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  1. 1. Where in the world is Tuvalu?|Page 8NEWEUROPE17th Year, |Number 864 | December 13 - 19, 2009 | € 3.50 OSCE PES PRESIDENCY BULGARIA As Kazakhstan prepares to assume the Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, the now re- Jean-Claude Juncker, Prime Minister of Tzvetan Tzvetanov, Bulgarian Deputy OSCE chairmanship next year, Kanat elected President of the PES, talks of Luxembourg gives his thoughts on the Prime Minister and Minister of Saudabayev, Kazakhstan’s Secretary of the coming year, politics in Europe future of Europe and the new Council Interior, talks about the fight against State and Minister of Foreign Affairs, today and what he would like to see President. corruption and organized crime. talks about the group’s priorities. happen at the Copenhagen Climate Conference. ·Page 7 ·Page 2 ·Page 3 ·Page 2 EU Policy IN THIS ISSUE Romania’s EU role takes on some roots, and fiscal hopes|Page 5 Barroso still on speed-dial EU-World EU lawmakers ignored as bank But Russia waits for EU to define future relationships data is handed to US|Page 14 Jerusalem should be a shared capital, EU tells Israel|Page 15 Energy & Climate Europe needs all the pipelines it can get, says Finland’s FM|Page 16 Europeans to connect their supply of off- shore wind power|Page 17 Oil battle bubbling within OPEC|Page 18 Country news German factory orders post surprise fall in October|Page 23 Italy, Russia reach key transport agreements|Page 25 Latvia may adopt euro in 2013 if deficit falls|Page 30 Papandreou, Papaconstantinou urge calm in the face of pressure|Page 31 Ukrainian banking system gets hard lessons from crisis|Page 36 Russia, India seal nuclear, defense, trade deals|Page 39 ANA/EPA PHOTO/ITAR-TASS POOL NEW EUROPE/ANDY CARLING Editorial & Opinion State support for the needy banks|Page 4 EU: In Putin We(have to) Trust|Page 17 Like the whole world, Russia too awaits for Europe to define the new roles born under the Lisbon Treaty,. But for now, the priority contact for Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin remains European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso FOCUS Nabucco, and some other pipelines, are com- of European Union or Bulgaria, to take part or Asked now that the EU has a new Council mercial projects, Andrey Klimov a member of not to take part in projects like Nabucco. “If President and High Representative, who is the Committee on International Affairs and people in the European Union, Bulgaria, pre- Putin going to call, Klimov said: “...I believe Head of the Sub-Committee on European fer to have stable energy supply from Russia that Mr. Putin, as chair of our government, Co-operation in the Russian Duma, told New they have to have these pipelines. If they pre- may and must have better relationship with Europe in an interview in Bonn. He was asked fer to have something without a real base, Mr. Barroso, with the Commissioner, the if Bulgaria’s increased support for the Nabucco without oil fields, without gas fields, it’s up to Commission and the Chair of the pipeline at the expense of the Russian-backed you. You can think about a pipeline, from, let’s Commission, and of course we will see what EU CAREERS South Stream was affecting Moscow’s rela- say Mercury or from the Moon. But it’s not so will be the role of the new President of this tions with Sofia and with the EU. “As Mr. realistic. We prefer to have real deals, like this union of European States, and then of Pages 10-13 (Russian Prime Minister Vladimir) Putin said, Nord Stream on the northern part from course we will have some changes maybe in it is not a Russian question, but it is question Europe.” our protocol.” ·Page 5
  2. 2. NEW EUROPEPage 2 | New EuropeDecember 13 - 19, 2009 INTERVIEW INTERVIEW WITH TZVETAN TZVETANOV NE Notebook Bulgaria fighting corruption Time to find out just Bulgaria is now a partner in the solidarity the EU is offering. One of the priorities who governs London for the new Bulgarian government is the instrument Schengen, as you know The credit crunch in the West, the subsequent real Bulgaria is an outside border of the EU. economy recession and the uncertainties which still All the activities we organize in that direc- haunt the international economic environment and the tion are with compliance with the economic theory, are being swiftly depicted and pre- European Commission, the check ups sented in what is happening over the past weeks in that are performed in the air, lands and sea London, more precisely, in and around the Royal Bank borders, we have already organized a very of Scotland. This British colossal bank, along with the good administrative capacity, we have American investment banks of New York, spearheaded equipped the border check points with the what happened in our financial world during the past equipment needed so that we are able to two years. At the end, RBS along with its US counter- perform our functions and responsibilities. parts, was saved by the state and the central banks. After With the transparent programme we are carrying out we target at the Euro funds the huge direct state aid, however, the Royal Bank of been unfrozen in order to complete our Scotland ended up as a state entity, with the British fight against corruption. government controlling around three-quarters of its capital. One other issue is of Nabucco and South All those developments changed our perception of the Stream. Where is Bulgaria going on these economic play. The most important economists started projects? questioning even the basics of the theories behind use- New Europe talks to Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior ful tools of modern everyday market practice. In this Bulgaria has been moving closer and closer made by the EU. What concrete steps are South Stream is a project that needs to respect, the bonuses, that investment bank managers to the center of the EU. How are you going you taking to combat organized crime and be totally compliant with the EU inter- receive at the end of each year were criticized and impli- about achieving this? corruption? ests and the interest of Bulgaria as well. cated as the most dangerous practice, which may soon We have established special units Every geo strategic project connected to lead again to a new credit crunch worse than the last The new Bulgarian government is doing between the prosecution office, Ministry energy must meet the interests of the one. On top of that, one after the other, western gov- everything possible to meet the require- of Interior (MVR,) State Agency European Union. In that regard Bulgaria ernments started strongly opposing the practice of ments of the European community. The National Security (DANS). We already is a reliable partner of the EU. I have bonuses, even demonizing extra pay as an easy target, in main accent is the fight against corrup- have accusations been raised against always said that the policy course of the front of a hostile public opinion against banks. tion and organized crime. The legisla- abuses that reflected in losing millions of European Union can be much stronger In such an environment, the Royal Bank of Scotland, tion amendments we are introducing in euros. There have already been effective compared to the separate countries despite having lost GBP 1.8 billion during the third Bulgaria at the moment will be benefi- and efficient results in the fight against themselves. quarter of the year, and being nationalized, with the cial for the realization of a very positive corruption and organized crime; against Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling being its policy course corresponding to the EU specific cases and individuals. main shareholder, did not hesitate to announce that it requirements. Tzvetan Tzvetanov is Deputy Prime was ready to hand out GBP 1.5 billion to its investment Has the EU been supportive and helpful in Minister and Minister of Interior of department personnel as 2009 bonuses. It was like You are responding to criticism that was that respect? Bulgaria opening Pandora’s Box. Darling reacted so strongly that he said at an interview that he would “not be held as a hostage to ransom.” The RBS ‘s management reaction was equally aggressive. They threatened to quit en INTERVIEW WITH POUL NYRUP RASMUSSEN masse, including large numbers of investment person- nel. In short, they were ready to ruin the bank, if the boss, Darling, did not agree to hand out the bonuses. No other working class group had ever reacted in this way, actually threatening their employer to quite en PES looks to 2010 masse and leave the “shop” in ruins. At this point it who go hungry or die. The most extravagant wealth coexists should be mentioned that the average bonus for the with the most grotesque misery. There are over 22.5 million RBS investment managers was estimated at least at unemployed people in Europe alone. Eighty million are liv- GBP one million, and one can imagine that the upper ing under the poverty line. Our values and our cause - floors personnel would receive many times this. Their democracy, freedom, solidarity, human dignity, equality and pay has been like this for many years now so most of social justice – drive us just as they did the founders of our them can live happily ever after without needing to parties. We must be the progressive party of conviction and work. In short, the Golden Boys said that either they action. Human progress and sustainable development is the work for millions, or they don’t work at all. central focus of PES policy. There must be a well-hidden secret here that makes those people so powerful. It is not difficult, however, to Are you worried about the rise of conservatism in Europe? unveil it. The idea is that given that investment banks are free to undertake whatever risks they like, say, for The Center-Left has lost elections on the way into the crisis example, Dubai, in whatever market they choose - say – people were not convinced that it was the failure of Right- gold - then the short-term profits are so huge that even Wing ideology. Now we’ve got to win them back for the way state bureaucracies and governments can participate in out of the crisis. Fighting mass unemployment and defining the party. The secret is that they are allowed not to have Between planning the week in Copenhagen and having just the way forward. The PES Congress in Prague this week adequate reserves to face huge future risks that those wrapped up the Party of European Socialists Congress in committed to shaping a new vision and presenting a new investments many imply. For example, if gold prices fall Prague, Poul Nyrup Rasmussen the now re-elected President program for progressive societies. We received a‘Mandate for drastically, it is more than certain that a large number of of the PES, took some time to answer questions from Alia Change from our member parties. All PES members have those banks will be found in a mess and will start again Papageorgiou on the coming year, politics in Europe today committed to a new strategy, which will lead us back to clamoring for state aid to stand on their feet. We had a and what he would like to see happen at the Copenhagen influence and power. We leave the past behind. taste of this with Dubai. Until that dreadful day comes, Climate Conference COP15 continuing in Denmark until however, the short-term profits are huge, create so many 18 December. What is the bare minimum that Europe should expect from jobs and contribute largely to the poor British Gross the UNFCCC Climate Conference in Copenhagen? National Product. So the government in London says How do you evaluate the role of socially driven policy in the nothing about its real powers, which include the intro- next five years given that the unemployment levels could In Copenhagen the governments must agree on a framework duction of checks and balances. Instead, 10 Downing reach up to 30 million people Europe-wide in 2010? for a global agreement with binding emission reduction tar- Street tries to solve the problem at the end of the line, gets for developed countries and clear commitments by not the beginning, by threatening the Golden Boys. Today’s social ills are as pressing as they were in the 19th emerging economies. We need a binding roadmap to finalize Unfortunately, they are free to play the tunes. Century when our forefathers formed the first socialist trade an agreement before summer next year. The PES decided at unions and political parties. Almost half of the world’s pop- their congress in Prague that the EU should unilaterally ulation – living on less than two dollars a day – has children decide to reduce their emissions by 30% until 2020.
  3. 3. NEW EUROPE New Europe | Page 3 December 13 - 19, 2009 INTERVIEWINTERVIEW WITH JEAN-CLAUDE JUNCKEREurozone President gives his thoughts on thefuture of Europe and the new Council PresidentMr. Prime Minister, Europe has 15 years from now I am totallygone through the struggle and now convinced that the UK will be awe have The Lisbon Treaty, what is member of the Eurozone.the future for Europe? Greece is facing particular econo-The Lisbon Treaty and ratification mic trouble at the moment. Whatof the Lisbon treaty is of the essen- is the way out for this country?ce, now we are facing prevent chal-lenges; one concerning the general I do not think that this wenteconomic and financial situation. wrong, telling the readers thatEuropeans as member of European Greece is facing a state default areUnion, we have to further develop wrong. I do not think that Greecefor a common exit strategy. The is facing state default but Greecesecond point is that we have to has to do is to consolidate its pub-make sure as Europeans that we lic finance in a way that in thewill never fall back in the situation short and medium run Greece willwe had before the crisis started. appear as a civilized county. I amThird point which to my view is fully convinced that Greekvery important would be to estab- government will take effectivelish common social rules, not doing action, the Greek government hasexactly the same things in everyw- to take effective but put ourselves on an agree-ment as far as the certain number Your name was up against Hermanof minimum rules concerning the Van Rompuy for the Europeanworking people. Council President position? Do we have full confidence to trustNow we had a very low turnout the Herman Van Rompuy?last European election. What wecan do to give people the instiga- I’ve known Herman Van Rompuytion to vote again? for 20 years. I am the only one in the we have achieved the creation of and Prime Ministers when we are of the Eurozone. How will it play European Council who knows him.We have to tell Europeans that single currency, nobody in fact gathering for the European out in the future? Yes, the others do know him for 10they can be proud of what the believed 15 years ago that we Council into two blocks, the win- I do think that part of the British months so, and I am convinced thatEuropean Union has achieved so would be able to achieve this and ners and the losers. No winners, no resistance to the crisis is due to the he will be a strong president. Thosefar, we have peace on this dangero- so instead of criticizing the EU, losers for Europe. Europe has to be euro, because the euro is giving who are speculating that he will be aus continent, peace is not an ever they are aware that no criticism has the winner. economic and monetary stability to weak president, they will learn thatlasting stable element, we have to be accepted if we should uphold the continent. So even those who he is a strong guy.enlarged the EU by peaceful means the achievements of the EU. We One Europe, but certain countries are out of the Eurozone area have Jean-Claude Juncker is Primeto the East and center of Europe, should not divide Member States for instances UK opts the stay out benefited from the euro. And 10- Minister of LuxembourgINTERVIEW WITH HANS-GERT PÖETTERINGThe EPP wants an EU that can take on the US and worldThis has been a very successful European project in the 21st- citizens and the institutions. Are in Europe. This is our ambition,new year for the EPP. You have Century is a project now for the we in a situation now where these are our values, and let us fightcontrol of the Parliament, you are young generation. The 21st- Lisbon has been approved that we for them peacefully.doing well in the Commission, and Century is the century for young can be a bit more outward looking.of course Lisbon has been finally people and we are working for How are you hoping to engage I have got to ask you about the newapproved. Where are you going to them that they have a good future with euroskeptics and the more Council President and the Highgo from here? on our European continent. questioning citizens? Representative. Now these people seem to be evolving their own jobI think it is our responsibility to Well, on the subject of the This is of course something we descriptions and their own appro-ensure that the European Union Conservatives, there is talk that have to look at. It is very important aches to the task. How would youdevelops in the right way, that we Edward McMillan-Scott will be that the political parties, the like them see develop in these newcan live in peace, that we are com- coming to join the EPP. Would European parties, the members of roles?petitive as Europeans with the you welcome him or any other con- Parliament on the national level, oncompetition in the world, with servatives? the local level, on the European I think both personalities, HermanChina, with our friends in the level, have a close relation with our Van Rompuy as President of theUnited States, and others. And, of I personally would welcome him citizens and I am not pessimistic. I European Council, and Ladycourse, we have to solve the great very much. He believes in the think that if we improve our rela- Ashton as the Foreign Minister, sochallenge and problem of climate that the British Conservatives left European unification, and he alwa- tions, and if the media, especially to say, High Representative andchange, and the European Union our group in the European ys defended in a good way the inte- television, are more open for infor- Vice President of the Commission,has taken the lead. This is very Parliament, which I chaired for rests of his country, the United mation about the European Union, they are very able and committedimportant, so we are there in the seven-and-a-half years, and I did Kingdom. But at the same time he I think it will be possible to bring personalities and if I would have toEuropean Peoples Party, and our so much to keep them in our always has been a good European the people nearer to the European give advice to them, then I wouldgroup in the European Parliament, group, and it’s a great disappoin- and I always have had, on a perso- Union again, and my experience is encourage them to take strong lea-are in the center of European deve- tment that the leader of the nal basis even, a very good relation that there is a deep sense of the dership for the European Union, solopment. Conservative Party in London with Edward McMillan-Scott. people, that they want a united and that the European Union is visibleThe one loss that the EPP has had took another decision. I think this strong Europe that defends our in the European Union and in theis with the UK Conservatives lea- is a strategic mistake, but even But the withdrawal of the values and in the heart of our world.ving the group. Has that been a when they have left us, we remain Conservatives seems to be a sym- European project is the dignity ofgreat loss for the EPP? the biggest group in the European ptom of growing euroskepticism the human being, are human Hans-Gert Pöettering discusses the Parliament. We remain committed within Europe and there is more rights, democracy, legal order, peace EPP’s vision for Europe and the lossNo, of course we regret very much to the European Project and this and more distance between the and solidarity between the people of the UK Conservatives
  4. 4. NEW EUROPEPage 4 | New EuropeDecember 13 - 19, 2009 ANALYSIS NE ECONOMIC ANALYSIS The Shooting Gallery State support for the needy banks In the aftermath of the last credit crunch, which forced the gov- ernments of the US, the European Union countries and a large number of other industrial or developing countries, to support the banking sector with a round sum of 11 trillion dollars, some countries now face the difficult problem of cutting public deficits that have grown to double digit percentages of the GDP. For example, Ireland and Greece in the Eurozone have now in front of them the painstaking task to cut the state bud- get deficits to acceptable Treaty of Maastricht levels. Both countries have accumulated public deficits during 2009, in the region of 12% to 14% of the GDP, spending a hell lot of money to either support the banking system, as is the case in Ireland, or aid the ailing real economy, as did Greece. Now both coun- tries are on the verge of social unrest after their governments are to present state budgets with severe cuts in public spending. The same is also true for a large number of countries including Okay, the first one who shows her face gets it! |(ANA/EPA/JALIL REZAYEE) the US and Britain. In those cases, however, their special political weight does not NE permit rating firms such as Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch to undervalue the creditworthiness of their state borrow- ing. The freefall of the value of the dollar and the British 15 YEARS AGO pound, however, have been depicting the implicit fall of credit- worthiness in those two cases. On the other hand, the three organizations did not hesitate to question the credit rating of Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Italy and probably Spain. At this point, it must be mentioned that those three rating firms face judicial proceedings in US and British courts, for having failed altogether to see the least of the last credit melt coming or the subsequent real economy recession, which has haunted the international economy for two years now. It is a shame to watch Moody’s, S&P and Fitch to have “sealed” the credit rating of Lehman Brothers with their highest marks, equal to US state bonds and move to downgrade Ireland and Greece with neither of the two having failed in any respect their debt obligations. Actually, it seems that the three rating firms are trying to regain their lost dignity at the expenses of small countries, such as Ireland and Greece, without any remorse. And this, despite knowing that the social equilibrium everywhere in the world is now very unstable, after two years of crisis, falling employment and lower pay. In any case, this is not a question of the three firms having - or not -any sense of social responsibility. It a straightforward legal case of Moody’s, S&P and Fitch “guiding” the credit markets to There was good news and bad news 15 years ago this week for former Soviet Republics and ex-Communist coun- tries who wanted to get into the European Union: some of them were on track and some of them weren’t. The lucky the direction of their liking. What about the large investments ones seemed to be those in the northern part of East Europe, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, banks in New York and London which keep betting state sup- who were closer to meeting the criteria for getting into the EU and emerging from the colossal shadow of port money on markets like gold and bonds? Or, are the three Communism and the destructive effects to their economies and had kept them in a deep industrial recession and rating firms paving the way for the rest of Wall Street organi- hoped to join the EU in five more years – which wouldn’t happen. zations? All and all now, in the aftermath of the largest crisis of the last NEWEUROPE 70 years the governments which used taxpayers money to save the banks are now having problems making ends meet. The huge state budget deficits cannot go on forever. Despite those EU EDITORIAL BUREAU PUBLISHERS: problems, the large banks of Wall Street demanded and Avenue de Tervuren/Tervurenlaan 96, NEWS CORPORATION S.A. 1040 Brussels, Belgium 3C Stefanias Avenue Washington and other governments agreed, to keep billions of EDITOR Tel. +32 2 5390039 152 36 Palea Penteli Attikis, Greece state support at the disposal of banks. Fax +32 2 5390339 Tel. +30 210 8035000 Fax: 30 210 8035111 Alexandros Koronakis E-Mail: It is not clear where this arrangement may lead. Western gov- ernments may end up clamoring for the mercy of China to lend MARKETING & ADVERTISING Managing Director: Avenue de Tervuren/Tervurenlaan 96, Alexandra Coronakis them the hundreds of billions that the western banks need to SENIOR EDITORIAL TEAM 1040 Brussels, Belgium keep themselves going. Dennis Papoulakos (Economy & Finance) Tel. +32 2 5390039 Signed Contributions express solely the views of Fax +32 2 5390339 At the other end of the picture, hundreds of millions of people Kostis Geropoulos (Energy & Russian Affairs) the writers and do not necessarily reflect the Anastasia Bouyiatiotes (Art & Culture) opinion of the newspaper. are threatened with losing their jobs, not to say anything about Andy Dabilis (Managing Editor) the Third World countries where the undernourishment has PRODUCTION & DISTRIBUTION: © 2009 New Europe all rights reserved. No Ariti Alamanou (Legal Affairs) NEW EUROPE NEWSPAPERS part of this publication may be reproduced, reached levels unseen before over the past years. Alia Papageorgiou (EU Affairs) 1 Isminis Street stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in Andy Carling (EU Affairs) 152 36 Palea Penteli Attikis, Greece any form by any means, electronic or otherwise, Louise Kissa (Fashion) Tel. +30 210 6136 999 Fax +30 210 61 36899 without the permission of New Europe.
  5. 5. NEW EUROPE New Europe |Page 5 December 13 - 19, 2009 INTERVIEWINTERVIEW WITH ANDREY KLIMOVRussia unsure about new EU President role, keeps pressure on energyNow that the EU has a new Coun- relations between political projects Mercury or from the Moon. But We think that the main thing incil President and High Represen- and commercial ones, but let’s it’s not so realistic. We prefer to our relationship is the reality. If wetative, who is Mr. Putin going to think separately about separate have real deals, like this Nord base on reality, if we are speakingcall? things. If we are speaking about af- Stream on the northern part from about strategic partnership be-It’s a good question; maybe you can fairs between Bulgaria and Russia, Europe. tween my country and the Euro-give me an answer, because it is up they are based not only on some pean Union, we can do a lotto you , I mean it’s up to the Euro- commercial projects, but also on We are at the EPP summit here, together. It will be a fruitful coo-pean Union to say what will be the the historic relations for centuries, with the change in the Parliament, peration indeed. But if we are spea-duty of new president, but I believe and we are speaking about frien- where the center right is really in king about, a kind ofthat Mr. Putin, as chair of our go- dship between people of Bulgaria control now. How does Russia confrontation, about treaties justvernment, may and must have bet- and my country, we are speaking view that change, are they people for a short-term periods, about se-ter relationship with Mr. Barroso, about cooperation between our go- they can, in your words, do busi- arching for some results not only inwith the Commissioner, the Com- vernments. I know well the Bulga- ness with? the fields of our cooperation butmission and the Chair of the Com- the previous situation, when we rian ambassador to Moscow, and We know the statistics now. We let’s say, in the fields which I canmission, and of course we will see changed the presidency each six we are friends. And anyhow we know how many seats the EPP name as “non, non-realistic one,” -what will be the role of the new months, was a kind of base of in- have to solve a lot of problems if group has in the European Parlia- by the way try to split the CIS co-President of this union of Euro- stability, in the relations, not only we are speaking about commercial ment. But this is only a statistic. untries - with the help of, let’s say,pean States, and then of course we with Russia but with some other projects. As Mr. Putin said, it is not We would like to see what the new eastern dimension, with the help ofwill have some changes maybe in countries like the United States, a Russian question, but it is que- behavior of this party is, having this new eastern bloc if you like.our protocol. But the main step, of China, etc. We prefer, of course, a stion of European Union or Bulga- such a kind of majority in the Eu- We do not know the purpose ofcourse, is it is your duty to do it. more stable situation, and when ria, to take part or not to take part ropean Parliament, and after that this eastern partnership, we like to you have the post of President of in projects like Nabucco. we can base our affairs with the have much more informationSo until we do that, we take it that this Union, it means that now we EPP party in the European Parlia- about that. So if we can, if we likeMr. Barroso is still on the speed have a kind of stability for two- From remarks that you just said, it ment, based on real steps, real acti- to do something together, you havedial, shall we? and-a-half years. This is the good seems that Russia perhaps is just vities, real behavior. to include Russia in different proj-Well, our next summit will be not news for us. waiting to see how these changes ects. Inform us as much as possibletomorrow, so we can prepare eve- in the EU is going to impact You’re constantly mentioning that about real meaning, of this or thatrything before that. There is one issue that has been Yes, because now it is not our task the ball is in the European Union’s proposals of the European Union. causing tension, particularly with to make the next step. If people in court. We do not want to be players wit-The Lisbon Treaty has finally Bulgaria and its increased support the European Union, Bulgaria, In all these cases, in all cases we are hout rules. We prefer to have somebeen ratified. How does this new for the Nabucco pipeline. How is prefer to have stable energy supply speaking about, the ball is not on rules in between.treaty and its different objectives that affecting relations with Bul- from Russia they have to have our side.change relations with the EU and garia and with the European these pipelines. If they prefer to Andrey Klimov is a member of theRussia, and does it have any new Union? have something without a real base, So what would you be looking for? Committee on International Af-opportunities? You know, Nabucco, and some without oil fields, without gas fi- What would you, Russia regard as fairs and Head of the Sub-Com-I believe that we have some more other pipelines, it’s commercial elds, it’s up to you. You can think being hopeful and positive signs mittee on European Co-operationreasons to be optimistic, because projects. Of course there are some about a pipeline, from, let’s say that will lead to improved relations? in the Russian DumaINTERVIEW WITH LÁSZLÓ BORBÉLYRomania’s EU role takes on some roots, and fiscal hopes congress of the EPP, because we about the next five years. Now ves regarding energy resources. So with the CAP budget? have to be strong. There was also a we’ve got the EPP that swept the in this moment we are on the way We are in the stage to transform our debate in Romania regarding in board in the elections. We’ve got to open new doors for European agriculture because it was based on which direction we will go for the the new Commission. We’ve got unification. totally other rules than in the EU. next five years. Basically now, we Lisbon in place. It seems like there So that’s why we have to have an have an obligation to form a go- is nothing to stop the European What has the membership in the open discussion, we know that there vernment as soon as possible. And Union having some really intere- European Union done for Roma- are debates in the EU how to re- of course this atmosphere of the sting years ahead. What role you nia’s foreign relations? analzse the subsidies, how the bud- congress, this leadership of Europe see that Romania could play in the For our foreign relations – to be a get for 2014 will be regarding will be useful also for Romania be- next few years? member of the EU, to be a member agriculture expenditure. That’s why cause we have a recession, we have We obtained a very important port- of NATO – it’s a new dimension. we are proud we have such portfo- problems, we need to help ourselves folio in the European Commission It’s a new dimension, more security, lio. That’s why for Romania to have and we need an opportunity to im- – portfolio of agriculture. So we will more confidence in our European this kind of power in the EU to prove. Romania is the seventh big- have a very hard job to do, and of values and that’s also why, for prove we are able to show to ourWe just had some elections in Ro- gest state in the European Union. It course our Commissioner will be people of the EU it was changing partners that it’ll be, I hope, verymania, and it’s not good for the will be very important period after for all 27 countries in Europe, but values, changing of how we have to pragmatic, very balanced agricultureparties that associate with the EPP, the entrance into force of the Lis- it’s important for Romania because think in Europe after 50 years of policy, also for those who joined thebut it seemed to be quite narrow. bon Treaty. We are able, our small we have a huge agricultural sector. Communism. So I’m confident it EU in 2004 and 2007 and also forWhat’s happening? but important political party, an im- We have also problems and we need will be better for Europe, better for the biggest western European co-Yes it was a very close election, but portant community in Romania, to have a very clear system of subsi- Romania and of course better for untries which have maybe anotherbasically at this moment, there are the Hungarians, to prove that we dies for agriculture. It will be very the EPP in the next years. dimension on how we have to sub-opportunities to have a Right-Wing are established in Romania and we important and very difficult years sidise our agriculture.government in Romania and a are in favor of democracy, in favour for the EU to establish again eco- You mentioned you have a very László Borbély is a member of the Ro-strong transparent government of those values in which we believe, nomic growth, clear and united po- important portfolio of agriculture. manian Chamber of Deputies, a formerwhich include also my political like the EPP. licy for Europe, united policy on What experience has Romania Minister of Transportation and Minis-party, the Hungarians. That’s why climate change, united policy on got that it can bring to this parti- ter of Regional Development, Publicit’s important these days to be at the You were talking very hopefully energy and to have all the alternati- cularly difficult issue, especially Works and Housing
  6. 6. NEW EUROPEPage 6 | New EuropeDecember 13 - 19, 2009 INTERVIEWINTERVIEW WITH MARIETTA GIANNAKOUGiannakou is undeterred about the attempt on her life andwill stay in politics – with advice for the EPP and the EU Many people did not vote in the last elec- tion. It means we have to make people un- derstand not only what is the profit, the economic profit for some countries... but espe- cially what we are waiting from the future ways active, and I will be active. think after some years the situation will be better, the mind of all Europeans, East and We are here at the EPP summit, and it seems Western of Europe, will have the same direc- that this is a golden time around the corner tion, same aims. I think it is positive. for the EPP. You are doing well with the party, you have a good Commission and Lis- But there is one thing missing from this year’s bon has finally got through. Surely there is summit, which is of course the British Con- nothing stopping the EPP from carrying out servative party, who have decided to walkThe first question we have got to ask is, after want to change anything. Leftist group, but its vision for the future of Europe. away from this group at its moment of grea-the attempted assassination, how are you co- very conservative. It was a threat. I was wor- test success. Are they missed?ping with that? Are you still feeling under ried about my daughter, she was afraid, and Yes the EPP, first of all, is a very Europeanthreat and have there been any investigations my mother, she is old. But anyway, I do not party. The EPP has been around for over 50 In the eighties, I was a member of Europeanas to the culprits? want to stop being in politics. They made a years. The EPP was created in 1953. So it is a Parliament also, and I was one of them, we declaration saying that I had to leave politics. gold time for the EPP, but we have to profit, worked for the union between the EuropeanI was a kind of a target always, as a Minister They do not like what I say what I do. to take a new contact with the citizens. The Conservative Party and the EPP. It was theof Education. I changed the institutional law problem is that Europe is working. We are time of Margaret Thatcher, but the Europeanof the universities. I was the first minister, I You are going to carry on speaking out as you ready to applicate the Lisbon Treaty now. But Group, the Conservative group was very Eu-prepared a law about the quality assurance in have always done? what the citizens understand, the commis- ropean, strongly European. Now they haveGreece education so there are groups inside sion, even in the past, tried, and the Parlia- left. I think we will have to see in the future ifthe universities and other groups, they do not Yes, Yes. There is no problem for me, I am al- ment, to create a dialogue with the citizens, we can create again a common group. But we especially with the young generation. We ha- have to agree in some key points, because the NEW EUROPE ven’t a success. Many people did not vote in EPP party remains very European, in favor of the last election. It means we have to make an integrated Europe. I think Cameron will people understand not only what is the profit, be probably be the new Prime Minister after the economic profit for some countries, like the elections of the United Kingdom, and Greece, coming from the European Union, probably the reality will change the situation, SUBSCRIPTION ORDER FORM but especially what we are waiting from the the position of the Conservative Party, in future. What we are ready to do for the future some key points, of the European, let’s say the Annual subscription fee (52 issues) EU € 350, Others € 395 of the young of the generation, which is in a European challenges, the European future. difficult time, in a difficult position. I think it MAILING & INVOICING DETAILS is not only the unemployment. The illusions There is some discussion that the way that of the, sometimes the young generation, has Cameron took this path, was that he was try- Name: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - illusions, they think that everything could be ing to use euroskepticism, and this sense of Position: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - easy. Nothing is easy now, competition is very dislocation that you were talking about ear- Company: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - strong and we have to still work to create a lier, as a kind of Populist approach to helping Address: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - new Europe, competitive Europe, competitive get power, and there seems to be a growing City: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Post Code: - - - - - - - - economy, competitive development, but equal group of euroskeptics, not necessarily the Country: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - VAT No. - - - - - - - - - chances for the youth. conservatives, that are becoming more ex- treme. Now we are in a parliament that has Tel.: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Fax: - - - - - - - - - - - - One other change we are seeing now is what got more extreme MEPs than we have ever E-mail Address: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - we will call the new Member States, particu- seen before, and some of these are absolutely larly the ex-Soviet Bloc countries. They are alarming. How are you dealing with that? now becoming much more central to Europe, PAYMENT DETAILS it is like that they have passed through the This is not good, but I hope that realism will Check to New Europe enclosed / Please charge my credit card: first year, and now they are into the middle. be something present if, if they get the power. VISA Eurocard Diners Master AmEx What do you think these countries all bring But anyway, British policy was always diffe- into this new Europe that you talk about? rent in some points. From the time that Number: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Churchill made round of Europe, saying, CVC No: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Yes, they are, they bring many things. On the “You have to be united.” And when someone (The 3 digit number on the back of the credit card) other side they haven’t had democracy when asks him about United Kingdom, he said, Expiration Date: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - we have a democracy. Totalitarianism has “We are an island, I talk about Europe.” I leave something to these countries. I do not don’t think the situation is the same, but any- Card Holder: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - think they still afraid of a foreign interven- way, Europe without countries like United Date: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Signature: - - - - - - - - - - tion or something. That was the reason, the Kingdom, France, Germany, is not Europe. So political reason, that the 10 countries became we have to find ways to get better together, if Fax to + 32 2 5390339 members of the European Union so fast. But it is possible. or mail to Avenue de Tervuren 96, I think they bring something, from their ex- Marietta Giannakou is a former Minister for Na- 864 1040 Brussels, Belgium perience, their way of life, even their fears. I tional Education and Religious Affairs in Greece
  7. 7. NEW EUROPE New Europe | Page 7 December 13 - 19, 2009 INTERVIEW INTERVIEW WITH KANAT SAUDABAYEV, KAZAKHSTAN’S SECRETARY OF STATE AND MINISTER OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS OSCE chair gets new priority As Kazakhstan prepares to assume the OSCE tional efforts need to be poured into ensuring civil- We have been moving closer towards Europechairmanship next year, what are the priorities you ian development there. We believe the OSCE has since independence, and this has been a very con-set for yourself? a larger role to play in dealing with the humanitar- scious choice. It is no coincidence that at our We see major challenges and opportunities in ian side of international efforts. President’s initiative we have been implementing athe zone of responsibility of the OSCE. Over the special reform programme, ‘Path to Europe’, for apast ten years, Europe and the world have been The OSCE Ministerial Council in Athens ear- year now. This programme is designed to bringrocked by a string of international events: the ter- lier in December agreed to consider Kazakhstan’s Kazakhstan closer to European standards in econ-rorist attacks of 9/11, the war in Afghanistan, the idea to hold an OSCE summit next year. Why has omy, legislation, education and social economic crisis, the flaring up of new local Kazakhstan put forward this idea, and what are We believe our interests in closer ties are mutu-conflicts, and the worsening of ethnic tensions in you trying to achieve by promoting the summit? al. Europe is keen to strengthen its cooperationcertain countries in Europe. At the same time, Holding the summit during the year of the 35th with Kazakhstan and Central Asia in general onrecent dynamics in relations between major inter- anniversary of the Helsinki Final Act and of the issues such as energy security, stability, democraticnational players creates opportunities for better 65th anniversary of the end of World War II would development, including under the 2007 Europeanunderstanding and a more productive dialogue. give our organization a powerful boost. We strong- Union strategy towards Central Asia. We too are As OSCE chairman, Kazakhstan will be unwa- ly believe that today, 10 years after the Istanbul From an outgoing chairman to an incoming chair- interested in seeing more European investmentveringly committed to fundamental principles and summit of the OSCE, a moment has come when man. In a symbolic handshake, Greek Prime and technologies coming into Kazakhstan.values of the OSCE. We will seek to strengthen leaders of our countries should come together to Minister - Minister of Foreign Affairs George Already, taken as a whole, the European Union hasthe trust and mutual understanding between the address modern challenges and set the most Papandreou hands over the OSCE chairmanship to been Kazakhstan’s largest trading partner for thecountries to the west and to the east of Vienna and important priorities in ensuring security and co- Kazakhstans Secretary of State - Minister of past five years. Our bilateral trade last year amount-to ensure the balance of all three baskets of the operation in the OSCE realm. That is what the Foreign Affairs in Athens on December 2, 2009 ed to more than 26 billion euros, and we would likeOrganisation. We will build on the results of people in all countries in the organisation expect 500 nuclear tests carried out during the Soviet era to see this figure grow further. Right now, we areOSCE work during the chairmanships of our pre- from us. We are deeply grateful to all OSCE par- at the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site, and the engaged in negotiations with the European Uniondecessors. We want to contribute to strengthening ticipating states for their support in principle of ecosystem of an area the size of present-day Ger- over a new agreement on partnership and cooper-peace and security, improving confidence within President Nazarbayev’s initiative to hold a summit many had been damaged. The second catastrophe, ation, which, once approved, will allow moving ourthe OSCE, stretching from Vancouver to in 2010, reflected in documents adopted in Athens. also due to Soviet mismanagement, was all but dis- relations to a qualitatively new level. By the way,Vladivostok. Our priorities will include strengthen- Our goal is not to stage a summit for the sake of appearance of the Aral Sea during the lifetime of Kazakhstan, with more than five percent of its ter-ing the European security architecture, developing having a summit. Instead, we seek to breathe a one generation. The wind is blowing salt from ritory located in Europe, which is roughly the sizetransit and transport potential, stabilizing OSCE “fresh air” into the process which began 35 years what was once the seabed of the Aral Sea across the of Greece, and given that our culture is rooted inregional partner, Afghanistan, and promoting tol- ago. Now, together with our partners we intend to whole region, and even as far as Europe. In addi- both the Oriental and the Occidental cultures, iserance and peaceful coexistence in diverse societies, work on transforming this vision into reality. tion, we were and are one of the most ethnically seen by many as Europe in Asia and as Asia ina very timely subject for Europe. We are particular- Kazakhstan strongly believes that only by working diverse countries of the former Soviet Union, with Europe. Since our independence, we have pursuedly pleased that OSCE foreign ministers have together and in concert with each other will we be about 140 different ethnic groups and 46 different a balanced, pragmatic multi-vector foreign policyagreed to hold a high level conference on tolerance able to achieve high and noble goals of the OSCE, religions. Our ethnic patchwork includes Kazakhs, seeking equal and commonly beneficial co-opera-and non-discrimination in Astana next June. providing security and prosperity for our nations. Russians, Koreans, Germans from the Volga tion with all partners. Our President’s decision toKazakhstan will seek to use all of its mediating region, and many others. That was our starting renounce the world’s fourth largest nuclear arsenalpotential to support existing frameworks of nego- Kazakhstan will turn 18 on December 16. point for building Kazakhstan. We believe our and shut down the Semipalatinsk nuclear test sitetiations to settle protracted conflicts in What has your country achieved during these biggest achievement during the years of indepen- soon after independence presented Kazakhstan toTransdniestria, Nagorno Karabakh, South Ossetia years, and where is Kazakhstan heading? dence is that we have managed to avoid any ethnic the world as a peaceful nation. This voluntary stepand Abkhazia. We know the history of the conflicts Our short 18 years as an independent state are conflicts, instead turning our ethnic diversity into was met with appreciation by international institu-well, we know the key actors well, and our but an instant in terms of history, but equal to a strength whilst implementing economic reforms to tions and leading states of the world. Today,President, Nursultan Nazarbayev, is held in high whole epoch given the scope and volume of funda- move to a market economy. In 18 years, Kazakh- Kazakhstan has strategic partnerships with coun-respect among those actors. All of these reasons mental economic, social and political reforms. stan has changed beyond recognition, from one of tries of the European Union, the United States,give us hope some progress can be achieved. Eighteen years ago, we were one of the poorest the worst off fragments of the former Soviet Union Russia, China, and maintains close relations with countries in the former USSR, and inherited a par- into an economically strong and dynamically our neighbours in Central Asia. We believe the Why is Afghanistan such a priority for ticularly unfavourable legacy. Our economy was developing emerging democracy, as well as a wor- unanimous decision by OSCE 56 member statesKazakhstan, and what do you think the OSCE built around a military-industrial complex, 93% of thy partner within the international community. to elect Kazakhstan as chairman of the organisa-should do to stabilize the situation in that country? which was directly managed from and for tion for 2010 marks Kazakhstan’s recognition as an For several years now, Afghanistan has been a Moscow. This was compounded by two major How would you describe Kazakhstan’s relations independent state and is an opportunity for us tomajor concern for the international community. environmental catastrophes. One and a half million with Europe, and, in general, Kazakhstan’s posi- contribute to security and cooperation in Europe.Though the country is not part of the OSCE and people had been affected by the fallout from the tion in the modern world? From that, everybody will benefit.lies outside its geographical zone, it is clear the sit- ADVERTISEMENTuation there affects security in Central Asia,Europe and beyond. Hence, a total of 43 of theOrganisation’s 56 member countries are involved inthe conflict in one way or another. Any talk of stabilising our own region or ofEuropean security will be premature as long asAfghanistan is not stabilized. Today, the terroristthreat and drug trafficking continue to emanate outof that war stricken country. It is clear though Afghanistan’s problems will notbe resolved by military means. Therefore, we havebeen focusing on the humanitarian aspect of theconflict and trying to help Afghanistan come backto a normal economic development. We need tocontinue to help the Afghan people to learn to live,prosper, build, and create, not to destroy and kill. We have supplied humanitarian aid and deliv-ered wheat, as well as financial assistance for build-ing roads, a school, and a hospital. Under a recentagreement with Afghanistan, we have set aside 50million dollars over the next five years to educateone thousand young Afghans in Kazakh collegesand universities to be engineers and agronomists,doctors and nurses, teachers and police officers. Allof this could be developed as part of an interna-tional cooperation programme with other mem-bers of the OSCE. We have welcomed a decision by U.S. PresidentBarack Obama to send more troops toAfghanistan, yet we believe much more interna-
  8. 8. NEW EUROPEPage 8 | New EuropeDecember 13 - 19, 2009 ANALYSIS COP15 EUROCENTRIQUE A tale of one city By Alia Papageorgiou Where in the world is Tuvalu? It’s not every day you get to be a part of By Alia Papageorgiou in Copenhagen an event the whole world is watching, almost every diplomatic corp. is a part A small Commonwealth island of of, every NGO you can think of (and the south west coast of Australia has another 1000 you hadn’t) is present created quite a stir at the United Na- and claiming vocal opposition to any- tions talks on Climate Change held thing but success (although what suc- under the auspices of the United Na- cess might be changes every day), and tions Framework Convention on Cli- then of course there are the politicians, mate Change also known as the yet to arrive, ready to step in from COP15 bringing main talks to a week 2 at a Ministerial level followed by the heads of state to standstill for the two last days of the cap it all off with some signatures. Conference in week 1. The Climate Change Conference organized by the United Ian William Fry the special Coun- Nations and the United Nations Framework Convention for selor of the Prime Minister’s office of Climate Change, UNFCCC is a forum for deliberation. A Tuvalu has thrown a spanner in the place where every country is given the opportunity to speak works as he has managed to halt pro- up about its ideas, plans, policies and future goals as regards ceedings of the COP15 by suggesting Climate Change. that amendments be made to the Or is it? Kyoto Protocol. Fry a delegate I met In the set up of an exhibition centre, not more than a 10 in Brussels as part of a roundtable dis- minute metro or 15 minute bus ride from Kvpenhavn cussion on Development, speaking on NGOs picked up the Tuvalu cause fromt he first day, why? I still havent fully understood (Copenhagen) Airport you can see the diplomatic tactics our behalf of Grenada, mentioned at the alone an ant hill). On the same day a references to the “Developed Nations world loves to play in order to warm up to discussions, on any time that he was an Australian as well Washington based think tank was re- Group” – “I do think that there is with topic. Delegates it seems are used to this procedure, they come as a Tuvalu citizen and was running leasing a paper called “The Copen- respect to the kind of politically-bind- set up, start following the rules and get to work. the Counselling position out of his hagen Agreement” which outlined ing agreement that the Danish Prime In the last 19 months I have become acclimatized to the home in Australia. what would be a best case scenario Minister Rasmussen has been talking Brussels rain, and intermittent sunshine just as I have become Tuvalu formerly known as the El- from a resources point of view of the about – there is an advantage that an more adept at the 27 party conversations that take place in lice Islands, is a Polynesian island na- planet. Various texts, drafts, papers en- agreement can take effect right away, Belgium’s capital 2 – 3 times a year, (just like the European tion located in the Pacific Ocean, sued, BASIC texts, other texts all .., and I think that is a plus, it’s not – Council Summit held 10-11 December for example) in this midway between Hawaii and Aus- came to the fore from many country you wouldn’t throw the treaty aside in last week watching 192 parties try and get their voices or- tralia. Its population of 11,992 makes participants, none cause as much of a order to do that, if the treaty was avail- ganized and heard was an extension of this, with slight dif- it the third-least-populated sovereign stir as the initial “texts” whose readers able – the treaty’s not available right ferences. state in the world, with only Vatican were accusing the Danish government now. It takes longer, to state the obvious. City and Nauru having fewer inhabi- of supporting the big guns and not In terms of going forward we cer- Yvo De Boer, the Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC said tants. In terms of physical land size, even allowing the least developed na- tainly would intend to – the last thing on the fourth day that proceedings in the plenary and work- at just 26 square kilometers (10 sq mi) tions come to the table, they had al- we would want is for the political -po- ing groups were like moving into a new house, first you need Tuvalu is the fourth smallest country ready designed an agreement litically-binding agreement that we’re to change the décor to your taste, unpack your bags and get in the world, larger only than the Vat- accounting for developed nations hav- talking about to substitute for the ef- comfortable with your surroundings , then you can be ready ican City at 0.44 km2 (0.17 sq mi), ing a much weightier voice than those fort to get a legal agreement, so we to act. “But I do see that now we are ready to forge forward Monaco at 1.95 km2 (0.75 sq mi) and of the developing. certainly are supportive of the notion with some real work, people are here wanting to get the work Nauru at 21 km2 (8.1 sq mi). The G77 + China held a press con- that efforts to negotiate a full legal done,” and with some Ministers of Environment or Climate And yet this tiny strip of a nation ference protesting, loudly, strongly, agreement should go on, full speed Change (or both) arriving early to get in on the action (they has been a proponent for change and is noting “inequities” and a loss of equal- ahead. I can’t tell you exactly what the were scheduled for 13 December but some have started ar- causing dichotomies at the COP15. ities and that they would consider not deadline ought to be, but it ought to riving as early as 10 December) action is becoming a key Within minutes of stating his inten- partaking in a process that was not just be soon.” word. According to De Boer some issues are becoming clearly tions, most African, Asian, Arab and and did not allow all to be at the table. Where to next? defined, in particular the area of technologies and how to Indian nations opposed such moves as Calling for President Obama to Calls of walk outs and tensions seem apply green technologies within a more rigorous framework. unbeneficial to the positioning of all consider his daughters’ cousins in to have eased as Copenhagen heads The EU via its delegation has brought price cuts for devel- those who had come from far away to Kenya and how he would like to ex- for the biggest party weekend sched- oping countries into this mix stressing that any of the tech- discuss what was on the table, and cre- plain to them the hunger they live uled – as NGOs and officials have or- nologies to be used would be at strictly at cost price for ating a protocol anew that most would though and will see thanks to climate ganized for the last six months. developing nations. not be able to partake. Connie Hede- change if not a worse future. A country wide demonstration was As we go to print a slight stalling effect has become appar- gaard the COP15’s President and The Danish Ministry on the same set to hit record numbers as media ent as one nation has requested amendments that find many Minister appointed solely to the Con- day confirmed to New Europe that from around the world canvassed shop others opposed. Discussions within two groups, APM and ference by the Danish Government such a text did not exist, and that at owners and asking “Are you realy ACM were halted for two days as John Ash, a UN expert (and also future Climate Commis- this stage in the proceedings the arti- going to leave the shop open during was called in to comment on how the plenary should proceed sioner of the EU) refrained from ex- cle from the UK only showed how protests? Aren’t you scared?” (Two as the proposed amendments were deemed as “changing the plaining to Tuvalu that a review was tense everyone was. French journalists I ran into. Joining Kyoto Protocol” by China and India a move they and many being made since so many countries I was ready to believe them until will be many other peoples and na- others were against. The journalistic pool onsite at the Bella were opposed to the notion, as follow- Todd Stern, the US Delegations spe- tions form around the world in soli- Centre, (confusing numbers on this some say 3000, then 1800 ing her decision to revert to experts cial envoy on Climate Change turned darity. and the COP 15 site showed 1500 on 10 December) has Tuvalu continued on insisting that this up in Copenhagen. From the word go, The next week will be the final de- much to cover, many questions to ask that either deliberately motion affecting the Protocol be he bashed China on emissions, and fu- cider. or coincidentally sway opinions to and fro and most of all is passed. This all occurred following a ture emissions, denying any guilt that As for Tuvalu, if they are speaking gearing up for the even bigger show next week. “text” that appeared called “The Dan- was being laid on him by the NGOs for Australia, this just sheds a whole Watch out, here come the politicians… ish Text” to much publicized and on Americas role on polluting the new light on the Aussie’s supposed Follow Alia Papageorgiou on twitter @eurocentrique or email hyped up controversy from the UK globe and stressing the distance the willingness to aid and negotiate their her press and one particular Guardian US would show form anything resem- way to a solid deal in Copenhagen. journalist at the COP aiming at mak- bling the Kyoto agreement. Something tells me though that Tu- ing a mole hill out of nothing (let And then he said this, after several valu could be going it alone…