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Slide - DCUC| Welcome!

  1. 1. UNCLASSIFIED//FOUO<br />266th Financial Management Center (FMC)<br />266th Financial Management Center<br />Overseas Defense Credit Union Council Conference<br />Garmisch, Germany<br />4 May 2010<br />1<br />266th FMC FIRST IN FINANCE SUPPORT!!<br />UNCLASSIFIED//FOUO<br />
  2. 2. 266th Financial Management Center (FMC)<br />266th Financial Management Center Update<br />
  3. 3. UNCLASSIFIED//FOUO<br />266th Financial Management Center (FMC)<br />Italy Finance Office<br />Benelux Finance Office<br />Concept of FM Support: <br /><ul><li>The 266th FMC is staffed with a 197 strong TDA and 36 Soldier MTOE.
  4. 4. The FMC supports Central Europe with 18 office locations. (see maps at right)
  5. 5. The FMC headquarters, in Kaiserslautern, houses the FMC MTOE (36) Soldiers and the Pay Center of Excellence (PCE) with 57 civilians.
  6. 6. The PCE provides Military and Travel pay support, in addition to Def. Travel System (DTS) management.
  7. 7. FMC overall support capabilities include: Central Funding; Banking liaison; FM policy; FM Ops; military pay; travel pay; DTS; FM IT systems management; and, Internal Controls.</li></ul>FCST Locations-Germany<br />Schweinfurt<br />Bamberg<br />Vilseck<br />Baumholder<br />Grafenwoehr<br />K-Town<br />Heidelberg<br />Hohenfels<br />Ansbach<br />3<br />266th FMC FIRST IN FINANCE SUPPORT!!<br />UNCLASSIFIED//FOUO<br />
  8. 8. D<br />106th<br />B<br />208th<br />C<br />106th<br />106th<br />X<br />266th<br />HHC<br />E<br />106th<br />A<br />106th<br />208th<br />A<br />208th<br />208th<br />C<br />Command Locations<br />B<br />106th<br />D<br />E<br />208th<br />208th<br />208th<br />Financial Management Forces Redegn<br />Finance Forces Current<br />Mons<br />Brussels<br />BFO<br />HESSEN<br />BELGUIM /<br />NETHERLANDS<br />Brunssum<br />RHEINLAND - PFALZ<br />Wiesbaden<br />Schweinfurt<br />Bamberg<br />Baumholder<br />Grafenwoehr<br /> Mannheim<br />Ansbach<br />K-Town<br />Heidelberg<br />FMC/PCE<br /> Finance Forces 2011<br />Stuttgart<br />BAYERN<br />BADEN -<br />WURTTEMBERG<br />IFO<br />ITALY<br />Vicenza<br />Darby<br />JTF-E<br />Balkans<br />
  9. 9. UNCLASSIFIED//FOUO<br />266th Financial Management Center (FMC)<br />Finance Deployments:<br />266th Financial Management Center: ~ Nov 2010<br />A/106th FMCo (Grafenwoehr): Deployed<br />B/106th FMCo (Ansbach): Deployed<br />C/106th FMCo (Vicenza, Italy): Just returned<br />D/106th FMCo (Kaiserslautern): ~ Nov 2010<br />5<br />UNCLASSIFIED//FOUO<br />
  10. 10. 266th Financial Management Center (FMC)<br />USAREUR Update<br />
  11. 11. USAREUR Transformation<br />Transformation plan runs through 2012-2013<br /><ul><li> Baumholder declared “Enduring Community”
  12. 12. Four Brigade Combat Teams will remain in Europe
  13. 13. 170th BCT- Baumholder
  14. 14. 172nd BCT- Grafenwoehr
  15. 15. 173rd BCT Airborne- Vicenza
  16. 16. 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment- Vilseck</li></li></ul><li>USAREUR Transformation<br />USAREUR transformed into 7th Army FY 09<br /><ul><li> A deployable Field Army that will transition to Wiesbaden ≈ FY12 </li></ul>Wiesbaden improvement projects:<br /><ul><li> $133m Housing program
  17. 17. $26m Network warfare center
  18. 18. $119m Headquarters building
  19. 19. $89m Consolidated intelligence center
  20. 20. $141m Neighborhood revitalization program
  21. 21. $31m Lodge
  22. 22. $8.3m Bowling center</li></li></ul><li>USAREUR Operations <br />USAREUR Deployments<br /><ul><li> 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment (Vilseck, Germany)
  23. 23. 172nd Airborne Brigade (Vicenza, Italy)</li></li></ul><li>266th Financial Management Center (FMC)<br />Central and Eastern Europe<br />
  24. 24. Central and Eastern Europe<br />Theater security cooperation is a cornerstone of USAREUR/7A strategy<br />
  25. 25. Central and Eastern Europe<br />Countries we are currently actively supporting and engaging in security cooperation with:<br /><ul><li> Azerbaijan
  26. 26. Georgia
  27. 27. Romania
  28. 28. Bulgaria
  29. 29. Poland
  30. 30. Czech Republic
  31. 31. Ukraine</li></li></ul><li>Central and Eastern Europe<br />Country focus: Poland<br /><ul><li> Recently completed SOFA negotiations in Warsaw, Poland.
  32. 32. Results were very favorable. The MBF and Credit Union(s) will be authorized to operate in Poland if ever required </li></li></ul><li>Central and Eastern Europe<br />Country focus: Poland<br /><ul><li> Stipulations:
  33. 33. Must provide a Currency Transaction Request (CTR) to the Polish Ministry of Finance for any cash transaction greater than €15,000
  34. 34. If currency is purchased from outside the European Union (Switzerland is considered within the EU) than it must be declared to Polish Authorities.</li></li></ul><li>Central and Eastern Europe<br />SOFA Status: Central and Eastern Europe<br />
  35. 35. Logistic Support Challenges<br />Installation Management Command Budget Issues:<br />Issue: IMCOM’s budget was severely cut in the middle of the fiscal year.<br />Impact: Before entering into any agreement with a local Garrison, obtain in writing to what the Garrison will commit to. i.e. site preparations, alarm costs, etc. <br />
  36. 36. Logistic Support Challenges<br />Update: Andrews Federal Credit Union- Belgium<br />SOFA Supplement - granting the status of "Civilian Component" to certain Indirect Hires (contractors) has been approved for signature by OSD and State. It will in due course be sent to US Embassy Brussels with authority to sign.<br />The Supplement allows us to propose componency status for certain -- not all -- indirect hires. Technical experts, troop care providers, university professors, persons who exclusively support the United States<br />
  37. 37. Logistic Support Challenges<br />Update Continued:<br />Belgium will not allow componency for someone who is ordinarily resident, who can claim componency through dependency status, or who is exercising a function that can be served through a local hire.<br />Effects on AFCU: <br />
  38. 38. 266th Financial Management Center<br />Welcome Aboard:<br />Captain Chris Wurst is the incoming USAREUR/266th FMC Credit Union Liaison<br />
  39. 39. 266th Financial Management Center<br />Questions????<br />