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Brand Adoption Social Media With Legs


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Brand Adoption Social Media With Legs

  1. 1. Social Media With Legs
  2. 2. Our mission is to connect brands with consumers using the most effective and cutting edge word of mouth marketing practices available. Brand Adoption focuses on social media marketing and guerrilla marketing strategies to encourage consumers to adopt and embrace new products and services.© 2011, Brand Adoption. All rights reserved. 01/11
  3. 3. SERVICES BRAND ADOPTION SERVICE GROUPSDIGITAL INTERACTIVE UREP Street TeamsSocial Media Campaigns Product TestingViral ApplicationsMobile Applications Focus Groups Ambassador ProgramsSurveys and Polls Viral CampaignsOnline Contests/ PromotionsCommunity BuildingIN-STORE EVENTProduct Sampling Turnkey Program ManagementRetail Store Checks Onsite PromotionsDisplay Building Guerrilla MarketingPlanogram Support Product Sampling ToursPromotion Execution Trade Show RepresentationRetail Distribution Tracking New Store Openings © 2011 Brand Adoption
  4. 4. WOM MARKETINGIS CONNECTING MARKETERS WITH ITS CONSUMERS Word of Mouth (WOM) marketing is all about people sharing their experience An April 2009 report by about your products and services with their network of friends, family and co- Nielsen showed that workers. This already happens every day in a very normal and personal way. In the past, it happened in personal conversations or on the family phone. Now, it 90% of potential happens online using smart phones, laptops and tablet computers. Conversations American customers and referrals happen less often from face-to-face interactions and more frequently in the digital world via text and social media sites. trust word of mouth from friends and family Brand Adoption facilitates these conversations online and offline. We focus on cost effective social media marketing and guerrilla marketing strategies to create over all other forms of awareness and move consumers to adopt and embrace new brands and services. advertising. We drive action - buzz, hype, traffic, advocacy, and sales - for your brand through our urep Network. 11 Nielsen Report , April 2009 © 2011 Brand Adoption
  5. 5. CAMPUS PROGRAMS – BRAND BLITZES – FACE TO FACE MARKETING – BRAND EVANGELISTS – SMALL EVENTS – NICHE MARKETINGIS THE VEHICLE TO COMBINE WOM AND SOCIAL MEDIA FOR MARKETERS Brand Adoption’s urep program is our viral marketing platform of brand evangelists on college campuses nationwide. Members of this influential group opt-in for social media programs to promote brands online to their expansive social circles. When our ureps advocate for a brand, branded messages with their comments transmit among other personal messages on their social media sites. Because recipients trust referrals from their friends, they are more likely to relay these high value messages and referrals onto their own social circles, and so on, creating a viral effect. Our urep brand advocates are one of the most trusted and effective ways to market to the 18 to 34 year old demographic. A recent study by Alloy Marketing found that college students are spending a whopping 12 hours daily, on average, engaged with some type of media. Our ureps have expansive databases of friends that they communicate with on a daily basis. They can spread the word about your brand with lightning speed. urep Insider The urep program can also be run completely online. By doing so Brand Adoption produces results that surpass other social media marketing firms. Our campaign management applications enable our urep program to go beyond the streets and into the virtual world. Facebook is not a participant or sponsor of BA. Various trademarks held by their respective owners.
  6. 6. IS CREATING A SIGNIFICANT SHIFT IN WOM MARKETING ureps are recruited from the business schools on over 300 college campuses ureps know WOM and around the country. To ensure quality recruits and on-going support on each campus, we have organized a core group of leaders - influential Brand are recruited from Ambassadors - through our college urep BA Intern Program. Most joining urep are leaders within the Business School- Marketing, PR, Journalism, or business schools on Communication majors. Additional emphasis is directed towards recruiting over 300 college leadership from clubs, sororities, fraternities, and professional marketing and entrepreneurial groups on campus. campuses around the country. The urep BA Internship Program on each campus helps us identify top talent looking for hands-on experience and ongoing leadership development opportunities. Our Interns have large networks of talented friends and contacts Brand Adoption uses they draw from to provide leadership and manpower to execute our client’s brand building campaigns. tracking and reporting Brand Adoption has developed proprietary tracking and reporting tools within tools within our urep our urep website portal. ureps capture and record the valuable insights and website portal to information about interactions taking place with our clients’ brands within our urep network. capture insights and interactions taking place with brands. © 2011 Brand Adoption
  7. 7. IS CREATING ADVOCACY AND A CUSTOMER CENTRIC MARKETING PLATFORM FOR BRANDS Whether a client is looking to impact their business in a specific market or urep nationwide, our urep Network can flex its muscles locally, regionally, and More Active on U.S. Online nationally to execute any size marketing campaign. Social Media Population ureps On Facebook 41% 100% We work with our clients to develop campaigns that align with their budgets that are interactive and more effective than print and broadcast media. Social media On Twitter 11% 43% campaigns consist of multiple activities. Each activity is structured to increase the On Other (blogs, 9% 18% participants’ relationship with the client’s brand. Brand advocates love your brand. etc.) They learn about your brand (or they are already very familiar with it), and they share their personal recommendation with their friends and peers. Once advocacy More Engaged U.S. Online is accomplished, your customers become your best sales force. with Brands Population ureps Recommend 28% 53% The average consumer mentions specific brands over 90 times a week in brands regularly conversations with friends, family & co-workers.12 Are influentials (conversation 15% 59% Triggering peer influence We focus on delivering catalysts) by motivating groups of meaningful results that provide Average coupon 2% 6% consumers insight or influence action redemption rate Open promotional e- 22% 51%urep initiates online and offline conversations to drive return for brands. mails Scaling social media reach across Face -to- face, voice -to -voice Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and conversations via events and other digital platforms brand building activities 12 Keller Fay, WOMMA, 2010 © 2011 Brand Adoption
  8. 8. ONSITE PROMOTION – GUERRILLA MARKETING – EVENT MANAGEMENT – BRAND TOURS – PRODUCT PLACEMENT - HOSPITALITYEVENTSEFFECTIVELY CONNECT AND ENGAGE CONSUMERS Events create an environment that allows brands to engage consumers face-to-face. Brand Adoption leverages its national urep network to offer turnkey programs to promote your brand at events locally and nationwide serving as Brand Ambassadors for sampling tours, trade shows, product blitzes, special venues, PR stunts, and more. Being quick-studies and possessing strong interpersonal skills, ureps effectively communicate key brand attributes and benefits to any demographic.
  9. 9. CONTACT CONTACT INFORMATION / PHONE NUMBER / EMAIL SALES CONTACT Don May TEMPE HQ Brand Adoption 2129 E. Warner Road Suite 101 PRESS CONTACT Tempe, AZ 85284 Baldo Besich Tel. 480.889.3117 EVENT CONTACT Alex Munter amunter@brandadoption.comContact us to discuss all the possibilities and start your SUPPORT CONTACTcustom social marketing campaign today. Support Staff © 2011 Brand Adoption
  10. 10. B.A. Tempe2129 E. Warner Rd. Ste 101Tempe, AZ 85284info@brandadoption.com480.889.3117