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FILMS  At Library<br />Europe: Southern Region<br />This program explores Southern European countries, including Spain, Po...
Tracing this history of Islam in Europe, this program shows how Islamic rule influenced the cultural development of the An...
DVD / 2007 / 48 min / #RTS2485 - $189.00
Europe - Where have All the Children Gone? - 45 min 40 sec [4 December 2007]  HYPERLINK ""info@jo...
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FILMS for Society and Culture in Europe - H-Net: Humanities and ...


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FILMS for Society and Culture in Europe - H-Net: Humanities and ...

  1. 1. FILMS At Library<br />Europe: Southern Region<br />This program explores Southern European countries, including Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece. It tours the region’s picturesque mountains, highlights its lush agriculture, looks at bullfighting in Spain, travels on a ferry boat to the Greek Islands, and visits shops in Milan.<br />DVD / 1994 / 20 min / #79AS1245 - $109.00<br />Identities: Culture and Nationality in Europe Today <br />This DVD explores issues of racial, cultural, and sexual identity that have resulted from the startling new diversity of European society. Depicting daily life in immigrant communities, the program features interviews with African, Asian, and Middle Eastern transplants that cover such topics as learning a new language, eating unfamiliar foods, adapting to foreign attitudes toward women and gays, and cultural dilemmas. <br /> DVD / 2007 / 27 min / #GSWF2223 - $129.00<br />Smell the Roses. Julie Milling, 2003, 28 mins. Christiania is a self-governing community in the heart of Copenhagen set up by squatters at the height of 1970s idealism. Faced with extinction or urban redevelopment, residents struggle to redefine a fading ideology.<br />A Family in France: A Story About the Passing of Time. Andre Dryansky, 40 min This is a portrait of a country family living in a small village, Cassaniouze, in the Auvergne province. Their story typifies how the solid traditions and time honored ways are slowly fading away in the face of modern life. The village of 700 people has a zero birth rate and most of its inhabitants are retired. A Family in France exemplifies the disintegration of rural areas in industrialized nations. <br />Those Who Don't Work Don't Make Love. Cristina Grasseni, 1998, 30 mins. An observational documentary about dairy farmers in the Italian Alps Caught between pride for tradition and the pressure for modernisation, the story of one family is told through the eyes of teenager Sara, full of hopes and doubts, and of her grandmother, tired and frustrated after a life of hard.<br />European Tour: History and Tradition<br />This program discusses the history, politics, and economics of Europe. It visits the battlefields of France, the forests of Sweden, and the hills of Rome and examines the formation of Europe’s many empires. Produced in 2004. <br />DVD / 2004 / 54 min each / #THTS3335 - $119.00<br />“The Other Threat," “The Other Threat," the namesake of the film, is the presence of Arab/Muslim immigrants in Europe. Hassad focused on England and Spain because those were the sites of the recent terrorist attacks. (<br /><ul><li>Inside Islam: Light of Allah Shining Throughout Europe and Andalucía
  2. 2. Tracing this history of Islam in Europe, this program shows how Islamic rule influenced the cultural development of the Andalucía region of Spain. It explains that southern Spain’s history reflects Islamic, Roman, and Christian influences and that Córdoban culture mixes all of these influences.
  3. 3. DVD / 2007 / 48 min / #RTS2485 - $189.00
  4. 4. Europe - Where have All the Children Gone? - 45 min 40 sec [4 December 2007] HYPERLINK "", Europe’s population is shrinking. Millions of apartments across Germany are being torn down because the next generation of tenants is missing. Small towns are disappearing as the few remaining residents move to the city. Can anything be done to reverse the trend? This thought provoking documentary contrasts the family policies of four countries. It examines the extent to which politics influences birth rates.
  5. 5. “The Production of Food Culture in Europe” – deals with understanding the idea of the “European dinner table” through a consideration of European history an how it has impacted European food culture. (Director Producer Hirotsugu Yamazaki, 2000).</li></ul> Test the West! Metamorphosis in East Germany. The fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of Socialism opened up great opportunities for the people in East Germany. Yet, this abundance of opportunity did not come without social cost. What does it really mean to make such a sudden transition from socialism to a market economy? How do people adjust to the enormous changes in their lives? The two-part documentary "Test the West!" follows the progress of East Germany's metamorphosis over a period of three years, from 1990 to 1993. Produced by a native of East Germany, the video deals with the issue of reunification from an insider's perspective - documenting the initial chaos, the hopes and dreams of the people, their frustrations with the new system and the slow process of the country's rebuilding.<br />European Union<br />This program traces the history of the European Union. It examines the functions of the Commission, the Parliament, the Court, and the Council and discusses the Single Internal Market program and the implementation of the euro.<br />DVD / 2005 / 25 min / #GSAR2303 - $179.00<br />Help Wanted: Dynamics of the EU Labor Market<br />Explaining that low birth rates and an aging workforce have created a need for immigrant workers in the European Union, this program examines the debate over the status of guest workers in the EU and looks at existing and proposed guest worker programs and measures designed to address the results of globalization and shifting demographics. It discusses the EU’s tremendous economic advances; profiles regions afflicted by poverty; and covers such topics as education, job security, and the growth of the sex industries. <br />DVD / 2007 / 27 min / #GSAR2220 - $129<br />Europe: Central Region<br />This DVD examines the diverse cultures of Europe’s central region. It visits such countries as Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, and Switzerland.<br />DVD / 1994 / 20 min / #79AS1244 - $109.00<br /> Astra Films,<br />A Bar At The Victoria Station, Director: Leszek Dawid, 2003Marek and Piotrek are two friends in their late twenties. They live in Poland, and the prospect of turning thirty, without having a job, forces them to make critical decisions. After exhausting all possibilities to find jobs in their hometown, they turn their hopes towards England. Other people, even some of their friends have made it there, so why shouldn’t they give it a try? Their dream is to open a bar at the Victoria station. This goal may be rather hard to attain, especially as neither of them speaks any English. After many efforts, they eventually arrive in London. What they find, however, is far from what they had expected. The two friends soon find themselves easy prey for the local racketeers. They even fall victim to their more experienced compatriots, who have lived in London for some years. The film explores, in an observational manner, the status of immigrants from former communist Western European countries. <br />Frankfurt: The Euro-CityAn emerging high-tech focal point, Frankfurt has the largest foreign and immigrant population in continental Europe. This program studies the effects of that diversity, for Frankfurt specifically and within the larger context of German culture as it struggles with right-wing extremism. Rosi Wolf-Almanasreh of the Frankfurt Department for Multicultural Affairs focuses on the nation’s anti-discrimination policies, while Frankfurt police officers, athletes, construction workers, and others detail experiences with diversity, both positive and negative. Contains mature themes associated with the city’s sex industry. (26 minutes) Item#: BVL34173, Copyright date: ©2004, DVD ISBN 978-1-4213-1038-1<br />Mixed Blessings: Changing Irish IdentityIreland never had an industrial revolution—its economy leaped from agrarian gloom into high-tech high-gear almost overnight. This Wide Angle case study visits Limerick, one of the country’s largest cities and the epitome of the Celtic Tiger’s rise. Once the blighted setting of Angela’s Ashes, today’s Limerick boasts the glories and the growing pains of all economic boomtowns: heavy foreign investment, a burgeoning services industry, high levels of immigration—and a real estate explosion in which a venerable Jesuit church is on sale to the highest bidder. The program profiles Limerick citizens whose lives are caught up and conflicted by this avalanche of change. In addition, it features an in-depth discussion between anchor Daljit Dhaliwal and Irishman Peter Sutherland, UN Special Representative on Migration & Development and BP Chairman. (57 minutes), Item#: BVL36344, ©2006, DVD ISBN 978-1-4213-5675-4<br />Yugoslavia: Origins of a War: by Christophe Talczewski. The program shows how the rise of extreme nationalism in the republics in the early 1980s led to "civil" war - a scenario repeated all over Eastern Europe.<br />Out of Ashes: Northern Ireland’s Fragile Peace a documentary film directed by Raymond G. Helmick, S.J. & Rodney L. Petersen by Etoile Productions, 1998<br />