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L2 local tourism_ap[1]

  1. 1. Local Tourism • To identify different types of attractions in your local area. • Understand what factors attract tourists. • To investigate the attractions on offer to different groups.
  2. 2. Types of tourists • A tourist can be classed as anyone who travels anywhere at any time. People who stay away from home for a short time (for business or visiting relatives) may be classed as tourist. • Tourist that stay within their own country are called domestic tourist. • Tourists who travel abroad are classed as international tourists. Local Tourism
  3. 3. What does a tourist need? • Depending on which type of tourist you are you will have different requirements from your trip. • Look at the following pictures and statements and see if you can sort out the tourist with their particular needs. Local Tourism
  4. 4. Mix and Match We need water parks, entertainment, child friendly restaurants. I must have fast broadband connection and 5 star accommodation, preferably close to transport links. Good views, not too busy or noisy. It would be lovely to have easy access to the main sites. Parties, beach and somewhere close to town.
  5. 5. Where are these places?
  6. 6. Tourist attractions in your local area? In your pairs try to think of as many local tourist attractions as possible and add them to your diagram? See if you can spot any more attractions in this video?
  7. 7. What attracts tourists? Countries with a successful tourist industry usually offer a combination of both physical and human attractions. Make a list of the physical and human attractions, are any found in your local area? Physical Attractions Human Attractions Local Tourism
  8. 8. Your task • You have been asked by ‘Visit London’ to produce a magazine poster advert about Tourism in London and South East England. You will need to include the following: – The key sites to visit in your area. – What physical and human features may attract people to this area. – Who would be attracted to these sites and why? (families/ young people or elderly people) • You may want to focus on one or two sites and provide specific information about visiting this site. You can use the laptops to research and prepare your advert. To be completed and handed in next lesson. Here’s my example … Local Tourism
  9. 9. In a memorable visit to England, Visit South East England! THE South East… THE region for tourism! 9.00 Breakfast in #London 10.15 Shopping @Harrods – wow! 11.30 Walk in Richmond Park 12.49 Photo next to phone boxes in historic Kingston – cool! 1.10 Lunch at Jamie's place - yummmee! 2.45 Arrive in Brighton – relax on beach  3.30 SHOPPING in Brighton 6.30 Fish and chips on the b beach by the pier! #delicious 9.00 Train back to London & collapse in bed. #lovelondon