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The Surprising Connection Between Millennials, Culture, and Growth


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Human Resources Today / HR Innovators Virtual Conference - September 2016

We have been complaining about Millennials for a decade now, and that conversation is not only stale--it's flat-out unhelpful. When we shift the conversation towards learning and curiosity, however, we find that the Millennials are helping us to get a glimpse what the future of work looks like, and that has important implications for how we run our organizations today. Bringing in research from his recent books and consulting work, Jamie Notter will make a compelling case for turning Millennial insights into concrete changes in your organization's culture that can actually drive your growth and success. Learn how greater precision in how you manage your culture can translate into real results.

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The Surprising Connection Between Millennials, Culture, and Growth

  1. 1. The Surprising Connection Between Millennials, Culture, and Growth With Jamie Notter
  2. 2. @jamienotter About the Conference 2 Days, 6 Education-packed sessions
  3. 3. @jamienotter About Jamie Notter Jamie Notter Jamie is a founding partner at WorkXO where he helps leaders drive growth through cultural alignment. He began his career in the international conflict resolution field, running training programs in areas of ethnic conflict in the 1990s. He transitioned into organizational work, initially as a diversity trainer and consultant, and later leading his own management consulting practice, where he specialized in helping systems work through their most difficult conversations. In the end, he realized that it all came back to culture, so that is his focus today. Before founding WorkXO with Maddie Grant and Charlie Judy in 2016, Jamie worked with Maddie at Culture That Works LLC. Jamie and Maddie have written two books together (When Millennials Take Over, and Humanize), and Jamie continues to love blogging, even though it’s passé. An accomplished and sought- after keynote speaker, Jamie carries a master’s degree in conflict resolution from George Mason University, and a Certificate in Organization Development from Georgetown, where he serves as adjunct faculty.
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  8. 8. @jamienotter elevated status of children shaping millennials
  9. 9. @jamienotter shaping millennials • social internet • abundance • diversity • elevated status of children
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  13. 13. @jamienotter Collaboration ▪ We remove “silos” and “boundaries” at work; we aren’t territorial. ▪ People around me are willing to help me if I ask for it. ▪ People can work with others from other departments without needing permission. ▪ Our people are good facilitators who can help others solve problems.
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