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Reflections on Hope and Despair: AJWS Darfur Luncheon


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A Conversation about Genocide in Darfur. Hosted by American Jewish World Service

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Reflections on Hope and Despair: AJWS Darfur Luncheon

  1. 1. New York City ● December 2, 2008 Photos by: Kym Newborn
  2. 2. More than 300 people attended the AJWS luncheon at the Yale Club, New York City.
  3. 3. AJWS President Ruth Messinger addresses the crowd.
  4. 4. Rabbi Richard Jacobs, senior rabbi of Westchester Reform Temple, opens the event with a convocation.
  5. 5. Chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court , Luis Moreno-Ocampo, speaks about united support for reaching justice in Darfur.
  6. 6. Prosecutor Ocampo with AJWS President Ruth Messinger
  7. 7. Panelists, from left to right: John Prendergast, co-chair, ENOUGH Project; Nicholas D. Kristof, Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist, The New York Times; Ann Curry, NBC News anchor; Daoud Hari, Darfuri refugee and author; with Ruth Messinger.
  8. 8. NBC News anchor and correspondent Ann Curry moderated the panel. She is joined by Daoud Hari, a Darfuri refugee and author.
  9. 9. Nicholas D. Kristof, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, with Ann Curry, discusses his experiences in Darfur.
  10. 10. John Prendergast expresses his views on ending the conflict. With him, Nicholas Kristof.
  11. 11. Daoud Hari and Ruth Messinger.
  12. 12. AJWS Board of Trustees chair Jim Meier.
  13. 13. Ann Curry fields questions after the panel.
  14. 14. Several high school students attending the luncheon participate in a letter-writing campaign to urge President-elect Obama to display strong leadership in ending the genocide in Darfur.
  15. 15. AJWS board member Barbara Dobkin with Karen Adler.
  16. 16. Ruth Messinger concludes the event, urging attendees to stand up for Darfur.
  17. 17. For More Information For More Information For More Information Take Action: 800.889.7146 Call: [email_address] Write: