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Content marketing

'Content marketing' is the latest buzz word. What is it, why is it important and how do you go about it?

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Content marketing

  1. 1. Content Marketing16 April 2013By Alison JobsonDirector, Straight Marketing Limited
  2. 2. What is ‘Content Marketing’?The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as:“Content marketing is a marketingtechnique of creating anddistributing relevant and valuablecontent to attract, acquire, andengage a clearly defined andunderstood target audience – withthe objective of driving profitable
  3. 3. What is ‘Content Marketing?’Straight Marketing defines content marketing as:“Content marketing is essentiallycreating and sharing usefulinformation (content) to yourcustomers, potential customers andinfluencers. It is a way ofcommunicating with your audienceswithout selling.”
  4. 4. What constitutes content?• Videos• White papers• Podcasts• Blogs• Infographics• Email newsletters• EBooks• SlideShare presentations
  5. 5. Why is content marketing important?• Google’s algorithm - (SEO)–Not just content but how widely shared it is• ‘Thought leadership’• Drive customers to you• Build loyalty & repeat business• Extend your market reach & attract new customers
  6. 6. Planning your Content Marketing strategyCONTENTMARKETING
  7. 7. Planning your content marketing strategy1. Audit– What is your objective?– Who is your target audience?– What content do you currently have?1. Plan– Tone of voice– Create editorial plan
  8. 8. Content suggestions• Topical news• Industry expertise – “how to” or a “top tips” blog• Company news – share the good things that are happening• Staff profile – profile new or key members of staff• Case studies – showcase your success• Review – review an industry event or a book
  9. 9. Content suggestions• Guest blog – invite another synergistic business tocontribute a blog• Industry research – respond to industry research & provideyour own perspective• Aggregate industry information – pull together links about aspecific topic in one blog article• Answer customer questions
  10. 10. Planning your content marketing strategy3. Execute– Share your content via socialmedia– Social sharing buttons on your website– Google authorship
  11. 11. Google authorship
  12. 12. Planning your content marketing strategy4. Measure– Visitor levels (Google analytics)– Conversions