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Crisis Cartography - AAG 2013

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Crisis Cartography - AAG 2013

  1. 1. Crisis Cartography Hacking to help disaster response and reconstruction Andrew Turner CTO - Esri R&D Center DC @ajturner
  2. 2. Paper Digital New Map Paradigms Web Washington Territory Indian Nations & Tribes @ajturner data by OpenStreetMap LogMeIn (adapted from 1854 Lambert Census Map)
  3. 3. Printing, gunpowder and the compass: Internet, mobile phones and GPS: These three have changed the whole face and state of things throughout the world; ” Francis Bacon @ajturner
  4. 4. Neocartography Vizzuality - @ajturner
  5. 5. @ajturner
  6. 6. Spatial Decision making @ajturner
  7. 7. flickr: gregorio Disaster as a Use Case Hurricanes Katrina & Rita @ajturner
  8. 8. Emerging Trends Hurricane Katrina
  9. 9. Realtime Decision Making @ajturner
  10. 10. Disaster Cycle Business Cycle @ajturner
  11. 11. HAITI%&%Situation(Update 31(January(2010 3,725,615 people living in the areas affected by the earthquakes (est.)1 196,595 injured2 482,349 displaced2 112,405 dead2 Health Activities WFP Activities NFIs Activities WASH Activities Communes: Leogane Communes: Bainet Communes: Communes: Cabaret Les Cayes Grand Goave Carrefour Carrefour Carrefour Carrefour Miragoane Jacmel Cité Soleil Delmas Cite-Soleil Cite Soleil Petion-Ville Jeremie Croix des Bouquets Jacmel Croix-Des-Bouquets Delmas Petit-Goave Kenscoff Delmas Leogone & Gressier Delmas Gonaives Port-au-Prince Leogane Ganthier Petion-Ville Gressier Gressier Saint-Marc Pétion-Ville Gonaives Petite Goave & Grand Goave Jacmel Jacmel Tabarre Port-au-Prince Gonthier Port au Prince Leogane Petion-Ville Petit-Goave Port-au-Prince Port-Au-Prince Source: Health Cluster Source: WFP Source: Shelter Cluster Source: WASH cluster Information on activities is based on best available data (contact lists, reports, tables and various materials distributed by the clusters) and is updated regularly. If your activities are not highlighted, please, report to Health Food Shelter/Non-Food Items (NFIs) Water and Sanitation 40,885 treated 3 2,000,000 in need of food 6 1,100,000 in need of shelter 500,000 in need of water10 8 3,201 surgeries performed 3 639,200 reached by WFP 7 692,000 in Port-au-Prince people displaced 464,000 reached 11 9 274 organizations 4 32% people reached 591 improvised settlements 35 organizations 11 12 55 organizations 10 Challenges: Challenges: Challenges: Situation: - Growing caseload of diarrhea in the last two to three - While the overall security situation in Port-au-Prince The main gaps and constraints for efficient site planning For Thursday and Friday, the Wash cluster’s target was to days, reports of suspected cases of measles and tetanus. remains calm, crowd control at aid distribution points, and distribution of NFIs remain in coordination and distribute each day to 432,000 people in 133 sites. The - PROMESS warehouse supplies are available; PROMESS especially during food distributions, remain a concern. On sharing of information between partners (especially on provision of bottled water for public institutions needs 2 to 24 hours to fill medicine/supply orders. 27 January a food distribution activity conducted by NFI distributions) in order to avoid risks of duplication continues in addition to the potable water distributions.9 - Priorities of the Ministry of Health include WFP/ACTED in the Martissant, Killik area (Carrefour) was and/or absence of assistance in affected sites.12 post-operative care and rehabilitation of disabled people looted by the crowd. Reference sources: 9. OCHA. Situation Report No. 15. 29 Jan 2010. and provision of medical services outside of - Logistics challenges9 1. OCHA. Haiti Earthquake Flash Appeal 2010. 15 Jan 2010. 10. IOM. IOM and Partners Deal With Emergency Shelter Whilst Port-au-Prince and at internally displaced persons sites.5 2. Govt. Rapport de Situation no.9. 27 Jan 2010. Looking to Longer Term Solutions in Haiti. 21 Jan 2010. Current Disaster Maps 3. OCHA. SItuation Report No. 16. 1 Feb 2010. 11. IOM. Improving Conditions for Displaced in Haiti's Spontane- 4. Health Cluster. 3W spreadsheet. 30 Jan 2010. ous Settlements. 25 Jan 2010. 5. Health Cluster. Haiti Earthquake Bulletin No. 9. 28 Jan 2010. 12. Wash Cluster. Wash Cluster Update. 27 Jan 2010. UN 6. WFP. Haiti Emergency page. accessed on 29 Jan 2010. 7. WFP. WFP Distribution Figures. 30 Jan 2010. 8. UNICEF. Safe Water for Haitian Children and Families - YouTube. Basemap sources: MINUSTAH GIS and UNCS, CNIGS. @ajturner
  12. 12. New Crisis Response @ajturner
  13. 13. @ajturner
  14. 14. @ajturner
  15. 15. Citizen Expectations - (2012) • Emergency social users are also most likely to seek and share information during emergencies. While they look for the hard facts—road closures, damage reports and weather conditions—they share personal information about their safety statuses and how they are feeling. • Three out of four Americans (76 percent) expect help in less than three hours of posting a request on social media, up from 68 percent last year. • Forty percent of those surveyed said they would use social tools to tell others they are safe, up from 24 percent last year." @ajturner
  16. 16. @ajturner
  17. 17. @ajturner
  18. 18. User-Centered Design @ajturner
  19. 19. Users... • Government and Agencies • FEMA / UN OCHA • Search And Rescue (SAR) teams • Volunteer Technical Communities (VTC) •    - helper (multilingual, anthropologist) •    - developer • Citizen • technophile • grandmother • business owner @ajturner
  20. 20. @ajturner
  21. 21. NPR Site NWF Site Web LABucketBridade SMS Data Repositories Embed RSS Atom Site KML Emicus CSV WMS Imagery KML Reporting Platform Ushahidi KML API Data Reports DB SMS Shortcode Swift River Filtering SMS SMS NWF App NPR App Other Public branded branded brandable... Reporting 'App Template' Gulf Spill “Oil Reporter” @ajturner
  22. 22. Opportunities and Concerns with Map Design @ajturner
  23. 23. CrowdSource Data @ajturner
  24. 24. Familiarity of Interface @ajturner
  25. 25. @ajturner
  26. 26. SMS Sensors' Spreadsheet Feeds KML Satellite'imagery UAV'imagery @ajturner
  27. 27. @ajturner
  28. 28. 58 32 is it the point or area? who is the volunteer? Precision, Accuracy, Veracity can we validate through volume? @ajturner
  29. 29. Hurricane Irene Gas Status IMSOCIO @ajturner
  30. 30. Crowd Source Imagery Analysis @ajturner
  31. 31. @ajturner
  32. 32. ‘Racerboi8 Problem’ @ajturner
  33. 33. On-Demand Mapping
  34. 34. CrowdSource Analysis Impact Analysis
  35. 35. Dynamic Data and GeoCommons temporal brewer Temporal Analysis
  36. 36. @ajturner
  37. 37. Temporal Query Allen Interval Algebra @ajturner
  38. 38. Implicit Data @ajturner
  39. 39. Personal Tricorder 560 million GPS enabled handsets in 2012 @ajturner
  40. 40. @ajturner
  41. 41. @ajturner
  42. 42. @ajturner
  43. 43. PaperNet @ajturner
  44. 44. @ajturner
  45. 45. @ajturner
  46. 46. Citizen Geography @ajturner
  47. 47. Neocartography Research Visual Accuracy Realtime Mobile & Augmented Temporal @ajturner
  48. 48. Crisis Cartography Hacking to help disaster response and reconstruction Andrew Turner CTO - Esri R&D Center DC @ajturner