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Alvin toffler


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Published in: Education, Career
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Alvin toffler

  1. 1. Alvin Toffler Amanda Tame TCI 537 November 2010
  2. 2. Futurist • Radical views • Transform education • Reject out-dated models • Embrace needs of our students
  3. 3. The “old way” • Train students to be factory workers • Managed by bell schedules • Transported en masse by busses • Inflexible curriculum • Treat students as a group
  4. 4. The “new way” • Diversify our approach • Treat students as individuals • Accept complex nature of our students’ lives • Teach hands-on skills • Bring experts into the classroom
  5. 5. Stretch our thinking • Schools open 24 hrs a day • Students start school as early as age 2 or 3 • Students start school as late as age 7 or 8 • Teaching should not be a life-long career • Teachers should get other jobs to supplement their pedagogy
  6. 6. Change is inevitable • Change is happening all around us • We can embrace the change or fight it • We need to prepare students for their futures • Let’s be proactive • Embrace the revolution!