AJN Waterproofing Q&A 2011


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AJN Waterproofing Q&A 2011

  1. 1. AJN Waterproofing Inc. ®
  2. 2. We Are Now on FACEBOOK!
  3. 3. Company Profile AJN Waterproofing Inc. is a Canadian business with world- class standards. We offer the best value to our customers by combining ‘old world’ craftsmanship with today’s high-tech materials and equipment. We are proud to offer highly trained and dedicated technicians, who will effect a lasting repair to your foundation.
  4. 4. Methods of WaterproofingThe are many ways towaterproof your home.This presentation will focuson the five most common:InternalRepairCrack RepairExternal RepairPargingNew Foundation Wraps.NOTE: If you have questions about other methods of waterproofing your home please don’t hesitate to consult our Representatives at the Home Show
  5. 5. Crack Repair
  6. 6. Crack RepairAn opening, roughly 4 feet wide is excavated(2 feet oneither side of the crack).Dirt is then removed all the way to the footing of thefoundation.The drain tile (if present) will now be opened to determinethe condition, repairs are made to tile if needed.The crack in the wall is sealed with a non - hardeningmaterial called ‘bentonite’, this sealed again with apolyethylene cover, with caulking all around the sides.The next step is to install the waterproofing membraneover the area of the wall that has been sealed. Themembrane is fastened with anchors to the wall, stripsacross the top and sides and sealed once again withcaulking.The drain tile and the bottom of the membrane are thencovered with clean drain stone.The excavated area is then backfilled and cleaned ofdebris.
  7. 7. Internal Repair
  8. 8. Internal RepairThis type of repair is done mainly when it is not possible towaterproof from the outside for a variety of reasons. A trench isopened in the floor along the area to be repaired (exposing thefooting).A sump liner is then installed in the lowest point of the basementfloor following the slope of the property.Drain tile, installed along the footing is sloped towards andconnected to the sump liner. The drain tile is then covered with drainstone.The waterproofing membrane is installed from a point just abovegrade level and continues down and covers the drain tile.The trench in the floor is then cemented in and a sump pump isinstalled. Water is then discharged to a designated area outside of thehome.
  9. 9. External Repair
  10. 10. External RepairThis method of repair is the type that is mostbeneficial to seal the foundation.Soil is excavated down to the footing, (drainsystem can be repaired at this point if it isnecessary).The next step is to cover the drain tile withdrainage stone .Waterproofing membrane is then installed andalso covered with drain stone.The trench is then backfilled and the area iscleaned.
  11. 11. PargingThis is generally what asection of damagedparging looks like.
  12. 12. PargingTo repair this problem we install ametal mesh over the area to be repaired.The mesh screen is fastened to the wallwith metal anchors.Then a mixture of strengthened cementis applied to the wall with the desiredtexture as a finish.
  13. 13. New Foundation Wraps Most effective type of protection for a new foundation. The entire foundation is covered by the waterproofing membrane, from grade level down to the footing of the walls. This membrane is completely sealed on all exposed sides, protecting the foundation from any water penetration.
  14. 14. Facts About Delta MS
  15. 15. Membrane InformationDelta MS is a high-density polyethylene, airgap membrane.The membrane has rows of dimples so thatwhen it is fastened to your foundation wallwater will , with the aid of gravity, travel downthe membrane and to the drain tile.This is the reason for the bottom of themembrane overlapping the drain tile.The drain tile and the bottom section of themembrane are covered with drain stone, thestone provides further protection for the draintile and improved drainage for years to follow.
  16. 16. Thank you for choosing AJN Waterproofing Inc.We are proud to be aleader in the use ofwaterproofing productsand systems inSouthwestern Ontario.Waterproofing yourbasement not only addsvalue to your home, italso provides you withquality living, storagespace and a continuedpeace of mind.