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Agenda 21


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Agenda 21

  1. 1. Transport? Pollution? Resources? Food? Economy? Community? Education?
  2. 2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1992 The Earth Summit
  3. 3. Aimed to tackle environmental, social and economic problems around the world. Believed the best way to find solutions to problems is to do so at the local level. Many Local Authorities have “Local Agenda 21” (LA21) policies. These aim to maintain social wellbeing within local communities by ensuring that people’s needs are met, but not at the expense of the environment .
  4. 5. Local Agenda 21 in Cambridgeshire
  5. 6. Local Agenda 21 in Cambridgeshire Transport Resources and Pollution Natural and Built Environment Economy and Life-long Learning Food and Agriculture Community Awareness and Participation