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Akansha sareennescafe


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This presentation gives a brief history of Nescafe, the brand's evolution, SWOT analysis and information about their logo

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Akansha sareennescafe

  2. 2. History of Nescafe• NESCAFÉ = nestlé + café• Founder of coffee-Max Morgenthale-took 7 years• Began in 1930-Brazilian Government approached the multinational Nestle• Nescafe brand introduced in India in late 1990s• NIL launched Nescafe Gold and Nescafe Gold Decaffeinated (Aug 2000)
  3. 3. • The company reintroduced the Nescafe brand in 2003• Product now known as Nescafe Taster’s choice (in the US of America)
  4. 4. LOGO ofNESCAFÉ
  5. 5. Corporate Design Brand Design• Logo designed by Roman Klis Design• Entrusted with integration of the brand environment• Includes packaging design and point-of-sales presentation• Distribution systems such as automatic coffee dispensers
  6. 6. Helps reinforce the message and the recognition of the brand The little stroke above the letter E suddenly The words “NESTLE” N’s stroke covers makes the word cafécombines with the sense all the rest of the be seen as one of fun and warmth of a letters to create separate word “CAFÉ” unity White on a contrast Letter style is strong and bold background color which can be representing the strength of its quality slightly altered to suit the Also implies sophistication of its taste packaging of any product through the use of Serif font.
  7. 7. Nescafe’s Products Nescafe Gold Range Nescafe Classic Nescafe Espresso Nescafe PremiumNescafe Decaff Nescafe Cappuccino Nescafe Frappe Nescafe 3 in 1 Nescafe Dolce Gusto
  10. 10. Value of Brand Equity • The intangible added value that a brand provides to a company beyond its physical net assets • Nescafe has a high image of Television Commercials • Nescafe wants to maintain its image of cool and trendy
  11. 11. STAGESSteps of gaining brand loyalty1. Nestlé + café = NESCAFE • Easy to pronounce • Brand consistency • High reputation of the Nestle2. Creation of Brand awareness • Media mix – TVC, radio, magazine, cinema, packaging, event sponsorship, sales promotion3. Creation of Brand Identity4. Creation of Trust • Consistent image • Consistent quality of product
  12. 12. Website – (
  13. 13. Television Commercials• 1998-2000: stressed on Nescafe 3-in-1 with the easy- to-make messages.• 2001: began to advertise Nescafe’s good aroma as its message.• 2002: introduced its Ready-to-Drink canned coffee• From 1998 to present: Nescafe has gradually focused on its big idea.
  14. 14. Year Target2005 25-28—Spirit seeker “Wake up the spirit with Nescafe Red Cup”2006 22-17—Life seeker “Your day doesn’t really start until you have your Nescafe Red Cup”2007 Ambition flirter “ Your cup your way, Your day your way”2008 Young cosmopolitans with contemporary lifestyle “Better coffee with better morning”
  15. 15. 2005
  16. 16. 2006
  17. 17. 2008
  18. 18. THANK YOU