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Get Interior Design Clients


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Interior Design Is Dead. Well at least getting interior design clients the old way is. You have to embrace the new way of doing things to get clients.

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Get Interior Design Clients

  1. 1. Interior Design Is Dead
  2. 2. You’re looking for interior design clients in the wrong places. " Yo yo yo! When you’re starting to figure out where your bread is gonna come from, you could be making this old school mistake.
  3. 3. You don’t have two different types of clients anymore: Real Life Clients vs. Virtual Clients
  4. 4. You see, all of your “real life clients” and your “virtual clients” are going to look for you on the corner on the internet.
  5. 5. She will ask her friends first if they know a designer she could hire, but her friends may reply with either a) they did and that wench was horrible or b) no they haven’t. Meet Mabel Betty said don’t hire this one designer because she thought that wench was trying to make a move on her man! That chick must have been blind, I mean you’d have to see Stan, but he’s about as hot Gary Busey. Just sayin’ .
  6. 6. Next, Mabel will be Googling, not using the doorstop formerly known as the phone book, to find an interior designer. I just found out about the internet. There’s lots of dirty pictures on there of some girl people call “Fire Crotch”. Let’s just say my eyes have been violated.
  7. 7. your clients are still gonna Google you, read your blog, virtually judge you and then decide if they want to contact you. All of this based almost entirely on your online presence i.e. your website. Referrals are great, but...
  8. 8. Mabel is going to: Click Bookmark Stalk Ponder And repeat. For a while. Before she contacts you... patience, grasshopper. I got your “Two Bytes” right here. And by “bytes”, I do mean “bite-sized”.
  9. 9. The old way of doing interior design is dead. It’s really important to acknowledge that because whether or not you want to have an eDecorating business or not, you need your interior design business online. You need to have a virtual pad that turns your clients on, not in that way. I’m bringing sexy back.
  10. 10. Trying to get interior design clients with a shitty website design does nothing but make your job ten times harder. Girl, if you gots one of them fugly websites that looks like a donkey’s ass, you best start hustling to get yourself a new website.
  11. 11. Your website, your blog content, your keyword research, your branding -- all together is what is going to pull you through to continue to make money. It is a work in progress and it is something that you will continue to build. Go big or go home.
  12. 12. Hola! I’m Alycia. I’m an interior designer turned brand designer and coach. I help interior designers build their online empire. Need help making your virtual pad the spot clients never wanna leave? Click here to check out my services. Or ...Get some free training on my website.