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L8 problems of urbanisation in led cs ap


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L8 problems of urbanisation in led cs ap

  1. 1. Environmental problems of rapid urbanisation in LEDC’s Effects of rapid urbanisation and industrialisation. Difficulties of waste disposal, much of which is toxic. Effects and management of air and water pollution.
  2. 2. Key terms (p211) What is industrialisation? Copy out these words and write their definitions into your exercise books; – Industrialisation – Disposal of waste – Air pollution – Water pollution – Transnational corporation (TNCs)
  3. 3. 1. Examples of problems • Bhopal (p211) here
  4. 4. Examples of problems 1. Waste Disposal: E-waste in India (p211) video 2. 2. Air pollution: coal fired power stations (p212) clip 3. Water Pollution in the Ganges (p212) clip
  5. 5. YOUR TURN – you choose 1. Produce a fact file to summarise the events at Bhopal on 3rd December 1984 2. Produce a poster outlining how air and water pollution can be managed.
  6. 6. Homework • Use p213-218 to complete A3 sheet on sustainable living.