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Vocab TENtalizers


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The presentation has 10 words done in a simple and crazy way. Easy to remember; difficult to forget. We request you to download it and use it. We also request you to share it with your friends and make learning easy for them.

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Vocab TENtalizers

  1. 1. Vocab TENtalizers ! Just Tooo Hot for u 2 forget... 10 Vocab Words from the DHABA - which if you GLANCE once- you will never forget. We are MAD … Are you ?Akash Ka Vocab Dhaba
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  3. 3. RIBALD An alternative title for THE DIRTY PICTURE : ‘THE RIBALD PICTURE’.... RIBALD: obscene ,indecent, Referring to sexual matters in an irreverent way Pronunciation – rahy – buldAkash Ka Vocab Dhaba
  4. 4. MUNIFICENT MUNIFICENT : dilwaale, generous , kind key: MUNNI was very MUNIFICENT in getting badnaam....thats why topped the popularity charts:)We can sing, “ Le jaayenge le jaayenge MUNIFICENT Dulhaniya lejaayenge” Akash Ka Vocab Dhaba
  5. 5. STOLID STOLID :: someone who does not show too much of emotion key: SOMEONE WHO IS andaar se SOLID .... is ought to be STOLID! Or, jo apne emotions ko LID se covered /closed rakhe he is STOLID!Akash Ka Vocab Dhaba
  6. 6. COPIOUS COPIOUS Achay Lagte Hain... = Bade Achay Lagtey Hain... COPIOUS = Abundant , Plentiful , More , Extra , Bade Or, Agar hum exam mein COPY karke likhenge to hume COPIOUS marks milenge (ignore the advice, focus on the key  )Akash Ka Vocab Dhaba
  7. 7. PUERILE Dil toh Baccha hai ji = DIL TOH PUERILE HAI JI … PUERILE – childishly foolish ; immature / trivial ; pertaining to a child Remember the super hit song from the movie Ishqiya ‘Dil toh Baccha hai ji’ … We can sing it as “DIL TOH PUERILE HAI JI …”Akash Ka Vocab Dhaba
  8. 8. SENTINEL SENTINEL -A person employed to guard something. Key: Salman Khan played a SENTINEL in the movie ‘BODYGUARD’ The song from the movie Bodyguard, “aaoji bhawji dil se dil milao ji… Aa gaya hai dekho SENTINEL”Akash Ka Vocab Dhaba
  9. 9. ENCORE An extra or repeated performance; usually given in response to audience demand. ONCE MORE ! Once Again… KEY: Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara = An’ ENCORE to/of life won’t happen ! Or, the song from 3 Idiots: “Give me some sunshine, give me some rain, give me another chance I want to grow up ENCORE”Akash Ka Vocab Dhaba
  10. 10. RUCKUS RUCKUS – act of making a noisy disturbance SHOR in the city = RUCKUS in the city Or, Chor machaye shor = CHOR MACHAYE RUCKUSAkash Ka Vocab Dhaba
  11. 11. KOWTOW KOWTOW = to touch the forehead to the ground while kneeling as an act of WORSHIP ; to bow down Key – Hindu log COW ke aage KOWTOW karte hainAkash Ka Vocab Dhaba
  12. 12. ABSOLVED ABSOLVED = Grant pardon for Key – 7 KHOON MAAF = 7 KHOON ABSOLVED Or, We could sing the song, “Maar diya jaaye ke chhod diya jaaye” as “MAAR DIYA JAAYE KE ABSOLVE KAR DIYA JAAYE… BOL TERE SAATH KYA SULOOK KIYA JAAYE…”Akash Ka Vocab Dhaba
  13. 13. Claimer :- All this is the work of Chefs at Akash Ka Vocab Dhaba ! (on FaceBook) Join the madness. As always; it is free.. Sharing is CARING & we care for our friends. Don’t we ! Share this presentation with your friends. Let them know- ‘VOCAB IS EASY & FUN !’ALSO ON FACEBOOK:-Join Akash @ his official FB page. His take on Life, Motivation,Career, Relationships is Fun, Youthful & Refreshing.Visit –