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  1. 1. Peacemakers,With the release of 92,000 documents by WikiLeaks – should be called WikiTsunami –and 10s of thousands more in the vetting process, how much more will it take to awakethe American taxpayer? I don’t know. A quick calculation shows the number of leakeddocuments roughly equals the number of war-related news reports broadcast or publishedsince 2001. The war has been going on since October 2001, or about 3,225 days . If FOXNews broadcasts 28 war-related reports per day for 9 years, those would equal thenumber of documents WikiLeaked. Two score and 8 seems a high number to me but Ihaven’t watched TV news in years. FOX broadcasting 4 war-related news reports per dayis more in line with the truth, and I haven’t included the other 4 major TV newsorganizations, and a dozen major newspapers in the count. In any event, since 2001, thenumber of documents released by WikiLeaks is likely within an order of magnitude (afactor of 10) of those broadcast by FOX News, and its stenographic cousins. WikiLeaksgave us damned good start on the long road to reverse the state-side brain damage – let’scall it post reporting cognitive disorder -- caused by the eternally embedded mass media.After 9 years, we finally have news reports from the front lines written by unembeddedreporters, who happen to be soldiers.Charley ************************************************ WNY PEACE CENTER ANNOUNCEMENTS July 27, 2010 *************************************************Wednesday, July 28th, 6 P.M. potluck, 6:30 P.M. program. Drumming with Daughtersof Creative Sound (Karima Amin, Coordinator). The Cottage, 3449 West River, GrandIsland. - storytellers, dancers, singers, percussionists help heal our minds, bodies, spirits!**************************************************************Wednesday, August 4th, 6 P.M. potluck, 6:30 P.M. program. Jon Rieley-Goddard,Snapshots at the Cottage (cont’d). The Cottage, 3449 West River, Grand Island. Join inthe effort to produce a print-on-demand pamphlet, book, or calendar describing theCottage and its beautiful surroundings. We will review photographs and discuss what elseto include in the pamphlet project. If you are curious about the steps in publishing yourown books, pamphlets, calendars, or gift cards, this evening will enlighten you.**************************************************************
  2. 2. Friday, August 6th , 8 P.M. – 9 P.M. Annual Hiroshima Day Vigil, Japanese Gardens,Mirror Lake, behind the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society building on thecorner of Elmwood Ave and Nottingham Court, Buffalo NY. It’s the 65th anniversary ofthe bombing. Bring a poem, reading, or reflection. Jean Dickson and her friends willentertain. Sponsored by the Western NY Peace Center. More info: 716-332-3904***************************************************************Wednesday, August 11th, 6 P.M. Making Bread/Pizza Crust/Cinnamon Rolls withRobin Shipman. The Cottage, 3449 West River, Grand Island.***************************************************************Monday, August 16th, Western New York Peace Center Meeting for the GeneralMembership. Time and place to be announced. Board Chair Jim Anderson says this is amajor membership meeting, so save this date on your calendar.***************************************************************Wednesday, August 18 Angelo LaDuca, The Art of Listening. The Cottage, 3449West River, Grand Island. Angelo will talk about and show us the benefits of beingbetter listeners, involving us in techniques to improve our listening habits. This shouldbe helpful not only in our daily lives but in the RS history we continue to pursue. ************************************************************Wednesday, August 25 potluck, 6:30 P.M. program. Harvest Celebration. TheCottage, 3449 West River, Grand Island. Share comestibles (and recipes for preparationand/or preservation, if you wish) on our banquet table with gratitude for the growers, thegrown, & the gustatory!**************************************************************Sunday, September 5th, 30th Annual Labor Sunday Picnic/Potluck at June & Roger’s,1515 West River, Grand Island. Still in the planning stages.**************************************************************Monday, September 13th, 7 P.M. Organizational meeting for Latin AmericanSolidarity Committee. Network of Religious Communities, 1272 Delaware Ave.Buffalo NY.***************************************************************
  3. 3. Monday, September 20th, 7 P.M. at the Network of Religious Communities, 1272Delaware Ave. Buffalo NY. Latin American Solidarity Committee Coffee House lecture:The Four Walls Project in Nicaragua, and a report on our dental clinic in Chiapas. ************************************************ Allies in Peace and Justice Announce *************************************************************************************************************Thursday, July 29th, 5:30 P.M. Allen Hall, South Campus, UB. Meet the State SenateCandidates Running for Office. Moderated by Professor Susan Davis, Buffalo StateCollege Department of Economics. Sponsored by CEJ. More info: Thom Barnes*************************************************************Tuesday, August 3rd, Ways to Mobilize the People for Long Overdue Changes: NoMore of Our Money for War and Wall Street. Speakers: Ralph Nader, HowieHawkins, Green Party candidate for Governor of NY, and Mike Kuzma, candidate forState Senate, 58th District. Dnipro Ukrainian Cultural Center, 562 Genesee St, Buffalo,NY. Doors open at 6 P.M. for community group fair and Ralph Nader will sign hisbooks. Speakers begin at 7 P.M. Food and drink available. Free will offering: $5.00. Noone turned away for lack of funds. More info: Matthew Zawisky, 716-479-2351 ,**************************************************************Thursday, August 5th . Get on Board and Help Send a U.S. Boat to GAZA. The MarcoPolo Marina, 23rd St. and FDR Drive, New York City. The marina is on the East River,not far from the UN. Enjoy a view New York Harbor at sunset, excellent company andsupport an extremely worthy cause. Boarding at 7 P.M. Returning at 10:30 P.M. Specialguests: Chris Hedges, Ann Wright, Najla Said, Ismail Khalidi, Remi Kanazi, LamisDeek and Gaida. The goal: raise $100K to $370 K to secure a U.S. boat, a crew and senda U.S. delegation to Gaza. The boat will be named after President Obama’s book,“Audacity of Hope” and will join the next international freedom flotilla in another effortto break Israel’s blockade of Gaza. Purchase boat tickets at PleaseRSVP at . If you’re not going, you can donate . If you can offer rides to NY City, send a note***************************************************************Friday, August 6th, 7:30 P.M. Annual Hiroshima/Nagasaki Candlelight Vigil. Avontraffic circle, Routes 5 & 20, Avon, NY. Hosted by the Genesee Valley Citizens for
  4. 4. Peace (“Human Race, not Arms Race”). More info:; or call585-624-3673. Avon is south of Rochester, NY.***************************************************************Saturday, August 14th, 8 P.M. – 11 P.M. Cafe Allegro, 1394 Hertel Ave. Buffalo NY.Jean Dickson and David Stanton. Jean and her friends usually play a gig at CaféAllegro the second Saturday of the month. Enjoy some great music and food.*********************************************************************.Saturday, August 14th, Strike for Justice Annual Bowling Night. Kenmore Lanes. 1691Kenmore Ave. The Coalition for Economic Justice is hosting a party under disco lights.Join in on the competitive and not-so-competitive action. Win great prizes! Advanceregistration fee: $15. Covers the cost of 2 games and shoe rental. More info at CEJoffices: 716-892-5877.****************************************************************Saturday, August 14th , 1 P.M. Beaver Meadow Audubon Center, 1610 Welch RoadNorth Java, NY. The Cloud Forest and Endemic Birds of Guatemala’s CentralHighlands, with Rob Cahill. Rob is a director of Community Cloud Forest Conservationwhich is involved in involved in reforestation and agroecology in Guatemala. More****************************************************************Sunday, August 15th, Guatemala’s Central Highlands: Beauty and HopeConservation among the Q’eqchi’ Maya with Rob Cahill. Orchard Park QuakerMeetinghouse, 6924 East Quaker Road (20 A) Orchard Park, NY. Potluck at noon, 1:00pm presentation. Rob is a director of Community Cloud Forest Conservation which isinvolved in involved in reforestation and agroecology in Guatemala. More****************************************************************Tuesday, September 14th. Global African Village is doing a fundraiser at BettysRestaurant. GAV will received 10% of the proceeds from all dine-in meals eaten atBettys that day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). We will also be holding a raffle for abeautiful framed photograph of an African elephant, which will be on display. More info:*****************************************************************Saturday, October 16th . 10 A.M. – 4 P.M. Refusing Orders/Crossing Borders: adialogue with American War Resistors. St. Paul’s Anglican Church, 32 Idylewylde
  5. 5. St., Fr. Erie, Ontario, Canada. There are 45,000 American soldiers listed as deserters orAWOL, and Canada is again being asked to offer humanitarian asylum. Forty Americansoldiers are awaiting resolution to their refugee claims and many others are livingunderground. Please help them out by attending this event, and spend the day with thesecourageous men and women. Don’t forget your passport, or enhanced drivers’ license, ora certified copy of your birth certificate so you can prove your name is connected to you.Sponsored by the War Resisters Support Campaign (Canada) and the Buffalo Chapter(#128) of Veterans for Peace. *************************************************** RECURRING EVENTS & OTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS *******************************************************************************************************************The Subversive Theatre Collective presents Bertolt Brecht’s The Mother. Fridays,Saturdays and Sundays at 8 P.M. July 23rd – August 8th . Manny Fried Playhouse, 255Great Arrow Avenue, Buffalo NY. Great Arrow Building in North Buffalo. Take thecavernous elevator to the third floor, or walk the stairs. This is an intensely interactiveproduction where ten actors play all the major roles and the audience plays all the rest.Tickets: $10.00. More info: 716-408-0499.*************************************************************U.N. Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Adopted by the UN on September13, 2007, the U.S. and Canada remain the only countries who have not signed thisdocument. Both are now reconsidering their decision. The U.S. State Department wantsyour input on this matter. Go to for more info. And asummary of the declaration is here: and you can read thetext of the declaration here:*******************************************************Visit El Buen Amigo, 114 Elmwood Ave. Buffalo NY 14201. Fair trade products fromCentral and South America. Learn Spanish, too. Space available for events. Tel:716-885-6343;*********************************************************Vigil at the Erie County Holding Center, each Wednesday at 5 P.M. – 6 P.M. Cornerof Church St and Delaware Ave. Erie County Prisoner Rights Coalition continues its
  6. 6. weekly protests against prisoner abuse at the Holding Center. Signs are available at thevigil. Following the vigil there is an organizing meeting at Buffalo Car Shares/AllentownAssociation Offices on Allen St.*****************************************************STOP THE VIOLENCE COALITION WEEKLY ORGANIZING MEETINGFirst and third Fridays of the month. 6 P.M. United Way of Buffalo & Erie County, 742Delaware Avenue, Buffalo*****************************************************WOMEN IN BLACK SILENT VIGIL AGAINST WAREvery Saturday Afternoon, 12-1 P.M. regardless of weather.Corner of Elmwood & Bidwell Parkway, Buffalo NY.Witnessing weekly since October 2001….*****************************************************DANCE ALIVE!1st Friday of each month, 6pmUnitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo, 695 Elmwood, BuffaloBegins with a vegetarian potluck, bring your own dinnerwareFeatures the Blood Thirsty Vegans,****************************************************INDIGENOUS WOMEN’S INITIATIVES (IWI) TALKING CIRCLE2nd Thursday of each month, 12-3 P.M.IWI Office @ Network of Religious Communities,1272 Delaware Avenue, BuffaloMore Information Contact Agnes Williams, Seneca 716-332-6988Please bring Organic Snacks to share****************************************************ASSOCIATION FOR INDIA’S DEVELOPMENT (AID) BUFFALO CHAPTERAID is a US 501(C)(3) organization with active volunteers in India and theUS, committed to promoting sustainable, equitable and just developmentthrough grassroots organizations, AIDs Buffalo Chapterhas been active since 2004 and has a volunteer base of professionals andstudents from the Indian community. AID Buffalos efforts have includedspreading awareness about various social issues, fund raising to sponsordevelopmental projects in India, and local community service.To learn more:,,716/566-8125, 716/598-2276
  7. 7. ******************************************************Tuesday, August 3rd, 17th, and 31st , 4:45 P.M. – 5:30 P.M. Stop the Drones, Hancock AirBase Entrance, East Malloy Rd, Mattydale NY (Syracuse). Twice – monthly droneprotest sponsored by the Syracuse Peace Council. More info:, or call (315) 472-5478.******************************************************Sunday, Vigil for Peace. 12 Noon – 1 P.M. Corner of East Avenue and Goodman St.Rochester NY. Sponsor: Peace Action and Education, Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace( Every Sunday. ********************************************************* Social Justice Legislation *********************************************************H.R. 5353: “The War is Making You Poor Act”, introduced by Alan Grayson (D-Fl)and 6 co-sponsors to-date (none from New York State).For the last 8 years the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been funded by “emergency”appropriations, outside the Pentagon budget. This year, the emergency funding totals$159 billion. H.R. 5353 takes that emergency funding and directs it to taxpayer reliefeliminating federal income taxes on the above amounts of earned income. If that’s donefor all US taxpayers that fall in those categories, there still would be $16 billion left overthat would be applied to federal debt reduction.Funding for continuing the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq would have to come out of thePentagon’s $549 billion budget – a situation that would prompt some debate between themakers of war toys and those who want to drone/invade/bomb the oil-rich/oil-neighboring states du jour.Indeed, wars are making us poor. We need a surge in our wallets, not Asia.More info: your internet connection is fast, see Rep. Alan Grayson’s wonderful 5 minute speech: can sign Grayson’s petition by going to:
  8. 8.***********************************************************H.R. 5015, Plan for the Safe, Orderly, and Expeditious Redeployment of United States Armed Forces from Afghanistan. Rep. Louise Slaughter is one of the 96 co­sponsors. Congresspersons Higgins and Lee are not. Give them a call. Brian Higgins: 716­852­3501. Fax: 716­852­3929. Chris Lee: 716­ 634­2324. Fax: 716­631­7610 ***********************************************************H.R. 4645: Travel Restriction Reform and Export Enhancement Act, introduced byRep. Collin Peterson (D-MN), with 54 cosponsors (none from Upstate NY). The folks atDISARM Education Funds say the bill is the best chance to break the stranglehold therightwing community has held over travel to Cuba. The WNY Peace Center’s LatinAmerican Solidarity Committee encourages you to support this legislation.More info: Info:************************************************************S 8223. Farmworker Fair Labor Practices Act. New York State Senate. Enacts thefarmworkers fair labor practices act, granting collective bargaining rights, workerscompensation and unemployment benefits to farmworkers. At last word, the bill is 3votes shy of passing.Please call you NYS Senator soon, as this will be voted on in the days ahead.Senator M. Ranzenhofer8203 Main Street, Suite 4Williamsville, NY 14221Tel: (716) 631-8695 / Fax: (716) 634-4321Senator Antoine M. ThompsonWalter J. Mahoney State Office Building65 Court Street, Room 213
  9. 9. Buffalo, New York 14202P: 716-854-8705F: 716-854-3051Senator D. Volker4729 Transit RoadDepew, NY 14043-4880(716) 656-8544Senator W. Stachowski2030 Clinton StreetBuffalo, New York 14206Phone (716)-826-3344Fax (716)-823-6372More info: