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WordCamp 2013 Building Awesome with WordPress


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In the world of WordPress there are plugins and themes, there lies a difficult path of how to get started. In this session you’ll learn how where to get started, what themes and plugins you should use, which hosting company you should use, and how to get started in a weekend. At the end of the session, you’ll be wanting to head home to get your new blog or website started.

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WordCamp 2013 Building Awesome with WordPress

  1. 1. Building Awesome with WordPress
  2. 2. @ajmorris
  3. 3. STORY TIME
  4. 4. Foundation First!
  5. 5. web host = foundation
  6. 6. Dedicated Managed Shared VPS
  7. 7. Plans start at $29.00/month
  8. 8. WordPress!
  9. 9. What’s going on your wall?
  10. 10. Fixtures & Decorations
  11. 11. Giveaway?!?