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D.D.L.M. Timeline


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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D.D.L.M. Timeline

  1. 1. Julio Rogers & Andres Peace st October 31 Los Angelitos, the souls of the children, return on this day. November 1st All Saints Day. All Saints Day is a Catholic festival day. In some areas, the souls of the children return on this day. Whatever the tradition, at some point during the day, the souls of the children leave, and bells ring to summon the souls of the adults. The spirits of the children are hosted at home, and the spirits of adults are hosted at the cemeteries. On the night of All Saints Day, people pray, talk, eat and drink among hundreds of flickering candles and the heady scents of copal incense and cempazuchitl. Local musicians wander from gravesite to gravesite to play favorite songs, and a priest may say prayers with each family. November 2nd All Souls Day, Day of the Dead. All Souls Day is another Catholic festival day, celebrated so that the living may assist departed souls in their move from Purgatory into Heaven. Requiem Masses are held for the devout. All Souls Day is usually the final day of Los Días de los Muertos. It is almost always a day of great celebration and festivity. It may be the day chosen to clean and decorate the gravesites. Theres usually music, dance, feasting and a great deal of play and camaraderie. By evening, the festivities are over and the dead must leave. Those who are reluctant must be scared back by the living who wear skull masks.