Rules of thirds


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Rules of thirds

  1. 1. Rules of thirds:shot composition and framing At first in the rule of thirds the camera shot is split into 3 sections equally spaced apart by imaginary vertical lines to allow the subject you are filming not always to be in the middle of the shot.When the subject is shot on one of these imaginary verticle lines it makes the shot much more pleasing composition and gives the audience gradifaction when watching the footage. The second rule of thirds is to split the camera shot into 3 more horzotional sections that are still equally spaced apart by the imaginary lines. This allows us to shoot the subject you are filming in a more effective way as the shot is always in a better framing position. Where the point meet in the two set of third lines is the best postion for the subject in the frame as the most effective pieces of video footage uses these rules to get the subject they are filming within the points the lines meet.
  2. 2. Rules of thirds:shot composition and framing As you can see the abstract image on the left looks simple and dull as the main feature of the image is right in the centre of the picture. In the rule of thirds this is an example of what not to do as the imainary 3 sections of lines always keeps the main feature out of the middle of the frame where not of the lines cross at a point. This is not a good composition shot. In the second image the shot has panned right to make sure the main feature is in line with the vertical section of the thirds rule. This has allowed more of the fence and the country side scenery to come into the image and the image looks more pleasing in composition.However it could be better as the main feature is at a point where the two thirds meet. The final image the shot has been tilted upwards to allow the main feature,which is the windmill, to move into the point in the frame where the thirds cross over. This has finally perfected the rules of thirds as the framing is now very pleasuring and the audience will feel pleasure looking at this image. The composition of this image is a lot better and more attractive compared from the first shot i looked at.
  3. 3. Rules of thirds:shot composition and framingThis two images that i have compared above shows the difference that the rule of thirds make to a framing of the shot as the finaloutcome is more interesting and gives the audience pleasure to look at it.This comparison shows how important the rules of thirds arewhen filming a video of a subject therefore when i am filming my music video this will be a technique i use and remember to make myvideo look as professional as possible. Examples of Rules of thirds:These series of shots from separate video shows how the rules of thirds are used in all types of filming as it is an important technique/ruleto remember.The images also displays the use of thirds in three different scenes and how it works whatever you are trying to film