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IPOS07 - Screening for Distress in Palliative Settings [Sept 2007]


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This is an academic workshop based presentation from Sept 2007's IPOS (Psycho-oncology) Conference, London re screening techniques for distress in palliative settings

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IPOS07 - Screening for Distress in Palliative Settings [Sept 2007]

  1. 1. Alex Mitchell Hon. Senior Lecturer in Psycho-oncology, Leicester Royal Infirmary IPOS Workshop (Sept 2007) IPOS Workshop (Sept 2007)
  2. 2. 0. Basics Types of screening 1. Mood Screening Methods How do they compare? 2. Distress Thermometer Evidence? 3. Implementing Screening Ultra-screening in secondary care
  3. 3. 0. Basics
  4. 4. Definition Screening: Short; Easy; some false +ve (low SpS PPV), few false –ve (High Sens, NPV) Diagnosis (case-finding) Accurate, Few false +ve or –ve Rating Simple, patient rated, correl. With QoL and other outcomes => options