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I'm looking for a position as an innovator and strategist. I thought that maybe a traditional resume wasn't the best way to communicate what I'm all about.

And then an interviewer pushed me to rethink my resume. To make it more visual. And to tell my story more clearly and more compellingly.

So here's goes. I hope you like it and I welcome your feedback.

Most importantly, I encourage you to reject this nonsensical idea that people can be reduced to black words on white paper. You're so much better than that!

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Adam Schorr's Non-Resume

  1. 1. MAN  IN   SEARCH  OF   THE  SOUL...   …seeking   employment  for   the  soul  
  2. 2. Resumes  are  flat.  People  are  not.  In  this  document   you’ll  get  a  be:er  sense  of  me  so  we  can  figure   out  if  we  have  a  future  together…   Who  I  am   What  I’m  looking  for   What  I  believe   My  story   A  bit  of  flavor  
  3. 3. Adam  Schorr   MARKETER   201-­‐676-­‐0445   leS-­‐brain  thinker   HEALTHCARE   INNOVATOR   FINANCIAL  SERVICES   creaTve   fun   @adamschorr   AUTOMOTIVE   CPG   people-­‐focused   passionate  
  4. 4. What  if  people  looked  forward  to  Mondays?   WHAT  IF  COMPANIES  IGNORED  THEIR  SIZE?   What  if  people  feared  inacTon?   WHAT  IS  THE  NEXT  BIG  IDEA?   and  the  one  aSer  that…   I  am  looking  for  a  posiTon  where  I  can  be  true   to  myself.  Where  I  can  bring  about  posiTve   change.  Where  I  can  have  big  ideas  and  roll  my   sleeves  up  at  the  right  Tme  to  make  them  real.   And  where  I  can  surround  myself  with  inspired   and  inspiraTonal  people  who  respect  and  care   for  others  as  much  as  they  respect  and  care  for   their  work.  
  5. 5. I  believe  that…   Change  is.  Whether  you  like  it  or  not   The  human  soul  naturally  wants  to  understand  and  improve  its   environment   There  is  only  one  of  you.  Don’t  waste  your  Tme  trying  to  be  someone   else.  You  will  fail  and  the  world  will  be  deprived  of  what  only  you  could   have  offered   It  is  becer  to  fail  gloriously  than  to  merely  get  by  with  a  whimper   It  is  evil  and  stupid  to  be  a  jerk  to  others.  Evil  because  it  just  is.  And  stupid   because  it  will  come  back  to  bite  you  and  those  who  depend  on  you  
  6. 6. Some  thoughts  on  organizaIons   There  is  no  law  of  nature  that  says  your  organizaTon  must  have  a  place  in   the  future.  You  can  earn  that  place  by  anTcipaTng  change  and  shaping   and/or  adapTng  to  it   The  “people  stuff”  is  more  important  than  anything  else.  Create  the  right   culture  and  treat  your  people  well  and  the  rest  will  be  a  lot  easier   Celebrate  the  uniqueness  of  each  of  your  people.  Species  need  geneTc   diversity  and  organizaTons  need  a  diverse  group  of  people   OrganizaTons  are  systems.  If  you  want  to  change  an  organizaTon,  you   should  learn  how  the  various  components  work  together  and  change   them  all  together  as  needed   In  the  long  run,  you  will  be  becer  off  pursuing  greatness.  Yes,  you’ll  fail   from  Tme  to  Tme.  But  your  successes  will  more  than  compensate  
  7. 7. I  entered  the  hallowed  halls  of  higher   educaTon.    But  not  at  the  place  pictured  to   the  right.  That’s  just  a  picture  from  Google.   My  goal  was  to  learn,  follow  my  passions   and  see  where  they  took  me…   UNDERGRADUATE   GRADUATE   •  Yeshiva  University   •  University  of  Chicago   •  B.A.  Speech  &  Drama,  cum  laude   •  Ph.D.  Psychology   •  June  1991   •  January  2000   •  DissertaTon  on  effects  of  body   language  on  paTent  saTsfacTon   I  studied  Speech  &  Drama  because  I   I  con6nued  my  efforts  to  be?er   believed  (s6ll  do)  that  many  of  life’s   understand  the  human  mind  and   challenges  could  be  solved  with  be?er   communica6on  behavior.  I  wanted  to   communica6on.  Public  speaking  and   find  a  way  to  help  people  become  more   stage  ac6ng  are  powerful  laboratories   effec6ve.  Not  just  at  communica6ng  but   for  tes6ng  the  impact  of  communica6on   at  achieving  their  objec6ves  
  8. 8. Next,  it  was  Tme  to  earn  a  living.  I  was  sTll   intent  on  staying  true  to  myself,  following  my   passions  and  creaTng  posiTve  change.  But   now  I  chose  to  do  that  within  the  context  of   Corporate  America  
  9. 9. Round  1   I  went  on  to  McKinsey.  It  was  a  good  place  for   people  graduaTng  from  doctoral  programs   and  it  offered  the  chance  to  exercise  my   training  in  analyTcal  thinking.  McKinsey   upped  my  game.  It  introduced  me  to  the   corporate  world  and  its  mores,  taught  me   about  80:20  and  helped  me  communicate   with  the  brevity  and  clarity  demanded  by   busy  execuTves   Associate,  2000-­‐2001   IdenTfied  profit  improvement  opportuniTes  in  excess  of  $20  million  for  a  chemicals  company.  Client  closed  a  high-­‐ cost  plant  and  implemented  strategic  segment-­‐based  pricing   Evaluated  merits  of  entering  the  AIDS  drug  market  for  a  large  pharmaceuTcal  company.  Modeled  expected  HIV/ AIDS  incidence  and  prevalence  to  create  market  forecast   Developed  organizaTonal  recommendaTons  to  help  non-­‐U.S.  pharmaceuTcal  companies  win  in  the  U.S.  market  by   becer  leveraging  U.S.  input  in  product  development   Developed  framework  to  help  new  CEOs  successfully  transiTon  into  their  role  
  10. 10. Round  2   Next  up,  Pfizer  Consumer  Healthcare.  ConsulTng   at  McKinsey  was  a  great  educaTonal  experience   but  the  lifestyle  was  too  demanding  and  I   wanted  to  get  into  the  guts  of  a  business  more.  I   had  worked  in  pharma  at  McKinsey  but  wanted   to  get  closer  to,  well,  people.  A  consumer   business  seemed  a  becer  fit  given  my   psychology  background.  So  consumer   healthcare  beckoned   Assistant  Product  Manager  –  Product  Manager  (Sudafed,  Listerine,  Efferdent),  2002-­‐2006   Cross-­‐funcTonal  team  lead  to  manage  impact  to  Sudafed  of  naTonal  methamphetamine  crisis.  Defined  lobbying   strategy.  Developed  retail  approach  resulTng  in  conTnued  support  and  shelf  presence  for  Sudafed   Managed  forecasTng,  monthly  consumpTon  and  financial  reporTng  to  senior  management   Managed  promoTon  plans  during  the  ClariTn  OTC  launch  resulTng  in  Sudafed  exceeding  plan   Launched  “As  effecTve  as  floss”  claim  for  Listerine  with  TV  adverTsing  and  a  PR  campaign  generaTng  180  million   impressions.  Claim  drove  immediate  double  digit  sales  increase   Created  iniTaTve  to  promote  culture  change  and  innovaTon.  Described  as  “the  best  Pfizer  meeTng  I’ve  ever  been   to”  by  member  of  the  U.S.  leadership  team   Defined  strategy  for  future  kids  franchise  and  team  lead  for  Agent  Cool  Blue  Launch  
  11. 11. Round  3   My  Tme  at  Pfizer  was  fantasTc.  But  I  had  3  kids   and  needed  to  earn  more  money.  So  back  to   consulTng.  But  this  Tme  with  more  focus.  I  knew   that  I  wanted  to  focus  on  consumer  markeTng.   As  a  brand  manager,  you  spend  much  of  your   Tme  operaTng  the  business  and  not  so  much  on   the  markeTng.  Vivaldi  helped  me  hone  my  skills   as  a  marketer  and  further  develop  my  client  and   people  development  skills   Engagement  Manager  –  Senior  Engagement  Manager,  2006-­‐2007   Led  team  of  4  consultants  in  defining  a  brand  idenTty,  consumer  target  and  growth  plauorms  for  Volkswagen.   ObjecTve:  enhance  brand  equity  and  double  unit  sales  within  five  years.  Conducted  qualitaTve  and  quanTtaTve   research  to  validate  and  guide  recommendaTons.  Work  was  well-­‐received  and  led  to  addiTonal  engagements   Led  team  of  5  in  craSing  a  markeTng  strategy  and  organizaTonal  guidelines  for  a  health  insurance  company   looking  to  develop  a  new  skill  in  consumer  markeTng   Led  team  of  2  in  refining  the  Perdue  posiToning  and  developing  an  innovaTon  strategy.  Conducted  quanTtaTve   brand  extendibility  research.  And  I  got  to  meet  Jim  Perdue.  Which  was  very  cool  
  12. 12. Round  4   It  was  Tme  to  move  on.  I  had  leS  Pfizer  on  good   terms.  Since  I  leS,  they  had  been  acquired  by   J&J.  I  was  given  an  opportunity  to  return  to   work  for  some  folks  I  really  respected.  The  job:  a   dream!  I  was  to  manage  the  launch  of  a  major   innovaTon,  develop  a  new  expansive  innovaTon   capability,  commercialize  new  revenue   enhancing  innovaTons,  and  help  create  a  culture   of  innovaTon   Product  Director,  Strategic  Plauorms  &  InnovaTon,  2007-­‐2009   Developed  new  approach  for  idenTfying  and  commercializing  expansive  innovaTon.  Outlined  methods  for   idenTfying  business  challenges,  selecTng  project  teams,  developing  strategies,  gathering  insights  and  finalizing   business  cases   IdenTfied  and  gained  management  alignment  around  a  significant  strategic  plauorm  involving  a  new  business   model  and  consumer  offering   Developed  forum  for  employees  to  quickly  get  their  ideas  in  front  of  the  leadership  team   RepresentaTve  on  innovaTon  council  to  drive  sharing  of  best  pracTces  and  set  innovaTon  standards  for  the  J&J   consumer  business  
  13. 13. Round  4.5   J&J  was  another  great  learning  experience.  I   learned  much  of  what  I  expected:  facilitaTon   skills,  idea  generaTon  skills,  innovaTon  project   management.  I  also  learned  a  lot  that  I  didn’t   expect:  the  challenges  of  changing  a  strong   culture,  the  chaos  that  acquisiTons  can  create   and  the  need  to  rely  on  something  more  than   raTonal  persuasion  in  the  effort  to  further  an   innovaTon  agenda   Senior  Brand  Manager  (K-­‐Y),  2009-­‐2010   Managed  all  interacTve  and  digital  markeTng  including  strategy,  website  redesign  and  social  media   Managed  cross-­‐funcTonal  team  and  5  agencies  to  develop  and  implement  strategy  for  ValenTne’s  Day  2010  (key   season  for  the  business).  Drove  all  aspects  of  integrated  markeTng  campaign  including  Couples  Place  Facebook   Fan  page  (  and  the  redesigned  website.  Plan  drove  significant  retailer   excitement  leading  to  an  increase  in  the  retail  display  forecast  of  60%  vs.  2009  and  30k+  Facebook  fans  within  3   weeks  of  launch   Managed  all  aspects  of  markeTng  to  the  gay  consumer  including  adverTsing,  PR  and  events   Wouldn’t  you  put   me  on  your  resume   if  you  could?  
  14. 14. Round  5   And  now  I’ve  moved  on  again.  K-­‐Y  was  fun  (no,   really)  but  I  hadn’t  gone  to  J&J  to  get  back  into  a   line  markeTng  role.  I  was  looking  to  get  involved   in  more  strategic  issues.  Where  big  ideas  were   at  play  and  there  was  an  appeTte  for  change   and  greatness.  Oh  yeah,  and  it  helped  that  J&J   eliminated  my  posiTon.  So  now  I’m  taking  the   Tme  to  find  a  posiTon  where  I  can  feel  fulfilled.   You  know,  man  in  search  of  the  soul…     Title:  doesn’t  much  macer,  2010  and  for  as  long  as  we  can  make  each  other  happy   The  industry  doesn’t  much  macer   I  enjoy  creaTng  and  developing  things  more  than  operaTng  them  .  Not  that  I  mind  the  details.  Those  are  important   too.  But  once  something  is  up  and  running  and  it  gets  repeTTve,  I’m  looking  for  the  next  challenge   I  understand  the  need  for  compromise  and  the  occasional  need  to  manage  for  the  short-­‐term.  But  my  heart  is  set   on  helping  companies  define  their  future   I  get  really  energized  working  with  smart,  creaTve  people.  I  don’t  take  myself  too  seriously  or  treat  my  own  ideas   too  preciously.  Ideas  are  meant  to  be  kicked  around  by  groups  of  people.  They  come  out  becer  that  way   I  need  to  conTnuously  learn  new  ideas  and  new  ways  of  doing  things   I  abhor  phoniness  and  phony  cultures.  Or  cultures  that  are  authenTcally  nasty  
  15. 15. Here  are  some  of  the  photos  I’ve  taken  and  blog  posts   I’ve  wri:en  to  help  you  understand  me  a  bit  be:er…  
  16. 16. The  absurd   Which  is  a  greater   Why  would  anyone  go  to   Government  at  its  finest   emergency:  your  need  for  a   a  decoy  museum?  And   new  kidney  or  my  need  for  a   how  would  they  know  if   double  foam  lacé?   they  had  really  arrived?   Hmmm.  Then  what  am  I?   How  else  to  compete   with  Ed’s  crappy  café?  
  17. 17. The  beauIful  
  18. 18. The  beauIful  
  19. 19. The  beauIful  
  20. 20. The  beauIful  
  21. 21. Here  are  a  few  of  my  favorite  blog  posts:   hcp://­‐you-­‐know-­‐is-­‐wrong/   hcp://­‐large-­‐organizaTons-­‐kill-­‐interesTng-­‐ideas/   hcp://­‐and-­‐innovaTon-­‐at-­‐big-­‐organizaTons/   hcp://­‐nature-­‐of-­‐insTtuTons/hcp:// on-­‐5-­‐minute-­‐vs-­‐5-­‐year-­‐bombs/   hcp://­‐rule-­‐2-­‐do-­‐see-­‐the-­‐system/   hcp://­‐and-­‐mediocre-­‐sex/   hcp://­‐i-­‐love-­‐innovaTon/   hcp://­‐and-­‐the-­‐human-­‐soul/   hcp://­‐consumers-­‐and-­‐unicorns/   hcp://­‐you-­‐pretend-­‐to-­‐love-­‐me-­‐if-­‐i-­‐bribe-­‐you/   hcp://­‐scratch-­‐that-­‐itch/   hcp://­‐is-­‐not-­‐an-­‐asset/   hcp://­‐in-­‐the-­‐soil-­‐vs-­‐true-­‐in-­‐the-­‐heart/   hcp://­‐with-­‐your-­‐ends/   hcp://­‐hetero-­‐vs-­‐homogeneity/   hcp://­‐are-­‐they-­‐feeding-­‐these-­‐people/   hcp://­‐only-­‐one-­‐scorecard/   hcp://­‐socks-­‐and-­‐the-­‐sublime/   hcp://­‐you-­‐an-­‐80-­‐year-­‐old-­‐virgin/   hcp://­‐were-­‐not-­‐sniffing-­‐each-­‐other/   hcp://­‐your-­‐birthright/