L8 new zealand earthquake ap


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L8 new zealand earthquake ap

  1. 1. Comparing Earthquakes Haiti (2010) and New Zealand (2011)
  2. 2. New Zealand earthquake: 'A moment of silence. Then a wail of sirens'
  3. 3. New Zealand Intro video here. No need to make notes
  4. 4. Learning Objective: To investigate the cause, effects and responses to the New Zealand earthquake. Cause? Effects? Responses?
  5. 5. Read through the cards and sort them into the following 4 columns: 1. Cause 2. Effect 3. Response 4. General information
  6. 6. Read through the effect column and sort the cards into two groups. Primary effects Secondary effects Read through the response column and sort the cards into two groups. Immediate Responses Long Term Responses (things that people do straight away) (things that are done over a long time)
  7. 7. Causes
  8. 8. New Zealand Earthquake Listen carefully to Tania’s eye witness account bbc clip
  9. 9. New Zealand 6-12 mins
  10. 10. Can you add any more information to your A3 case study sheet?
  11. 11. Extra reading