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Consumers Auto Warehouse October Newsletter

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  1. 1. A Free Family Resource Courtesy Of Andrew Wiley from Consumers Auto WarehouseAndrew Wiley - Automotive Transportation & Financing Expert | 1-540-213-0202 | http://www.cawcawcaw.com This Month In History2nd—Henry Ford intro- duced the Model T (1908)5th—The first radio broad- cast of the World Series (1921)7th—The first Continental Congress met (1765) Halloween is celebrated in many There is little reference to Hallow- cultures on the 31st of October. The een in the United States until the9th—The Washington roots of this fun evening for kids go early 1900s when businesses and Monument opened (1888) way back to the ancient Celtic festi- local shops began offering treats for12th—Robert E Lee died val known as Samhain. children who visited their stores. (1870) Ancient Celts believed that on Octo- In certain parts of the country, the20th—Senate ratifies Louisi- ber 31, the boundaries between the night is known as Beggar’s Night. ana purchase (1803) living and the dead overlapped and More and more community events the dead would come back and are scheduled around the holiday21st—Thomas Edison in- wreak havoc on the living, damaging now to provide a safe and carefree vents the electric light crops. People of that time would way to trick-or-treat! (1879) wear costumes to ward off evil spir- its and hold huge bonfires to attract Creepy Tales — Frontier Culture27th—Dupont invents Nylon bugs and bats. Museum October 27-29 (1938)28th—Statue of Liberty In England, the holiday also had cul- Darkwood Manor—Lurary, VA. Opens tural underpinnings. The practice of Weekend Nights in October (1886) “souling” where poor citizens would go door to door on Hallowmas Back Home On The Farm—31st—Harry (November 1) to receive food in ex- Harrisonburg, VA. Now through Houdini change for saying prayers for the November 6th. Dies dead. (1926) “I Specialize In Helping Individuals & Families Find, Qualify For And Own The Vehicle Of Their Dreams With Little Or No Money Down Even With Less Than Perfect Credit.”
  2. 2. Interesting Facts If you think a bad credit report Once you pull up your report You Never Knewonly costs you when you apply for online, you can review the report for any mistakes that might be Women blink nearly twice as much asa loan, think again! there. I tried it recently — my re- men. Mistakes on your credit report port showed my work address as In Kentucky, 50 percent of the peoplecould keep you from getting an my home address. One click and a who get married for the first time areapartment, nix your plans for a cell few days later, voila! My report teenagers.phone or even cost you a job. Your was fixed.credit score can be used for car in- Kotex was first manufactured as ban-surance and health insurance too! Even better, if you dispute an ac- dages, during W.W.I.So don’t let mis- count on your report and the com- Einstein couldnt speak fluently whentakes on your pany that holds the ac- he was nine. His parents thought he mightcredit report keepyou from getting count doesn’t be retarded.the good things in r e s p o n d In Los Angeles, there are fewer peoplelife! within 30 than there are automobiles. days, they are Industry esti- About a third of all Americans flush required bymates put the num- law to remove the toilet while theyre still sitting on it.ber of credit re- the account (Who studied this and why? LOL :)ports with mis- from your Youre more likely to get stung by atakes at over 80%. credit report! bee on a windy day than in any otherOMG! That is 4 If you are dili- weather.out of every 5credit reports! If gent, you can An average person laughs about 15you consider how many ways a bad often boost times a day.credit report can impact your day to your score 50-100 points by disput- Research indicates that mosquitoes areday life, this is something you ing information you know to be incorrect. attracted to people who have recentlyshould work on immediately. eaten bananas. Granted, many of the mistakes on FREE OFFER! Penguins can jump as high as 6 feet incredit reports are minor—like mis- NO STRINGS ATTACHED! the air.takes in spelling, employment his-tory or addresses. But some are The average person is about a quarter If all this is TOO much for you to han-much much bigger and you can’t dle (hey, we can’t all be technologically of an inch taller at night.be sure unless you get a copy of advanced!) we can make it happen A sneeze zooms out of your mouth atyour credit report. for you. Just call us and schedule an appointment to sit down with one of over 600 m.p.h. Getting a copy of your credit re- our finance pros. They can help walk you through the process, review yourport to review has never been eas- credit report, help you with the dis-ier. You can just go to the website: putes and give you some straight upwww.annualcreditreport.com and advice on improving your credit. We FAMOUS WORDSget a copy absolutely free. It is the even have a free book that details alllaw! the secrets you need to move that score up! Around here, you should proba- Always go to other people’s fu- And this is a totally “no strings at-bly start with pulling Equifax — it tached” offer. We won’t try to sell you nerals, otherwise they might notis the report most lenders in thisarea use. Try not to pull all three at anything or pressure you in any way. come to yours. We figure by helping you today youone time — you get one free copy may return the favor down the road.of EACH report per year, so you Yogi Berra Call today to 540-213-0202 to getcan get a different report every 120 started on the road to better credit.days and be up to date all the time.
  3. 3. IF YOU READ NOTHING ELSE … READ THIS! Do you know of someone who is lookingfor a quality pre-owned vehicle or wants toupgrade their current vehicle? Even if they have little money to put downor they’ve had trouble qualifying in thepast… I can help them! Send them my way.They’ll be glad you did and so will you!Here’s why… If you refer someone to me this month,when we close the deal, I will give you $150in Crow Club Rewards to spend here justlike CASH! Duct tape is a wonderful inven- ule, which we can provide you Andrew Wiley is an au- tion! Have you ever seen the when you come in for service. But thor and consumer advo- Mythbusters where they make a in general, here is what you should cate. He has spent his life boat out of duct tape. It seems like consider: fighting the negative stigma that plagues car you can fix virtually anything with dealers around the world. this silver sticky stuff. OIL CHANGE EVERY 3,000 MILES He does this by fighting for the consumer as a car Well, almost everything. If you ROTATE TIRES EVERY 6,000 MILESdealer that advises people and helps them keep a roll of duct tape in your carget the quality vehicle they want and de- “just in case” you might need to re- COOLANT SVC EVERY 24,000 MILESserve in an positive and safe environment. consider your vehicle maintenance schedule. Maintaining your vehicle TRANS SVC EVERY 30,000 MILESAndrew Wiley should involve a little bit more thanAuto Transportation & Financing ExpertConsumers Auto Warehouse duct taping leaks and changing your AIR FILTER EVERY 30,000 MILES537 Richmond Avenue oil!Staunton, VA 24401 The biggest complaint we get in FUEL FILTER EVERY 30,000 MILES540-213-0202www.cawcawcaw.com the service department is that vehi- cle maintenance is too expensive! SPARK PLUGS EVERY 60,000 MILES Well, that’s at least partially true. As you can see, every 30,000 miles THANK YOU! Maintaining a vehicle is not “cheap” but NOT maintaining a vehicle is you should consider a pretty exten- Tina Valerio really expensive! sive maintenance package. Some Amber Thompson vehicles also recommend replacing What do I mean? Think about your timing belt and water pump at your brakes — if you wait to re- 100,000 miles. Again, we can showThese fine folks who had purchased from us place your brakes until they are you the entire recommended service before sent in their friends or family mem- “metal to metal”, you will probably schedule anytime at Warehouse Autobers. Since we sold them cars too, we gave need new rotors. That is going to Repair. Tina and Amber $150.00 on their rewards card to use here for service or rental! double or triple your bill. Consider your tires — rotating your tires every other oil change can extend OCTOBER SERVICE SPECIAL the life of your tires more than Get A Free Oil enough to pay for the rotation, plus SEASON CHANGE SPECIAL Get an oil change, tire rotation, two new it will give you a safer and more Change wiper blades, BG battery service and a comfortable ride. free courtesy check. If we’ve done something to WOW Often, people wonder what main- All this for just $69.95 you, rate us online at Google and tenance is really necessary. Every Save over $40! we’ll send you a free oil change! manufacturer has their own sched-
  4. 4. WIN A NEW AMAZON KINDLE — FREE!At Consumers Auto Warehouse, we like tohave fun and want to include you in ourshenanigans. In October, we are having acarefree contest on our Facebook page.To enter, you just need to go to our Face-book fan page at www.facebook.com/ No one can forget that great 80s song area code and at almost every store, youcawcawcaw. Make sure you “like” the by Tommy Tutone. “Jenny, Jenny, who can just punch in your area code and 867-page first. Then click on the PROMOS link can I turn to?” News stories at the time 5309 and you will still get the store dis-on the left. showed people who unluckily had this counts. phone number were inundated with crank Give it a try at the next store you go toUpload your coolest Halloween photo. It phone calls. and see if it works. If it does, you cancould be you or your kids in a costume or But what if you could use that number thank that annoying song from the 80s forsomething spooky your snapped a photo of. to your advantage? Virtually every major saving you some cash!Then look through the entries and vote. retailer has a rewards or shoppers card thatTell your friends to enter and vote for you gives you discounts on products. You willas well! Anyone who is a fan of Consumers see this at Food Lion, Martin’s, and evenAuto Warehouse can vote. CVS. But what if you don’t have your card or don’t want to sign up?The winner on Halloween will get a brand Most retailers let you enter an alternatespanking new Kindle courtesy of Consumers ID—usually your phone number. SinceAuto Warehouse. many people are loathe to provide their own phone number. So, in almost every B ecause I’m an automotive transportation and financing expert I can do things that most other car dealers can’t. I’ve been helping individuals like you and families like yours for years and you know I’ll do it for you. Check us out online at www.cawcawcaw.com. Search for our reviews online at Google and Dealerrater.com INSIDE THIS ISSUE October Dates In History Halloween Through The Years Credit Report Mistakes Interesting Facts Vehicle Maintenance Table