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L1 what is development ap

  1. 1. What is development? What is development? What is an LEDC/MEDC? How can we measure development? LO : What is development?
  2. 2. What is development? • Development is about the improvement of place. It should hopefully improve the quality of life for people in that country. LO : What is development?
  3. 3. How easy is it to decide which are the most and least developed countries in the world? Are these countries rich or poor? Come and label them LO : What is development? COLOUR IN RICHAND POORCOUNTRIES ONYOUR A5 MAPCANADA RICH
  4. 4. How easy is it to decide which are the most and least developed countries in the world? The Brandt Line ‘Rich’ North ‘Poor’ South LO : What is development? ADD THE BRANDTLINE ON YOUR A5MAP More Economically Developed Countries (MEDC) Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDC)
  5. 5. What is an MEDC or LEDC? • Generally the countries in the ____________ half of the world are more developed than the ____________ in the southern half. The ________ line separates out the more and less economically developed countries. The More ________________ Developed Countries (MEDC’s) are usually in the ‘_____’ North and the Less Economically ________________ Countries are in the ‘Poor’ South. Developed Rich Economically Brandt Northern Countries LO : What is development?
  6. 6. How can we measure development? LO : What is development? What are some of thedifferences betweenthis persons life andours?
  7. 7. LO : What is development? Gross Domestic Produce per person (US$) – i.e. the average amount of money each person earns in that country
  8. 8. How can we measure development? • Development indicators can tell how developed a country is. There are a number of hints that mean we can understand how rich or poor (developed) a country is. These include 1. LO : What is development?
  9. 9. What the diet is like for people (Daily calorie consumption. How many doctors there are (Number of doctors per 1000 people). How long people live for (Life expectancy). If people can read or right (adult literacy rate). If people have access to clean water.How much money people earn (Gross Domestic Product per person). What can you see in the photo that tells you that this country is less developed than our own?
  10. 10. GDP POPULATIO N UK $34,000 61M Madagascar $1000 22M South Africa $10,000 49M Australia $40,000 21M Brazil $10,000 198M Japan $32,000 127M Proportional bar map (an overlay map) 1. Copy down the table of data into your books 2. Now use this data to draw a bar graph USING TWO DIFFERENT COLOURS – ONE FOR EACH BAR 3. Then cut out each bar and stick them onto the A4 map as near to the country as possible, Here’s one I made earlier… LO : What is development?
  11. 11. KEY POPULATION GDP per person LO : What is development?