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India as a super power???


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The slide was prepared in collaboration with Praneet Sharma at IIIT-Delhi.
This presentation shows the various factors that is holding India back from becoming a super power.
What do you think??

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India as a super power???

  1. 1. Can India make it to the League of an Economic Super Power in the next 25 years? An Effort By:- Sahil Jain Praneet Sharma
  2. 2. INDIA… Till Date  $11.3 billion takeover of Corus by Mumbai- based Tata Steel, was the biggest acquisition ever by an Indian firm.  The total estimated value of mergers and acquisitions in India for 2007 was greater than $100 billion.  India has become nuclear power.  India has posted 4 straight years of 8% growth; since its economy was liberalized in 1991.
  3. 3. BUT....
  4. 4. Long Way to GO……….  47% of Indian children under the age of 5 are either malnourished or stunted.  The adult literacy rate is 61%.  Only 10% of the entire Indian labor force works in the formal economy.  The enrollment of 6-15 years old in school has actually declined in the last year.”  Ranks 96 in the Global Hunger Index; about half of the world's hungry live in India.  India has more people with HIV than any other country.
  5. 5.  Only 585 rural hospitals compared to 985 urban hospitals in the country.  Kaveri river Dispute still going on.  Communal Violence and Racialism.  According to United Nations calculations, India today allocates lower than 1% of GDP to health which is the 18th lowest in the world.  The HDI for India is 0.619, which gives the country a rank of 128th out of 177 countries.  According to World Bank, India is also one of the most under-banked major markets in the world. *Sources: UNDP, UNICEF, World Food Program, CIA
  6. 6. GDP Comparison *source: Central Intelligence Agency
  7. 7. INFRASTRUCTURE  Power shortage is estimated at 12% at peak levels and 8% at non-peak levels.  The national highways account for 2% of total road length.  Indian ports have a vessel turnaround time of 3-5 days, as against only 4-6 hours in Singapore and Hong Kong.  Cargo traffic dips to 5% from last years 14%.
  8. 8. TOURISM In India, tourism accounts for 6% of GDP. *Source : World Economic Forum Rank Country Continent Receipts (2006) 1 USA North America $85.7 billion 2 Spain Europe $51.1 billion 3 France Europe $42.9 billion 4 Italy Europe $38.1 billion 5 China Asia $33.9 billion 6 United Kingdom Europe $33.7 billion 7 Germany Europe $32.8 billion 8 Australia Oceania $17.8 billion 9 Turkey Europe $16.9 billion 10 Austria Europe $16.7 billion 65 India Asia $2.61 billion.
  9. 9. The Green Effect  340 million people dependent largely on agricultural wage labor, $1 or less a day.  Contributes 16.6% to the GDP.  Growth declined from 3.8% to 2.6% last year.  In last 2 years on an average more than 17,000 farmers have committed suicide.  Money-lenders asking for up to 32% of interest.
  10. 10. ill-Literacy *Source: Academic Ranking of World Universities • According to UNESCO India has over 35% of the world’s total illiterate population. • About 40 million primary school-age children in India are not in school. • More than 92 % children cannot progress beyond secondary school. COUNTRTY No. of UNIVERSITIES POPULATION INDIA 348 1.2 billion U.S. 3650 301 million JAPAN 4000 127 million
  11. 11.  35% schools don’t have infrastructure such as blackboards and furniture.  Although Indian universities churn out 3 million graduates a year, only 15% of them are suitable employees for blue-chip companies. *source: Central Intelligence Agency
  12. 12. The Tech-Master  India’s lack of success in exporting electronics hardware to the global market.  Lacked the technology or equipments to detect and preempt the widespread use of liquid explosives by terrorist.  India lacks technology to build BrahMos missile's liquid fuel ramjet engine.  Billions of dollars were being appropriated and not spent on projects like India’s Kaveri jet engine, the Arjun Tank, etc.  The Arjun main-battle tank not at all ready even after 32 years of development work.
  13. 13. Socio-Economic Imbalance  Corruption is a large loophole in Indian growth.  India 85th in world corruption index in 180 countries*.  World Bank withheld $2 billions in funds for the health sector.  Discrimination in the name of Caste, Women ,God.  20% of rural habitations have partial or no access to a safe drinking-water supply. * Source:, Human Rights Watch(,World Bank
  14. 14. Be an INDIAN!  Grace of “Firangi”.  Sensex down by 59%.  20% of our money gone by FDI upliftment.  60% of import is “crude oil” leads to high inflation.  Rights of an individual.
  15. 15. ONE MORE THING