L0 urbanisation ap


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L0 urbanisation ap

  1. 1. Causes of Urbanisation What factors have led to the rise of more and more people living in cities
  2. 2. Globally where do more people live – rural or urban areas?
  3. 3. City living On your mini whiteboard…….Describe what the world map shows. Hint: Don’t forget to be specific – refer to regions and countries.
  4. 4. Card Sort Cut out the cards and sort them into 3 groups: social, economic and environmental. Choose statements from each category and add them to your Venn diagram. Do any overlap into 2 categories?
  5. 5. Key Terms • Urbanisation – • Rural to Urban migration -
  6. 6. Now sort your cards into push and pull factors Push Factor Pull Factor Make a copy of the table above and add 4 push and 4 pull factors. Can you think of any other push and pull factors that you could add to the blank cards?
  7. 7. Exam style questions In the exam you may be asked to describe trends on a graph or patterns on a map. On your mini whiteboard… 1.Describe the trends shown in figure A on page 194. (4marks) 2. Study map B on page 194. Describe the pattern shown on the map. (4 marks)
  8. 8. What problems may rapid urbanisation cause? Annotate your photograph to show the problems of rapid urbanisation. Hint: First describe the problem and then try to explain why this is a problem.
  9. 9. Past Question Describe the problems that rapid urbanisation can cause (4 marks). You have 4 minutes – 1 mark a minute!
  10. 10. Your Turn! Watch the first 2 minutes of this silent clip and add a commentary to it. Try to apply what you have learnt this lesson about rapid urbanisation. Dharavi Mumbai Clip (from 3.00)