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The Best Security Inventions In History


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Latham's Steel Security Doorsets look at some of the greatest security inventions in history; things that revolutionised our lives and protect us every day!

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The Best Security Inventions In History

  1. 1. The Best Security Inventions In History By Latham’s Steel Security Doorsets 01384 220 050
  2. 2. World’s First Security Camera The world’s first security camera was created in London 1933 by a man named Mr Norbury who was known as an amateur photographer and a chicken keeper. Whilst his invention was largely ignored around the time of creation he has since been hailed as the father of camera surveillance. At the time he explained the birth of his invention- “For some time I noticed that eggs and chickens were occasionally missing from my allotment. The eggs seemed to be disappearing from the large tin tub I put them in, inside a small hut near the hen run. Therefore I decided to try to photograph anyone who opened the hut door.” 01384 220 050
  3. 3. World’s First Security Camera Using an ordinary box camera placed face up in another hut, Mr Norbury ran cord under ground through an iron pipe from one hut to another, attached one end to some sandbags to work the lever of the camera. A second cord was fixed to the door that would create a noise to make the intruder look upwards towards the camera. The plan worked and on July 27th 1933 Frederick William Barnwell was caught stealing Norbury’s eggs on film and the photos were used as evidence in his trial later on in August. 01384 220 050
  4. 4. Using Fog As A Security Tactic One effective and simple solution for security against theft is the use of fog as a protection. This particular invention uses alarms which when triggered releases a thick white fog to fill the room, stopping the burglar from being able to see any of your possessions around them. If this weren’t enough, part of the security device also releases an off-putting bright strobe light that flashes through the fog to confuse the burglar. One company named FlashFog makes these particular burglary prevention units with the aim to make the thief flee the property as well as protecting your area whilst you wait for the police to arrive. 01384 220 050
  5. 5. The Quantum Sleeper Anti- Apocalypse Bed Can security be taken too far? This new American made bed promises to protect you from bio-chemical terrorist attack, protection from natural disaster, protection from kidnappers/stalkers and bulletproof safe-room protection. It features 1.25” polycarbonate bulletproof plating and shielding, rebreather, control panel mode selection (intruder setting, lock down, energy status, basic system operations etc), bio-chemical filtered ventilation and cover and door actuators with emergency release. 01384 220 050
  6. 6. The Quantum Sleeper Anti- Apocalypse Bed If that weren’t enough other safety features include proximity sensors, O2 sensors, smoke detectors, motion detectors, emergency communication systems via cellular and short-wave radio and a one way see through head cover with reflective mirrors on all sides. But that’s not enough. The entire unit is airtight and watertight, it has an external override key pad and remote control, a backup power system, a toiletry system, television, microwave, refrigerator, DVD player and CD player, supposedly so you can listen to music whilst you survive the apocalypse. 01384 220 050
  7. 7. Home Control Alarm Security 2GIG are known as one of the best companies for alarm systems with their sophisticated, well-made, intricately designed products. They lower their costs with the systems do-it-yourself capabilities as it saves money on installation fees that you may have to pay with another company. The clever Go!Control system is loaded with features such as wireless sensors to avoid you tripping in emergencies and a brightly lit LCD touchscreen that can guide your route. 01384 220
  8. 8. Home Control Alarm Security The 2GIG home alarm kit is armed and disarmed by a key fob in a very similar way to the locking system on your car. It can send you sensor notifications directly to your smartphone and the home automation control covers the thermostats, doorknobs and lighting fixtures. The smoke and flood alarms have full relay capability and it also has a built in two-way voice feature. 01384 220
  9. 9. Bulletproof Suits Since bulletproof technology was created it has morphed into many forms, from bulletproof vests to bulletproof doors and bulletproof cars, but this new version of the technology is much, much more subtle. The bulletproof suit, created by Garrison Bespoke, weaves nanotechnology into a three piece suit that not only protects you from the fashion police but protects you from shrapnel and bullets and could even save your life. 01384 220
  10. 10. Bulletproof Suits The tailor, Michael Nguyen, says that “after receiving requests from high-profile clients who travel to dangerous places for work, we set out to develop a lightweight, fashion-forward bulletproof suit as a more discreet and stylish alternative to wearing a bulky vest underneath.” More flexible than Kevlar and twice as light the suit can stop a bullet up to .45mm. 01384 220
  11. 11. If you are interested in security and require information about the steel security doors that we provide at Latham’s, get in touch online or call 01384 220 050 01384 220