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D.D.L.M. Worksheets


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D.D.L.M. Worksheets

  1. 1. Day of the Dead Quest SheetsNombres : Julio Rogers, Andres Peace Clase: SP3 Periodo: 1stDay of the Dead Quest SheetOctavio Paz writes the Mexican has no problems with death that he "... chases after it, mocks it, courtsit, hugs it, sleeps with it, it is his favorite plaything and his most lasting love." In your opinion, how isthis idea similar to or different from our "United States" view on death? Our view on death is very different from a Mexicans view on death. En El Estados Unidos weview death as a sacred stage of life in which the dead are to be respected and remembered. They arenot to be mocked or disrespected. The American and Mexican view of death is two very differentperspectives.When is All Saints Day and All Souls Day celebrated? All Saints day es en el primero de Noviembre. All Souls Day es en el segundo de Noviembre. Even though each region in Mexico celebrates Day of the Dead differently, what are things that theydo have in common. Family Meetings, cooking, and festivals.November 1 is reserved to remember _____________________.November 2 is reserved to remember _______________________. November 1 is reserved to remember deceased children. November 2 is reserved to remember deceased adults.From mid-October to the first week in November, what are some of the items markets and shops stockup on? The stores stock up on skeletons, tissue paper cut-outs, wreaths, and crosses decoratedwith paper or silk flowers. There are also candles, votives, and fresh seasonal flowers for sale.List 5 edible goodies enjoyed on Day of the Dead. Calabaza en tacha Pan de muertos Candy Calaveras
  2. 2. Chocolate coffins Dancing calacasWhat are some things that are used to create an altar? Family members create an offering altar in honor of their deceased relatives, decorating itwith tissue paper, candles, flowers, photographs of the person, candy skulls inscribed with thename of the deceased, and a selection of his or her favorite foods and beverages. The offeringmay also include a pack of cigarettes for after dinner for former smokers, or a selection of toysand extra sweets for deceased children.What occurs on November 2? Family members gather at the cemetery for festive reunions. Some bring picnic baskets,tequila for toasting the departed, and sometimes a mariachi band plays music and sing-alongs.How do Aztecs view death? Among the Aztecs, death was considered a blessing. For example, it was a good thing todie in childbirth, battle, or as a human sacrifice. It assured the victim a desirable destination in theafterlife.In Mixquic, what takes place to celebrate Day of the Dead? Merchants set up street stands, and in the cemetery, all family burial plots are elaboratelyadorned with an array of decor in the hope of luring departed spirits. At 2 p.m. on November 1,relatives gather at each tomb to mourn the loss of loved ones with la llorada (the weeping). Later,when darkness falls, the glow of thousands of votive candles illuminates the way for the departed.Then, at midnight, they are called home with the mournful tolling of bells. Lastly, each soul islovingly remembered with recitations of the Rosary.
  3. 3. Food Quest SheetWho is la Catrina?The elegant skull – a work of art by Mexicugean printmaker José Guadalupe Posada.What are some foods that are made during Day of the Dead?Bread, tamales, soups, beverages, and sweets.What are the different types of Pan de Muertos or Bread of the Dead?Some are rounded, some are in fun shapes, and some are made with anise bread.What do children love to eat?Sweets.What is the purpose of having a glass of water at the altar?The deceasedare “dead tired” when they arrive (bad dum TSS)In your own words, describe the cemeteries in Mexico? What do you like or dislike about the cemeterydecorations?They are very interesting. I personally enjoy the creativity, and find the grave sites really cool.Look at the two recipes along the right side of the page. Would you eat either one of these recipes?What do you like and do not like about each?I have tried Pan de Muertos, and while I have not tried the Shrimp Tamales, I would definitely tryeither. I love Pan de Muertos, and I love shrimp, but I personally do not like olives so that part I don’tlike.
  4. 4. Nombre_____________________ Clase __________ Periodo ________ Wordplay Quest SheetUnscramble the vocabulary word, then using the glossary, write the definition. 1. avlasecr - calaveras 2. oelm - mole 3. lpoalic - copalli 4. otlae - atole 5. gatnielso - angelitos 6. tacera - careta 7. acavler - calavera 8. fodraen - ofrenda 9. qfelnaieu - alfenique 10. apn ed osl ermtuso - pan de los muertos 11. zpamchtcleui - cempazuchitlDefinitions 1. Songs about the festival. 2. A thick sauce made from seeds, spices, chilis, chocolate, and fruit. 3. A scented resin used to make incense 4. An ancient drink made from corn meal, water, and fruits. 5. The souls of the children who died. 6. Scary masks worn by dancers. 7. A skull. 8. An offering on the altar. 9. A special confection to decorate skulls, fruits, and other things. 10. “Bread of the Dead” 11. A yellow marigold, the symbol of death.
  5. 5. Day of the Dead vs. HalloweenOriginally to ward off bad ghosts To honor the dead and spirits. Candy Special recipes Trick or Treating Kid friendly events Altars on gravestones Costumes Scary Decorations Communites get together