: 2011-2012 Time 9.30-10.30 10.30-11.30 11.30-12.30 12.30-1.30 1.30-2.30 2.30-3.30 3.30-4.30 Days MONDAY L TUESDAY U N C WEDNESDAY H THURSEDAY B R FRIDAY E A K SATURDAY
  5. 5. • Ex.2: Prepare a Schedule of your exams.
  6. 6. • Ex. 3: Prepare the rate list of the Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetables:• Enter the 10 names of fruits and 10 names of the vegetables.• Sort the table in decreasing order of rate list.• Find the total of all the rates.• Before printing the table, see the print preview.• Check the spelling and grammar in an existing document. Use the “Replace” option in Find and Replace to replace each instance of some word.
  7. 7. • Ex. 4: Create a 7-Column, 6-Row table to create a calendar for the current month.• Enter the names of the days of the week in the first row of the table.• Centre the day names horizontally or vertically• Change the font and font size as desired.• Insert a row at the top of the table. Merge the cells in the row and enter the current month and year using a large font size. Shade the row.• Enter and right-align the dates for the month in the appropriate cells of the table.• Change the outside border to a more decorative border. Identify two important dates the calendar, and shade them.
  8. 8. Home Work Assignment-1Which Excel command you have learned in:• Exercise-1.• Exercise-2• Exercise- 3.• Exercise-4. List all the commands and describe it uses in maximum 2 lines and procedure steps in max.5 lines.Submission Date: 30/7/2012Points = 20%