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L4 ecotourism ap


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L4 ecotourism ap

  1. 1. What is Ecotourism?
  2. 2. Tropical paradise
  3. 3. What is Ecotourism? • Watch this video and write down what makes ecotourism different to a normal holiday.
  4. 4. What is Ecotourism? • __________is small scale tourism that tries to _______ the area for the future, it tries to be ___________. a. Ecotourism, protect, sustainable b. Ecotourism, ruin, responsible c. Ecotourism, enhance, irresponsible d. Tourism, destroy, peaceful • Ecotourism resorts often employ local ________ as guides, build low rise lodges out of local __________ and uses local water sources (e.g. _________ ). a. Tourists, butterflies, waterfalls b. residents, mud, taps c. children, materials, ponds d. People, materials, streams What is Ecotourism?
  5. 5. Ecotourism guide lines • Be prepared. Learn a bit of the local language. • Have respect for local culture. Wear clothes that will not offend people. Always ask permission before you take a photograph. • Don't waste resources. If the area doesn't have much water, don't take two baths every day. • Don't buy souvenirs made from endangered animals or plants. • Remember the phrase "Leave nothing behind you except footprints and take nothing away except photographs." • Walk or use other non-polluting forms of transport whenever you can. What is Ecotourism?
  6. 6. An example of an ecotourism holiday • Visiting a nature reserve that allows a small number of tourists to visit its rare animals and uses the money that is generated to continue with important conservation work. • The local people have jobs in the nature reserve as guides and wardens, but also have a say in how the project develops. • Tourists stay in local houses with local people. They experience the local culture and do not take precious energy and water away from the local population. • Tourists travel on foot, by boat, bicycle or even elephant so that there is no pollution. What is Ecotourism?
  7. 7. Types of buildings you could think about building… Buildings fit with the local environment and are often only one-storey Natural Materials Limited forest or woodland is cleared to accommodate the resort
  8. 8. Natural Materials used
  9. 9. Blends into natural surroundings
  10. 10. Buildings are low in height to limit impact
  11. 11. No windows – natural ventilation and not wasting a resource
  12. 12. Water collected and energy generated
  13. 13. Solar panels
  14. 14. TASK: Design your own eco- friendly resort! • On your hand-out design your eco tourist resort! 1. Where will it be? (A-E) 2. Think about where your water comes from? Who works in the resort? What transport it is there? What wildlife is there that has been protected? What about power and waste? What is Ecotourism?