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Social media radar | Artur Karda


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Social media radar is must have in every modern newsroom and PR department. Monitoring not only online media publishers but also social media monitoring can bring to journalists a lot of fresh ideas for news. Sometimes it’s great chance to catch the scoop. Online marketing and public relations managers should also know if their brands, products and key managers’ decisions are discussed in good or bad context in social media.

Media monitoring on the daily basis is one of key elements of successful online reputation management. But how to be up-to-date with wide content stream on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, thousands of blogs and discussion forums? Presentation “Social media radar” gives some ideas how to arrange the workflow around media monitoring and social media monitoring in the modern newsroom. It also brings examples of social media crisis in US, Poland and Ukraine.

Second part of the presentation explains what are News Point and News Point Social Media – useful tools for online media and social media monitoring. Some additional slides reflect SEO Friend – online content optimizer which helps journalists and bloggers to prepare relevant content for search engines. All three solutions were produced by Netsprint – Polish search experts company operating in 7 countries in Europe. Artur Karda, the author of the presentation “Social media radar”, is member of the Supervisory Board of Netsprint.

This presentation was prepared for Association of Independent Regional Publishers in Ukraine congress. The congress was placed in Kiev on 21 October 2011. Artur Karda was one of keynote speakers during congress of newspaper publishers in Kiev.

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Social media radar | Artur Karda

  1. 1. Social media radarMust have in modern newsroom!Artur Karda - 112mediaAssociation of Independent Regional Publishers in Ukraine Congress, Kiev 2011
  2. 2. Social media powerSource:
  3. 3. Social media power 1. China 2. India 3. United States 4. Indonesia 5. Brazil
  4. 4. Social media power 1. China 2. India 3. 4. United States 5. Indonesia 6. Brazil
  5. 5. Power of Facebook… Allegro, I hate you!
  6. 6. Social media power is the 2nd largest search engine in the world
  7. 7. Power of video... Source: YouTube
  8. 8. Social media power sites in the world
  9. 9. Power of blogs… Dr OETKER, YOU CUNT!
  10. 10. Every newsroom needs radar
  11. 11. Every newsroom needs radar
  12. 12. „Good content comesfrom places otherthan your own newsroom” Jim Brady, Journal Register
  13. 13. Every newsroom needs
  14. 14. Every newsroom needs radar
  15. 15. Every newsroom needs radarSource: Innovation Media Consulting
  16. 16. Source: Innovation Media Consulting Every newsroom needs radar
  17. 17. Every newsroom needs radar Source:
  18. 18. Technology meets publishers needs Source:
  19. 19. Technology meets publishers needs10 years of experience in search technology, contextual ads& media monitoring for both business and public sector.Reputable international & domestic customers in 7 countries:media companies, publishers, portals, corporations, e-stores,directories, yellow & white pages, classified ads, many others.
  20. 20. 3 useful tools for modern newsrooms online media monitoring from 2005 32.000 websites in PL, RU, LT, NO, UK, DK, SE, FI, DE, FR, ES social media monitoring from 2009 2.100.000 websites in PL, LT content optimizer for journalists and bloggers from 2011 during implementation in PL
  21. 21. How does it work
  22. 22. Main pageSearch profiles Modules: monitor, raports, alerts, statistics Articles database in order Active article preview of publishing date
  23. 23. SearchWe can use such criteria as: words, phrases and excluding phrases,prefix searches, language, category, part of article: heading,summary, content, time period.
  24. 24. ArticlesWhile click on the headline,piece of content with monitoredkeywords are shown.
  25. 25. Alerts• Notifications of new articles are sent as regular e-mail newsletter.• You can: – adjust the alert format – set different times of sending the alert (for example 8 AM for weekdays and 10 AM for weekends) – set an interval for sending the alerts regularly when you are at work (for example 8 AM – 4 PM)
  26. 26. TagsYou can create your own tags describing articles you want to save. Tagged article Tags not used for this article, but created by you
  27. 27. StatisticsStatistics module can be used to prepare summaries and chartsfrom internet monitoring in defined time period. Export to .xls and .pdf Time period for active profile Chart with results per day
  28. 28. Statistics List of articles from particular day with links to article previewSource
  29. 29. Pdf reportsArticles can be saved as pdf file. Profile name, time period and summary. Heading, article, highlighted keywords in text, site name and date (with link to the source)
  30. 30. Intelligent searchAdvanced rules of filtering information: word presence in definedcontext, proximity of phrases, meaning, number of appearances inthe text.
  31. 31. NewsFeedNewsPoint can be used as a tool to publishing news on a website.All articles in the search profile are also published on the website. Example of NewsPoint usage: foreign news column on
  32. 32. Social media monitoring moduleSocial media option in NewsPoint allows to observe currentdiscussions on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, commentson article websites.
  33. 33. Statistics
  34. 34. Discussion watchUsing NewsPoint,you can also readthe texts ormessages, groupedaccording tothreads.You have also directaccess to all thread,to easy find thecontext, in which thekeyword ismentioned in thisparticulardiscussion.
  35. 35. Where is your website in web search?90% of the traffic goes from top 10 search results Source: Jakob Nielsen
  36. 36. Editor’s online assistant
  37. 37. How does it work
  38. 38. Content analysis 1. Title 2. Lead 3. Body 4.Multimedia Extra 6. Website title included in meta tag <Title> 7. Website description 5. Links meta tag <Description>
  39. 39. Tips for editors SEOfriendliness score Key phrases found in content Recommendations for EditorsUser menu Original title of the article
  40. 40. SEO effectivenessImplementation of just a few suggestions leads to significant increase inSEOfriendliness of content without changing meaning or value for the reader
  41. 41. SEOfriend’s suggestions• were developed by experienced SEO experts• are closely adjusted to the client’s SEO strategy• are clear and easy to implement• show search engine friendliness of the analized content• their implementation significantly influences the website position in search engine results
  42. 42. „We don’t have a choiceon whether we DO social media,the question ishow well we DO it” Erik Qualman, Socialnomics
  43. 43. Bottoms up! ;-) Source: Artur Karda Agency/153845814918?sk=wall&filter=12 tel. +48 695 396 911 Skype: artur_karda Facebook: LinkedIn:
  44. 44. Background
  45. 45. Artur Karda: experience 20 years of experience in print and digitalmedia certified trainer for media industry,member of Polish Society of BusinessTrainers co-founder of Online Trainers Academy,former leader of newsroom transformation atMedia Regionalne (Mecom Poland) leader of many projects: online,development, reorganization, editorial Polish company Netsprint’s SupervisoryBoard member, ex-member of MecomInnovation Team (Mecom Group Europe) speaker & videoreporter at international Artur Karda media trainer & managerconferences (INMA/OPA, IFRA/WAN, WEF, 112media company ownerIAB, AIRPU, Editors Camp)
  46. 46. Consulting offer Audits of websites: usability, SEO, content quality Analysis of media competition landscape and internet market research The concepts of web products The concepts of marketing campaigns: online & offline Editorial projects and audits of newspapers and magazines Digitization and the restructuring of publishing houses Building of multimedia newsrooms Building training programs and career paths for publishing companies
  47. 47. Training offer Search Engine Marketing (SEO + PPC) Videomarketing, video journalism, video editing Social media marketing E-mail marketing Online business models Involving users, building the communities Web analytics Train the trainers for media and marketing companies
  48. 48. Outsourcing offer Company websites and blogs editing and providing Maintenance of companies’ social media accounts Videomarketing Covering conferences and expos on the video and blogs Search Engine Marketing (SEO, SEM) E-mail marketing Branded content for print and online media Editing company magazines and leaflets
  49. 49. Recommendations“Artur is very qualifed specialist in modern media and a great coach!”Serhiy Luzhetskyy, CEO, RIA Allegro (Ukraine)“Artur has a great understanding of the wide and challenging field of transformingnewspapers. (…) has not only proven his skills in strategy development but moreimportantly in executing the strategies as well.”Peter Skulimma, Director Market and Revenues, Mecom Group plc (UK)“(…) He knows exactly what the newsroom can do and how far it can change. And ifneeded, he is ready to show up as a real-life example of a multimedia journalist. (…)”Grzegorz Piechota, European President of INMA, editor at Gazeta Wyborcza (Poland)“Artur is a great colleague to collaborate with. On story ideas, on technology onmanagement, but mostly on innovation (…)”Robb Montgomery, Board secretary and CEO, Visual Editors (USA)“Artur is a very reliable person, focused on delivering results without compromisingquality. His project management skills are excellent”Roman Czarnuch, CFO, Media Regionalne (Poland)
  50. 50. Let’s keep in touch! Artur Karda tel. +48 695 396 911 Skype: artur_karda Facebook: LinkedIn: