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L1b 7


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L1b 7

  1. 1. Case Studies 1. Organic Food in the UK (p86, Witherick) AND Oganiponicos, Cuba. Organoponico (from 1.15) 2. Gene Revolution – Argentina (p88, Witherick) Golden Rice (p243, Digby) SuperCow (from 32.00) 3. Fair Trade – (p316 Dunn et al) – Kuapa Kokoo here 4. Green Revolution – handout and p317 Dunn – Video here and another here from (23.00) 5. Hydroponics in Spain - Supersized Earth – from 22.00 6. NERICA – NEw RIce for AfrCA – (Dunn p308) here – (NERICA: Ivory Coast video here)
  2. 2. More case studies 7. Zeer Pots – Here 8. Cheap no more – Economist article here 9. BBC article re food banks in London Here 10. LEAF- Dunn p308 and here and here
  3. 3. Technology Dependant Low cost solutions Environment focused GM crops Intermediate technology – Practical Action NGO – technology that can be afforded by farmers in developing world Organic farming Organiponicos Green Revolution for Africa E.g. Zeer pot, irrigation systems, cage fish farming. LEAF
  4. 4. Interesting twist • How could we decrease consumption? – Four alternatives (p79 Witherick) 1. Population Control 2. Gender Equality 3. Fairer Trade 4. Appropriate Aid