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Maggi noodles is a brand of instant noodles manufactured by Nestlé. In several countries, it is also known as "maggi mee" (mee is Indonesian/Malay/Hokkien for noodles). Maggi noodles are part of the Maggi family, a Nestlé brand of instant soups, stocks, and noodles. In Malaysia, there are fried noodles made from maggi noodles known as Maggi goreng. Maggi noodles recently introduced a new variety of its noodles, to cater for the health conscious like 'No MSG', 'Less Salt', and 'No Trans fat'. A wholewheat flour based noodle variation marketed by the name "Vegetable Atta Noodles" has been introduced in India (Atta flour is used in preparing most forms of wheat based breads in India) and caters to health conscious buyers wary of the refined flour used in the regular Maggi noodles. This move helps the brand in India as suburban mothers, who feed the noodles to children as an afterschool snack, are the primary customers of the brand. Recently, a line of rice noodles and whole wheat with pulses, carrots, beans, and onions has also been introduced in India.

Nestlé India Ltd (NIL) offered a variety of culinary products such as instant noodles, soups, sauces and ketchups, cooking aids (seasonings), etc., under the Maggi brand. Of these, instant noodles had been NIL's main product category in the culinary segment since the launch of Maggi 2 Minute Noodles (Maggi noodles) in 1982. In fact, the word "Maggi" has become a synonymous term for any brand of instant noodles in India and Malaysia.

In mid-2008, New Zealand supermarkets introduced replacement formulations for its Beef, Oriental, and Curry flavours. A new feature is an extra sachet containing dehydrated vegetables. Maggi claims the new range contains 88% less total fat and 86% less saturated fat than the average of top-three (unnamed) 2-minute-noodle competitors. The new Maggi range also has considerably lower fat than its own previous formulation. However, the salt content has been increased by 31 percent.

In the Philippines, packs of Maggi noodles were recalled by Nestlé Philippines after it was said to be contaminated with salmonella.

Claimed to be "2 minute noodles", The Maggi noodle cake and seasoning is added into boiling water for two minutes and it is ready for consumption.

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Maggi in 2 minutes - Mumbai - India

  1. 1. Taste bhi, Health bhi
  2. 2.  MAGGI Vegetable Multigrainz Noodles  MAGGI 2 Minutes Noodles  MAGGI vegetable Atta Noodles  MAGGI Cuppa Mania  MAGGI Healthy Soups  MAGGI Souces and Pichkoo  MAGGI Pazzta  MAGGI Magic Cubes  MAGGI Bhuna Masala
  3. 3.  MAGGI, the pioneer and creator of 'Taste Bhi Health Bhi' has introduced another great tasting and healthy variant in its popular range of MAGGI Noodles. MAGGI Vegetable Multigrainz Noodles is made with Ragi, Corn, Jowar and Wheat. It offers the consumer multi-'gun' (benefits) as for the product comes from the growing consumer preference for a healthier lifestyle, and the deep understanding that MAGGI has developed about Indian food habits and culture- the insight that a multiplicity of grains are used in everyday foods across the country. it is a source of Protein, Calcium and Fibre, and has added vegetables. MAGGI Vegetable Multigrainz Noodles is available with a delicious "Spice Remix" tastemaker. The inspiration So, enjoy a meal that‟s full of health!
  4. 4.  MAGGI 2-MINUTE Noodles is the most-loved meal across all age groups and defines the Instant Noodles category in India by being a part of our way of life. It has been bringing people together and is the favorite of millions; living in our hearts it has become intertwined in some of people‟s most memorable experiences. MAGGI 2-Minute Noodles brings to you 10% RDA of Protein and 20% RDA of Calcium in each serve (75g). With a reduction of over 27% salt per serve, less than 0.2% Trans Fats and no added MSG‟s MAGGI Noodles has focused on providing you a healthier meal, without compromising on the great taste you love. Introducing the New MAGGI Masala Dumdaar Noodles infused with a spicier flavor, added iron, calcium and protein making it healthier and tastier. Delivering on the promise of “Taste Bhi Health Bhi” each serve (76g) provides 24% RDA of Iron, 10% RDA of Protein and 20% RDA of Calcium giving you a truly Dumdaar taste.
  5. 5.  Standing true to its promise of “Taste Bhi Health Bhi”, Maggi Vegetable Atta Noodles fills you with nutrients blended in its delicious Maggi Masala taste. Packed with the power of fiber and proteins and real vegetables it is loved by mothers and children alike. In each serving (80g) of Maggi Vegetable Atta Noodles you get the goodness of dietary fiber equivalent of 3 prepared rotis.
  6. 6.  Rushing to work or hungry after a class? Working on assignments while texting your girlfriend? Trying to grab a quick bite while rushing between meetings? With multi-tasking becoming a necessity, it is essential that you have a quick meal that is healthy as well. Maggi Cuppa Mania Noodles fits perfectly into your lifestyle while satisfying that hungry belly with instant taste, anytime. Take the Cuppa Mania wherever you go and enjoy convenience by just adding boiling water for a quick and healthy meal. With 2 mouth watering variants Masala Yo! and Chilly Chow Yo!; a fork inside for on-the-go consumption, attractive cup sleeves, real vegetables and calcium, just carry on jaani!
  7. 7.  The new range of Maggi Healthy Soups is distinctly delightful. These soups are made using Nestlé‟s new and patented granulation based technology that allows them to retain the freshness of key ingredients, giving you that extra zing of taste. They contain fresh vegetable purees and deliver the taste and aroma of home-made soups. In fact, Nestlé India is amongst the first in the Nestlé world to adopt this unique technology. Maggi Healthy Soups are low fat, low cholesterol , have no added MSG, and have no added preservatives and synthetic colours, living up to the Maggi promise of Taste Bhi, Health Bhi!. These tasty & healthy soups are available in six delicious popular varieties: Rich Tomato Mixed Vegetable Cream of Mushroom Hot & Sour Vegetable Sweet Corn Vegetable Creamy Spinach
  8. 8.  Maggi Sauces have been an integral part of the Indian consumers‟ households for decades now. Launched in the mid-1980s, MAGGI Sauces has been associated with category re-defining innovations from the very beginning, starting with the launch of the unique MAGGI Hot & Sweet and “It‟s different” commercials featuring Jaaved Jaaferi and Pankaj Kapoor. Over the years, MAGGI has continuously re-invented itself in terms of new products, packaging, promotion & distribution to emerge and sustain itself as the largest sauces brand in India. To cater to the diverse Indian palate, MAGGI has a host of variants, including: sit • The quintessential Rich Tomato Ketchup and Rich Tomato Sauce (No Onion No Garlic) • The unique Hot & Sweet Tomato Chilli Sauce • The tangy and “chatkaaredar” Imli Pichkoo MAGGI has also launched the Rich Tomato Ketchup in the convenient doy pack format called Pichkoo that has made the unique flavors of MAGGI affordable to a whole new set of consumers. The lip-smacking tastes and vibrant packaging ensures MAGGI Sauces stays true to its slogan – It's different!
  9. 9.  Pichkoo is a small doy pack which makes MAGGI Tomato ketchup affordable to a host of new consumers. And now, MAGGI makes the delight "Bigger' by introducing a Bada Pichkoo. A large Tomato Ketchup doy pack which ensures that the fun goes on and on. It's endearing name, packaging and great taste evoke a resounding reaction.  "New MAGGI Pichkoo - It's different!“
  10. 10.  MAGGI brings to you NUTRI-LICIOUS PAZZTA - an offering to delight your every sense and make you fall in Love! It comes in 4 saucy, lip-smacking flavours and shapes - Masala Penne, Cheese Macaroni, Tomato Twist and Mushroom Penne. This NUTRI-LICIOUS product is made from 100% SUJI and is also a source of protein & fibre. What‟s more, this quick cook pasta can be conveniently prepared in just 5 minutes!
  11. 11.  With MAGGI Magic Cubes, you can cook the smart way while adding that mouth-watering flavor to your meals. That‟s not all; as you crumble a MAGGI Magic cube into your dish, your curries, biryani and even non-vegetarian dishes turn rich and delicious in no time. Available in two exciting flavors – Vegetarian Masala and Chicken. It is time for you to don the Chef‟s hat at home.
  12. 12.      MAGGI is revolutionizing the Indian kitchen with its latest offering – MAGGI Bhuna Masala. It is any mother‟s ally for conveniently cooking great tasting, wholesome food for the family everyday. Based on intensive research and in-depth understanding of Indian food habits and cooking practices, MAGGI Bhuna Masala allows the housewife to prepare a large variety of tasty dishes without the hassle of chopping and frying. The dishes retain that „special touch‟ of the housewife as she adds her own spices….. Standing strong on its promise of “Taste Bhi, Health Bhi”, MAGGI Bhuna Masala comes with "no added preservatives", "contains only 1 tbsp* of oil" and "tastes just like homemade." Gives you a perfect dish in three simple steps: Open the pack & pour contents in the pan Add vegetables/paneer/chicken/rajma etc. Add spices and cook MAGGI Bhuna Masala comes in two variants:- Bhuna Masala for Gravy Dishes- a ready- mix of Onion, Tomato, Ginger and Garlic fried in refined oil. (Use it to make tasty dishes like Zaikedaar Chicken, Rajma, Kolhapuri Mutton, Aloo Potol etc.) Bhuna Masala for Vegetables and Dal- a ready- mix of Onion and Tomato, fried in refined oil. (Use it to make tasty dishes like Palak corn, Dal Tadka, Bhindi Masala, Urlai Roast etc.) 1 Tbsp* = 6-8 ml