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Real time vision for intelligent vehicles


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Real time vision for intelligent vehicles

  2. 2.  Everyone like to have a mobile held in one hand talking to others while driving car. Serious accidents occurs. There comes thought about having a intelligent vehicles which helps hands free driving.
  3. 3.  Accidents due to careless driving risked many lifes. To avoid this work put forward by delphi- delco electronic systems & general motor corporation. Also called automative collision avoidance system.
  4. 4. ACAS Automotive collision avoidance system. Acas program has a highly focused goal of developing a FCW system that is seamlessly integrated into the vehicle infrastructure. It incorporates the combined ACC & rear end CW functionality.
  5. 5. FCW It is the forward collision warning system. It included the forwarded looking radar sensing system. This reduces the need for driver to carry out manual operations. Vehicle’s braking and throttle systems.
  6. 6.  It is the adaptive cruise control system. Approaches are: (a) vision based road prediction. (b) GPS based road prediction. (c) radar based scene tracking. (d) yaw rate based road and host state estimation.
  7. 7. forward vision camera
  8. 8.  The most important part of the ACC system is the digitized GPS. Global positioning satellite systems (GPS) are navigation tools which allow users to determine their location anywhere in the world at any time of the day.
  9. 9. BRAKE CONTROL systemThe braking control system includesABS,stability enhancement,and traction controlfeaturesThe brake system will be respond to ACCbraking commands
  10. 10. THROTLE CONTROL SYSTEMThe system maintains the vehicle speed inresponse to the speed set by the driver or inresponse to speed requested by the ACC functionThe ACC controller controls the throttle andbrake actuators to have effective brake andthrotle control
  11. 11. FCW modesFCW with ACC In this mode the FCW does not expect the ACC to provide anyinactive braking. In this mode the FCW warning algorithm takes into account theFCW with ACC braking function that the ACC canactive provide. An alert is produced if the ACC braking authority is inadequate to prevent a collision.
  12. 12. ACC off The ACC system is not functional. This is entered whenever the ignition is on and the ACC is turned off.Standby The system is waiting to take control of thewithout throttle and brakes. This is entered whenspeed set both ignition & ACC are turned on. System can be activated by pressing set button. After vehicle has reached a minimum speed.Standby with Waiting to take control of throttle & brakes.speed set. A set speed is established before.Maintaining ACC attempts to reach & hold a specifiedspeed. set speed can be increased or decresed by pressing resume/accel or set/coast buttons
  13. 13. Maintaining Here ACC system attempts to reach andheadway hold specified headway. Set can be increased or decreased by pushing or tapping on resume/accel or setr/coast buttons.Manual Here driver is pushing on the throttle tothrottle force the vehicle to go faster than cruiseoverride control function would command.Under Here ACC has reduced the vehicle speedminimum below a certain cruise speed as a slowspeed while vehicle is ahead. ACC will not cause theactive. vehicle to accelerate. Driver get message to control of vehicle.
  14. 14.  Conveniently manages vehicle speed & headway gap. Complements vehicle styling. Makes cruise control more usable in more traffic conditions resulting in more relaxed driving experience. Operates under wide range of environmental conditions (dirt, ice, day, night, rain or fog) Low false alarm rate.
  15. 15.  Radar-based sensing for optimal performance. Sensor hidden behind front grill or fascia. Best available detection & tracking performance. Manages vehicle speed & headway gap using throttle control & limited braking. Automatically notifies driver of a blocked sensor via displayed message. Excellent following distance & speed control.
  16. 16.  Improving the ratio of correct recognition instances versus false positives. Interested in improving performance by sensor fusion. GPS & digital maps can help tasks such as lane following, particularly during visibility conditions. Developments in telematics solutions. Vehicle-vehicle & vehicle – road communication enables exchange of information regarding vehicle speed, acceleration, heading direction & speed limit.
  17. 17.  In the field of automobiles. For the purpose of safety driving. Developments in telematics solutions. For the development of more sensors used in this purpose. For the field of robotics. For speed controlling purpose.
  18. 18.  The development of robotics have lead to the ACAS program.. On the completion of this program, we get more intelligent vehicles. The phase of driving will also change ; a hand free driving.