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The Warm Up


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The Warm Up

  1. 1. LESSON ONE THE WARM UP (El calentamiento) 1º What is a warm up? ¿Qué es el calentamiento? A warm up is a few exercises of low intensity that you must do before physical activities. 2º Benefits of a warm up. (Objetivos del calentamiento) a) You can increase your performance. (Aumentar el rendimiento) b) You can decrease the possibility of injury (Disminuir el riesgo de lesion) c) The body temperature goes up. d) The function of the heart and the blood circulation increases. (Se incrementa la función del corazón y aparato cardiovascular) e) The function of the respiratory system increases. (El aparato respiratorio aumenta su función). 3º Rules of a warm up. (Pautas para realizar un calentamiento) a) It must be light and progressive. (Debe ser suave y progresivo) b) You must move most of the muscles of your body. (Debes movilizar la mayor parte de tu cuerpo). c) You can finish the warm up with exercises similar to the sport you play after it. d) All the exercises must be easy. (Los ejercicios deben ser conocidos por el sujeto y de fácil realización) 4º Parts of the warm up. (Partes del calentamiento) a) Move all your joints in circles, to the right and to the left. (Mover las articulaciones haciendo círculos a la derecha e izquierda). b) Run for ten or fifteen minutes. (Trotar unos 10 a 15 minutos) c) Stretch your muscles lightly. (Ligeros estiramientos musculares) Sometimes, you can warm up with a game, for example: THE CHAIN (La cadena) THE CHAIN Place: The yard Players: the whole group, a big group. Materials: none necessary. TO PLAY: one person of the group is “it” (the el que se la queda) and must run to tag someone, and then they must run hand in hand. These people run together to tag another person. In a way that everyone runs together holding hands in a chain until everyone is tagged. (A medida que van cogiendo a los compañeros se van enganchando a la cadena hasta que todos estén cogidos).. The game finishes when all the people are in the chain, and the winner is the last person tagged. Copyright. Pilar Mantero &Maggie Nowicki