UK Holiday and typical food


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UK Holiday and typical food

  1. 1. United KingdomEngland also held a series of specialdays, all referring not only to its history, butglobal celebrations, which include a periodbetween January and June, days ofhype, and party, color and othercharacteristics related to joy.
  2. 2. January 1, New Years DayAs in many parts of theworld, they welcome the newyear with a fireworks show. February • Feb. 14 Valentine’s Day On this day marks the birth of St. Valentine. Also known as Day of Love and Friendship
  3. 3. March 17, St. PatricksDay. Despite being ofIrish origin, the feast ofSt. Patrick is developedwith parties and evenparades. April 1, Holy Innocents Day (April Fools Day) This is a date that is used to play him jokes on people.
  4. 4. Good Friday This day marks a major celebration of the Catholic religion, the death of Jesus. April 23, St. Georges Day This day commemorates the death of the saint and soldier San Jorge, very popular and widespread of the Christian religion around the world.Easter Monday
  5. 5.  May First Monday in May (May Day Bank Holiday and Easter Monday) Last Monday in May (Spring Bank Holiday) June • First Monday in June (June Bank Holiday)
  6. 6. July 12 (Battle of the Boyne- Day of the Orange Order) • First Monday in August (Bank Holiday Summer) • Last Monday in August (Bank Holiday October 31 Summer)(Eve of AllSaints orHalloween)
  7. 7. November• November 5 Guy Fawkes NightIt takes place at night to commemorate thefailed attack, known as the GunpowderPlot, with which a Catholic faction, attemptedto destroy the Palace of Westminster, theseat of parliament. December 24, Christmas EveDecember 25 (Christmas)Christmas is a universal holiday, andin England commonly happens intheir homes, families, although thecelebrations begin in advance bysending cards and placing adecorated tree at home.
  8. 8. 26 December (Boxing Day / St.Stephens Day)It is called Boxing Day because it isa time when traders receive a bonusin recognition of his work doneduring the year. 31 December, New Years Eve
  9. 9. British cuisine has numerous national and localvarieties, as well as Scottish, English and Welshcuisine, which each of them has extended theirown regional dishes. Some of the main mealdishes are Toad-in-the-Hole (made ofsausages wrapped in batter and roasted), RoastMeats(beef, pork, lamb, chicken, duck, goose, gammon and turkey),
  10. 10. Lancashire Hotpot (casserole of vegetables andmeat topped with cut potatoes), Bubble &Squeak (made of cabbage, carrots, peas,potato, Brussels sprouts and other vegetables),fish and chips and gammon steak with egg.
  11. 11.  Some delicious salads that may encounter in the country are Chickpea Salad (made of chickpeas mixed with fresh herbs, garlic and cucumber), King Prawn Salad (cooked king prawns with vegetables), Mozzarella and Beetroot Salad (pieces of beetroot with mozzarella, flavored with a beetroot vinaigrette), Potato Salad (served with a slice of garlic bread) and Roast Vegetable and Feta Salad (made of vegetables, chick-peas and baby spinach).
  12. 12.  Pudding is one of the famous desserts in the country. There are several variations of puddings like Spotted Dick (sponge pudding with raisins and sultanas), Trifle (layers of sponge cake with fruit, custard and whipped cream), Apple Crumble (served with cream and custard), Hasty Pudding (steamed pudding of butter, cinnamon, eggs, flour and milk).
  13. 13.  Semolina Pudding (made of eggs, milk, flavoring and sugaring), Roly-poly (made of fruits rolled up in dough and baked), Treacle pudding (with a syrup topping), Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. Other desserts include Banoffee pie, ice creams, lardy cake, lemon meringue, strawberry cheesecake and vanilla crème brulee.
  14. 14.  The usual drinks in the country are tea (most Britons like strong and dark tea with milk), coffee, beer, soft drinks, and wine.