The Story of Saudi Arabia through the eyes of a Strategic Planner!


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A insider's perspective on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - A story of paradoxes and contradictions!

Disclaimer: All views in this document are strictly personal.

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The Story of Saudi Arabia through the eyes of a Strategic Planner!

  1. The Story ofSaudi Arabia
  2. Land of Paradox and Contradiction
  3. Saudi Arabia to an Outsider
  4. Saudi Arabia in Reality
  5. What makes Saudi Arabia so unique?
  6. Affluence, Restriction and...
  7. ...Youth!
  8. Saudi Arabia is an extremely closed society......on the face of it!
  9. Yet beneath the surface there are a vast array ofthriving sub-cultures and private kingdoms!
  10. Combination of Affluence and Restriction withPrevalence of Youth has Created a New Kind of Society
  11. Society of Paradoxes
  12. Society is modeledaround the family
  13. Probably the onlycountry in theworld...Separate a singles section and afamily section in a restaurantMalls on weekends becomefamilies only in Riyadh!
  14. Yet Saudi Arabia has the Second Highest DivorceRate in the World!* *Alarming Divorce Rate ‘Must Be Addressed Urgently’ - Source: Art Arabia - Saudi Affairs -
  15. Business and Society are structured aroundreligious valuesHolidays, Weekends and Workdays are geared around Islamic practices
  16. A man can getarrested if he is idlingaround at prayer time
  17. Yet according to WHO per capita consumption ofalcohol is Saudi Arabia is 0.6L
  18. In parts of the country an unveiled face can get intoserious trouble
  19. Women are notallowed to drive...
  20. ...but they have the freedom tohire a maid for each of theirchildren and more for everythinkable household task!
  21. There are no cinemas in SaudiArabiaBut piracy is costing the entertainment industry$95 million.
  22. There are no music concerts in Saudi ArabiaBut there is an active underground music scene happening from girl only rockband to Saudi Rappers!
  23. It is OK for men tokiss each other inpublicbut not OK for women to work ina public place!
  24. You will see groups of men eating at the same time you will see roast lamb and rice from a single others ordering Salad at a boutique restaurant using the iPad plate
  25. There are women whose lives are so restricted -they even go through childbirth at home
  26. While there are women entrepreneurs at every levelFrom owners of big companies to cupcake factories at homeSingle women who have lived, studied and worked abroad at the highest level
  27. Stunt Driving is a profession In Saudi it is a youth leisure activity! in some countries
  28. To express themselvesadmirers would write alove letter in someparts of the worldIn Saudi Arabia men write theirphone numbers on a piece ofpaper and force it upon thesubjects of their admiration
  29. Bluetooth is a file exchange technologyIn Saudi it is a popular dating tool to share flirtatious messages and poetry tospark a conversation
  30. Popular Bumper Sticker in Saudi ArabiaBB PIN Number!
  31. Education spend per capita as a % of totalgovernment spend is second highest in the worldYet the quality of education is poor!
  32. Saudi Arabia has the highest percapital Oil ProductionYet the infrastructure is close to that of a third worldcountry. 111 mm of rain in a day drowned the city ofJeddah.Reserves were estimated at $500 billion when the oil priceshit $100 a barrel
  33. In sum...• Saudi Arabia is unique because it is one of the only societies in the world which is both affluent and publicly restricted at the same time • There are either affluent societies with no restrictions • Or restricted societies with no affluence• This is the paradox which makes Saudi Arabia unique
  34. Affluence has also ledto excess!Saudi Arabia suffers from a highrate of obesity, diabetes and heartdiseases
  35. How to make sense of this paradox?Segmenting Saudi Arabia
  36. From Popular Culture
  37. Segmenting SaudiArabiaName: SattamAge: 32Occupation: unemployedSattam spends his days hangingout at coffee shops and goes for Kobradesert trips in his GMC. His namein bluetooth is friend of the night
  38. Segmenting SaudiArabiaName: RamiAge: 23Occupation: Student of College ofBusinessRami had a fight with his barber. KaddashHis father spoils him. Bought himthe latest convertible Lamborghini
  39. Segmenting SaudiArabiaName: WadhaAge: 38Occupation: TeacherWadha is a school teacher.Divorced with seven daughters Garwehaand one boy
  40. Segmenting SaudiArabiaName: MaiAge: 16Occupation: StudentStudent at International School.Always expelled from school and Tom Boyis always looking for trouble
  41. Segmenting SaudiArabiaName: AbdullahAge: 40Occupation: School PrincipalAbdullah prays all his prayers inthe mosque. Wishes everybody Al-Multazimto find the righteous way
  42. Segmenting SaudiArabiaName: GeorgeAge: 35Occupation: Sales ManagerGeorge works for a big mediacompany. He has lived in Saudi KhawajaArabia for ten years but hissponsor let him go.
  43. Segmenting SaudiArabiaName: SarahAge: 21Occupation: StudentSarah graduated from college andwears nothing but high end Bint Al-Kashbrands. She likes to spend time atthe beach
  44. Segmenting SaudiArabiaName: MarzoogAge: 17Occupation: StudentMarzoog has nothing on his mindexcept to play soccer with his Arbajifriends in the streets
  45. From primary segmentation research in SaudiArabia• Saudi Arabia can be divided into four key segments • The Radicals • The Balancers • The Dreamers • The Traditionalists
  46. Thank you!