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Cross browser compatibility with psd to xhtml conversion (xhtml)


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Today, when the world has become a global village owing to the advance in technology, almost every aspect of our lives is dominated by internet...

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Cross browser compatibility with psd to xhtml conversion (xhtml)

  1. 1. Cross Browser Compatibility with PSD to XHTML ConversionToday, when the world has become a global village owing to the advance in technology, almost everyaspect of our lives is dominated by internet. Be it education, information, jobs, shopping, almosteveryone seems to find a savior in the internet. This has resulted in a phenomenal increase in thenumber of websites on the web. At the same time, the competition has become very tough. In order tosurvive in this cut-throat competition, a website ought to have a significantly well designed and userfriendly interface.One of the most important and crucial aspect of a web development project, which influences theperformance of a website, is the PSD to XHTML conversion. To put it in simple words, it is aboutconverting the PSD based design to suitable markup language so that a website can be launched in abrowser. Without this conversion it is not possible to launch a site in browsers. PSD toHTML/XHTML conversion guarantees cross browser compatibility. This is of paramount importance.If your website is not accessible through all major browsers all your efforts will come to naught.It is important to understand that with the availability of a number of browsers, it is important to ensurethat a website is accessible through all of them. Not everyone around the world uses the same browser.With the advancement in technology the coding methodology is also undergoing a change. The numberof browsers have increased substantially and hence, the PSD to HTML service providers offer anumber of services. Some of the major browsers used across the world are Mozilla Firefox, Internetexplorer, Netscape navigator, Safari, Google chrome, Opera, Mozilla navigator, Mosaic etc. A goodPSD to CSS/XTML service provider ensures that the conversion is done in a manner that it makes awebsite cross browser compatible.To convert PSD to HTML requires proper skills and acumen. It needs to be done efficiently to get thebest result. It should be W3C standard compliant which approves the main Web guidelines,specifications, and tools, such as HTML and CSS. Hence, it is of utmost importance to test the webpages on multiple browsers before wrapping up the project. This will tell you whether your website iscompatible with all browsers or not. Neglecting this can cost you heavily. An erroneous website willhamper the performance and will make your business suffer. Therefore, it is in your best interest toensure the cross browser compatibility by hiring a reliable PSD to XHTML service provider.