How magento is the future of e commerce (e-commerce)


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Magento is a robust e-commerce software application which has gained immense popularity ever since its invention. Magento ecommerce...

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How magento is the future of e commerce (e-commerce)

  1. 1. How Magento is the Future of E-commerce?Magento is a robust e-commerce software application which has gained immense popularityever since its invention. Magento ecommerce development has changed the way e-commerce business is conducted. Earlier it took a lot of investment and efforts to develop ane-commerce store for a business. With Magento customisation, this can be achieved veryeasily and within no time. It would not be wrong to say that Magento is the future of e-commerce.The reason behind Magentos success and popularity is the number of amazing features andbenefits offered by it. It is user friendly and does not require any technical prowess tounderstand it. A non techie can easily manage working with a Magento theme design. Anovice can easily handle the content management and navigate around with ease. Some ofthe essential features of Magento are as followsSeparate pages, categories and products can be managed easily.Magento customisation requires little development.It is search engine friendly and ensures better ranking in Google results.It supports multiple currencies and languages.It is highly flexible and allows designers to design a creative website.Magento development has been able to acquire such great popularity because it offers fullliberty to the designers to develop a website in any way they want. There are a number of
  2. 2. Magento themes available which can be customised in any which way to develop a websiteof ones specific requirements. These new templates can be uploaded through the contentmanagement system. The theme management system allows you to change the design ofyour website. This is why there are a number of Magento web design & developmentservices available today.Magento is preferred by web designers, and website owners. The reason could be attributedto the sheer amount of flexibility and user friendliness combined with a pack of benefits itoffers. It ensures full security. This has made it a highly preferred e-commerce solution.As per Googles trend, it has been proved that Magento is gaining on traditional e-commercein terms of interest. The stupendous amount of popularity it enjoys can be estimated from thefact that it has outperformed e-commerce in the initial stages of 2010 . In the first quarter ofthe year, Magento became the most highly searched for e-commerce term on the web. Thus itcan be said that with its usability and flexibility, Magento ecommerce is bound to become thefuture of e-commerce.By PixelCrayons:-