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Team VAYA Presentation

  1. 1. Live On
  2. 2. SOULPURPOSE Given the opportunity to  do what YOU WANT… WHAT WOULD YOU DO? WHO WOULD YOU BE? WHO WOULD YOU BE? Given the opportunity to  be, who you want to be. be who you want to be
  3. 3. SOULPURPOSE RIGHT Industry RIGHT I d t Right INDUSTRY Right Vision Right TIME Right TIME Recession‐proof industry R i fi d t Right PRODUCTS No layoffs, salary freezes or performance reviews Right COMPENSATION Flexible schedule Right COMMUNITY Individually‐driven income y Right COMPANY Significant tax benefits Network of 68 Million Worldwide PRODUCED MORE MILLIONAIRES THAN ANY OTHER INDUSTRY Clara McDermott Gloria Mayfield Banks Clara McDermott Gloria Mayfield Banks Madame CJ Walker Madame CJ Walker Randy Gage Randy Gage YOU…Soul Purpose Community! 1920’S FIRST AMERICAN  FEMALE MILLIONAIRE
  4. 4. SOULPURPOSE RIGHT Vision RIGHT V Right INDUSTRY Right Vision Right TIME Inspire and empower our entrepreneurs Right PRODUCTS Ri ht PRODUCTS Right COMPENSATION to realize their purpose, who in turn will do the Right COMMUNITY same fo oth Tog th , we can a cont b t am for others. Together, all contribute Right COMPANY g to a better world.! AWARDS &  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS A leader with commitment,  Onyx Woman Economic  Onyx Woman Economic compassion, vision  Empowerment Award; the Global  Diversity Network Trailblazer  and purpose! Award; The Los Angeles Black  Expo, Madam CJ Walker Award  Expo Madam CJ Walker Award Nadine A. Thompson for Leadership and  CEO/Founder Entrepreneurship; The Rhode  Soul Purpose Island House of Representatives  Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur  Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur Featured Si d Sister 2 of the year (2006); and Black  Sister Magazine Enterprise Magazine’s Emerging  January 2009 Company of the Year (2006). 
  5. 5. SOULPURPOSE RIGHT Vision RIGHT V Right INDUSTRY Right Vision Right TIME Objectives of Soul Purpose Obj ti fS lP Right PRODUCTS Ri ht PRODUCTS Right COMPENSATION • be a leader in the development of beauty and personal care  Right COMMUNITY products in the United States.  Right COMPANY g • foster and support entrepreneurial opportunities through the  provision of direct sales and distribution networks.  • be a socially‐responsible company whose commitment to social  values pervades the entire organization, from product design and  NSOROMMA manufacturing, to product delivery.  • create a “green company” from the ground up... quot;child of the heavens [stars] quot;  [ ] beginning with our product line, our products will be natural and  beginning with our product line, our products will be natural and botanically based, as well as organic, and sulfate and paraben free.  The symbol of guardianship. We will use recycled paper, vegetable‐based inks and a recycling  A reminder that God is the  program for all of our product containers for our customers and  father and watches over all  distributors.  people. l • partner with many members of the socially‐responsible business  community to provide a wide variety of goods and services to help  us meet our core objectives.
  6. 6. SOULPURPOSE TIMING Is Everything TIMING I E th Right INDUSTRY Right Vision Right TIME Right TIME A GROUND‐FLOOR OPPORTUNITY Right PRODUCTS Right COMPENSATION Right COMMUNITY GROUND FLOOR Right COMPANY YOU’RE HERE RECOGNITION Wouldn’t you have liked to have  MOMENTUM been on the  ground floor of Mary Kay or Avon? With SOUL PURPOSE…you are at the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME!!!
  7. 7. SOULPURPOSE Right Products Ri ht P d t Right INDUSTRY Right Vision Right TIME g BODY‐ Personal Care Right PRODUCTS Right COMPENSATION *  Conditioning, healing, protecting & moisturizing Right COMMUNITY *  Vitamins A,E & D, wild crafted Shea Butter, Almond  Vitamins A,E & D, wild‐crafted Shea Butter, Almond Right COMPANY Oil, Organic Aloe, Antioxidants: Acai Berry,  Oregon Grape, Red Wine, Green Tea *  Incredible fragrances – A Journey of the Senses Collection! Shower Gels, Lotions, Body Balms, Custards, 100% Soy    Candles, Sugar‐Shea Scrubs, & Solid Fragrances! BODY        BEAUTY        STYLE        SPIRIT       SENSUALITY
  8. 8. SOULPURPOSE Right Products Ri ht P d t Right INDUSTRY Right Vision Right TIME g Right PRODUCTS BODY ‐ Nutritional Right COMPENSATION TRU CHOCOLATE Right COMMUNITY Right COMPANY •Organic •All natural •Kosher •Antioxidant – 135,000 ORAC Value •Supports healthy blood sugar levels Live Well Great for… Eat Chocolate! •Weight loss •General well‐being BODY        BEAUTY        STYLE        SPIRIT       SENSUALITY
  9. 9. SOULPURPOSE Right Products Ri ht P d t Right INDUSTRY Right Vision Right TIME g Right PRODUCTS BEAUTY  ‐ MINERAL MAKE‐UP Right COMPENSATION 100% Pure minerals Right COMMUNITY All Natural All Natural Right COMPANY No harsh chemicals, dyes, preservatives, irritants, talc or  bismuth! LIGHT & AIRY Wait  til you feel the difference! Wait ‘til you feel the difference! BODY        BEAUTY        STYLE        SPIRIT       SENSUALITY
  10. 10. SOULPURPOSE Right Products Ri ht P d t Right INDUSTRY Right Vision Right TIME g STYLE  Right PRODUCTS Our partnership with Youngevity International and  Right COMPENSATION Suzanne Somers enables us to bring our Entrepreneurs &  Right COMMUNITY their customers a unique collection of products to  hi i ll i f d Right COMPANY enhance their lifeSTYLE.   SUZANNE SOMERS JEWELRY AWARD WINNING  & GOURMET FOODS MINERAL MAKE‐UP BODY        BEAUTY        STYLE        SPIRIT       SENSUALITY
  11. 11. SOULPURPOSE Right Products Ri ht P d t Right INDUSTRY Right Vision Right TIME g SPIRIT  SPIRIT Right PRODUCTS Nurturing your spirit is the essential foundation of a  Right COMPENSATION beautiful life!  We have assembled a collection of  Right COMMUNITY p products to nurture, inspire and encourage your spiritual  ,p gy p Right COMPANY growth.  SIGNATURE GIFT SETS AROMATHERAPY CANDLES SILK JOURNALS Collections of 3 solid perfumes 100% soy, all‐natural, non‐toxic Natural paper, Handmade by  Women’s Crafts Collective of India  BODY        BEAUTY        STYLE        SPIRIT       SENSUALITY
  12. 12. SOULPURPOSE Right Products Ri ht P d t Right INDUSTRY Right Vision Right TIME g SENSUALITY Right PRODUCTS Our inner beauty is expressed in many ways.  At Soul  Right COMPENSATION Purpose, we also celebrate your sensuality.  We’ve  Right COMMUNITY created two gift sets of aromatherapy body butters: created two gift sets of aromatherapy body butters: Right COMPANY Succulent (butters  in chocolate, caramel & honey) Seductive (butters for HIM, for HER, for US) “Our sensuality encourages and helps us feel alive; it’s often expressed in our desire to be connected! Nadine Abraham Thompson BODY        BEAUTY        STYLE        SPIRIT       SENSUALITY
  13. 13. SOULPURPOSE Right Party Ri ht P t Right INDUSTRY Right Vision Right TIME g Right PRODUCTS NEW LIFESTYLE PARTY & HOST GUIDE Right COMPENSATION Right COMMUNITY Outlines all aspects of the Lifestyle Party & Host  Right COMPANY Program to help Entrepreneurs host successful  parties and build their businesses… •Enhanced Hostess Program •Enhanced Hostess Program •Hostess Coaching •Processing Guidelines •Customer Follow‐Up •Lifestyle Pre‐Party Timeline •Games, Checklists & More!!!! BODY        BEAUTY        STYLE        SPIRIT       SENSUALITY
  14. 14. SOULPURPOSE Right Party Ri h P t Right INDUSTRY Right Vision Right TIME g THE LIFESTYLE PARTY HOST PROGRAM Right PRODUCTS Right COMPENSATION 25‐75% OFF Host Order (based on total customer product sales) Right COMMUNITY $50 – 299.99 $50 – 299 99 25% Right COMPANY $300 ‐‐ $999.99/1 booking 50% $1000+ / 2 bookings 75% FREE Soy Candle or Mineral Shimmer Body Powder & Brush Set.   For having a party that meets all of the following criteria: Minimum of 3 guest orders Minimum of $125 customer product sales total Minimum of $125 customer product sales total 1 Booking for a future party (current host or guest) Host Only Special Discounts – A Selection of Gifts Chosen by  Nadine di BODY        BEAUTY        STYLE        SPIRIT       SENSUALITY
  15. 15. SOULPURPOSE Right People Ri ht P l Right INDUSTRY Right Vision Right TIME g THE SOUL PURPOSE ENTREPRENEUR Right PRODUCTS People who care about people Right COMPENSATION People looking for a lifestyle change Right COMMUNITY People who appreciate great natural products People who appreciate great natural products Right COMPANY People who like to pamper themselves People who want to make extra money People who want to slim down THE SOUL PURPOSE CUSTOMER People interested in a wellness lifestyle People who appreciate great natural products P lh it ttl dt People who like to pamper themselves People who want to slim down People interested in aging gracefully p g gg y BODY        BEAUTY        STYLE        SPIRIT       SENSUALITY
  16. 16. SOULPURPOSE RIGHT Compensation RIGHT C t Right INDUSTRY Right Vision Right TIME g Right PRODUCTS Right COMPENSATION 50% Pay Out Right COMMUNITY 7 Ways to Get Paid! 7 Ways to Get Paid! Right COMPANY Pays Deeper –12 Levels or more!! No BREAKAWAYS! Compression! i! Weekly 30% Quick Start Bonuses Monthly Commissions – 15th of month y Commissions Paid ON TIME  V YI ! …EVERY TIME!
  17. 17. SOULPURPOSE RIGHT Compensation RIGHT Compensation Associate LEVEL  LEVEL OVERRIDES 1 8% Welcome to the 2 8% COMMUNITY! 3 7% 4 5 6 7 8 4 Ways to Get Paid 4W t G t P id $100 BV Quick Start Bonuses 30% Retail Profits – up to 30% NOTE:  Have $100 BV  Personal Purchase Rebates – up to 10% Personal Purchase Rebates up to 10% on Auto‐Ship to qualify for Level Overrides – 3 levels Quick Start Bonuses.
  18. 18. SOULPURPOSE RIGHT Compensation RIGHT Compensation Managing Associate LEVEL  LEVEL OVERRIDES 1 8% 2 8% 3 7% 4 6% 5 6% 6 7 8 4 Ways to Get Paid Quick Start Bonuses 30% $300 BV Personal Volume Retail Profits – up to 30% 3 First Level Associates (with $100 PBV each) Personal Purchase Rebates – up to 10% $100 on Auto‐Ship (for Quick Start Bonuses) Level Overrides – 5 levels
  19. 19. SOULPURPOSE RIGHT Compensation RIGHT Compensation LEVEL  LEVEL Diamond Executive LEVEL OVERRIDES LEADERSHIP 1 8% 2 8% 3 7% 4 6% 5 6% 6 8% 7 2% 8 9 10 5 Ways to Get Paid $300 BV Personal Volume Quick Start Bonuses 30% 3 First Level Managing Associates or higher Retail Profits – up to 30% p $5400 Group Volume (3 Levels) Personal Purchase Rebates – up to 10% $100 on Auto‐Ship (for Quick Start Bonuses) Level Overrides – 6 levels Leadership Bonus 2%
  20. 20. SOULPURPOSE RIGHT Compensation RIGHT Compensation LEVEL  KONA DOUBLE Diamond Executive KONA DOUBLE Di dE ti LEVEL OVERRIDES LEADERSHIP 1 8% 2 8% 3 7% 4 6% 5 6% 6 8% 7 2% 8 9 10 6 Ways to Get Paid 6 Ways to Get Paid Quick Start Bonuses 30% Retail Profits – up to 30% $300 BV Personal Auto‐Ship Personal Purchase Rebates – up to 10% 3 DIAMOND LEGS 3 DIAMOND LEGS Level Overrides – 6 levels 3 MANAGING ASSOCIATES OR HIGHER 1ST LEVEL Leadership Bonus 2% $7500 Group Volume (3 Levels) DREAM Bonus $600
  21. 21. SOULPURPOSE RIGHT Compensation RIGHT Compensation LEVEL  LEVEL FIJI DOUBLE Diamond Executive LEVEL OVERRIDES LEADERSHIP 1 8% 2 8% 3 7% 4 6% 5 6% 6 8% 7 4% 2% 8 9 10 6 Ways to Get Paid Quick Start Bonuses 30% Retail Profits – up to 30% $300 BV Personal Auto‐Ship Personal Purchase Rebates – up to 10% Personal Purchase Rebates up to 10% 5 DIAMOND LEGS Level Overrides – 7 levels 3 MANAGING ASSOCIATES OR HIGHER 1ST LEVEL Leadership Bonus 2% $10,500 Group Volume (3 Levels) DREAM Bonus $800
  22. 22. SOULPURPOSE RIGHT Compensation RIGHT Compensation 6 Ways to Get Paid 6 Ways to Get Paid TAHITI DOUBLE Diamond Executive TAHITI DOUBLE Diamond Executive Quick Start Bonuses 30% Retail Profits – up to 30% Personal Purchase Rebates – up to 10% Level Overrides – 8 levels Level Overrides 8 levels Leadership Bonus 2% DREAM Bonus $1000 LEVEL  LEVEL OVERRIDES LEADERSHIP 1 8% 2 8% 3 7% 4 6% 5 6% 6 8% $300 BV Personal Auto‐Ship 7 4% 2% 6 DIAMOND LEGS 6 DIAMOND LEGS 8 4% 2% 3 MANAGING ASSOCIATES OR HIGHER 1ST LEVEL 9 $27,000 Group Volume (3 Levels) 10
  23. 23. SOULPURPOSE RIGHT Compensation RIGHT Compensation TRIPLE Diamond Executive TRIPLE Diamond Executive LEVEL  7 Ways to  7 Ways to LEVEL OVERRIDES LEADERSHIP $300 BV Personal 1 8% Get Paid 9 DIAMOND LEGS 2 8% Retail Profits 3 MANAGING ASSOCIATES OR HIGHER 1ST LEVEL 3 7% $43,200 Group Volume (3 Levels) 4 6% Personal  5 6% Purchase  3 Cross line trainings 6 8% Rebates 7 4% 2% Quick Start  Quick Start 8 4% 2% Bonuses 30% 9 Level Overrides  10 on 8 levels 11 12 Leadership  13 Bonus 14 $1000 Dream  Bonus REVENUE  SHARING POOL
  24. 24. SOULPURPOSE RIGHT Compensation RIGHT C t Right INDUSTRY Right Vision Right TIME g Revenue Sharing R Sh i Right PRODUCTS Share in overall success of Company Right COMPENSATION Right COMMUNITY ½ % of Company Volume Set Aside for  ½ % of Company Volume Set Aside for Right COMPANY TRIPLE DIAMONDS! If Company’s Volume is… $2,000,000 $5,000,000 $10,000,000 Triple Diamonds share… Triple Diamonds share $10,000 $25,000 $50,000 dd THOUSANDS Add THOUSANDS to your monthly check!
  26. 26. SOULPURPOSE RIGHT Community RIGHT C t Right INDUSTRY Right Vision Phenomenal 1st Right TIME g Year Accomplishments Year Accomplishments Phenomenal 1 Right PRODUCTS DOUBLE DIAMOND EXECUTIVES: Right COMPENSATION Toni Coleman‐Brown Right COMMUNITY 50 More than 50 More than Tara Ellerbe Tara Ellerbe Right COMPANY Managing Associates! DIAMOND EXECUTIVES: Anita Barnes 400 Entrepreneurs 400 Entrepreneurs Cynthia Barnum Cynthia Barnum Terri Jackson Carson Sign Ups (January 2009) Cheryl A. Cormier Tanya Fussell Josephine Hopkins h k $130,000 Sales Month  Peggy Riggins (February 2009) Pamela Robinson Tanya Walters y Checks topping Checks topping Chiezda Washington $4,000 a month Angelia Williams Shaune Williams
  27. 27. SOULPURPOSE RIGHT Community RIGHT C t Right INDUSTRY Right Vision Right TIME g SOUL PURPOSE INTRANET SITE   SOUL PURPOSE INTRANET SITE Right PRODUCTS Right COMPENSATION Click “enter as a guest” Right COMMUNITY Right COMPANY Key Folders Click “Documents” Getting Started G tti St t d EMMA K.I.S.S.  Lifestyle Party y y Product Campaigns Incentives & Promotions Marketing Materials Product Fact Sheets Product Fact Sheets Presentations
  28. 28. SOULPURPOSE RIGHT Community RIGHT C t Right INDUSTRY Right Vision Right TIME g E.M.M.A.   EMMA Right PRODUCTS *  EMPOWER  *  MANAGE  *  MARKET  * ADVANCE  * Right COMPENSATION Online state‐of‐the‐art business management tool Right COMMUNITY Right COMPANY KEY FEATURES KEY FEATURES Personal Website Email E‐Cards Contact Manager Online Ordering Online Enrollment
  29. 29. SOULPURPOSE RIGHT Company RIGHT C MILESTONE DATES MILESTONE DATES Founded October 2007 Pre‐Launch January 2008 Official Launch April 2008 Product Launch May 2008 Product Launch May 2008 CREATING IT RIGHT 1ST National PR: Sister2Sister January 2009 $130,000 Sales  ‐ February 2009 DEBT‐FREE MILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS – YEAR 1! State of the Art Technologies 50% Compensation Plan 50% Compensation Plan 75 Years Executive Experience Strategic Partnerships Youngevity International                          iCentris Technologies Silver Bullet                                                Simply Logoz       Amanne Collection                                   My News Assistant Nadine A. Thompson Women’s Shea Butter Cooperative of Ghana Founder/CEO Women’s Crafts Collective India Hidden Beach Records Hidden Beach Records IN THE NEWS Cheryl A. Cormier January ‘08 Sister to Sister Executive Vice President Power Magazine (online) Black Enterprise Business Report lk Essence Magazine (coming soon) Average Girl (coming soon)
  30. 30. SOULPURPOSE Right Company Ri ht C Right INDUSTRY Right Vision Right TIME g DOING WELL BY DOING GOOD DOING WELL BY DOING GOOD Right PRODUCTS We’re thinking globally and acting Locally! Right COMPENSATION In our effort to be a socially‐responsible and “green” company,  Right COMMUNITY we have adopted eco friendly packaging and printing.   we have adopted eco‐friendly packaging and printing Right COMPANY Ri h COMPANY PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Our products are paraben & sulfate  free, vegan with no animal testing and cruelty‐free.   ONLINE RESOURCES: To save a few trees, we have cut down on  , the use of paper.  Our Entrepreneurs can access an online  resource center to view resources and print only what they  need.  A beautiful online digital catalog  can easily be sent to  customers without paper waste or postage.   pp p g PRODUCT MAP: Our brilliant product map replaces the  traditional catalog.  Just one sheet of paper, printed on front  and back, it cleverly folds down to a 4x6.   Together, we can make a difference.   
  31. 31. SOULPURPOSE RIGHT Company RIGHT Company The Place Where Everything COMES TOGETHER!  The Place Where Everything COMES TOGETHER! VISION NETWORK  MARKETING INDUSTRY TIMING COMPENSATION PRODUCTS COMMUNITY Soul Purpose is the perfect business home for YOU! The power of being in business for yourself; but not by yourself!
  32. 32. SOULPURPOSE MEMBERSHIP MADE SIMPLE MEMBERSHIP MADE SIMPLE Right INDUSTRY 1 Use, Enjoy & Share U E j & Sh Right Vision Enroll for $35 (or $10 without kit or EMMA) Right TIME Purchase your products Right PRODUCTS Enroll on Auto‐Ship for FREE Shipping Right COMPENSATION Right COMPENSATION 2 Right COMMUNITY Extra Income Right COMPANY Enroll for $35 Purchase A Success Pack Enroll on $100 BV Auto‐Ship ENROLL NOW!!! Earn Profits ‐ Share the products! Build your check – Enroll others! 3 UNLIMITED INCOME  UNLIMITED INCOME ‐ “What makes all the What difference for those who SERIOUS Business Builder achieve great success is Enroll for $35 their WILLINGNESS TO Purchase $300 Quick Start Pack TAKE ACTION!” Enroll on $100 BV Auto‐Ship Cheryl Cormier Unlock the power of the plan for  UNLIMITED INCOME & SUCCESS!
  33. 33. SOULPURPOSE MEMBERSHIP MADE SIMPLE MEMBERSHIP MADE SIMPLE Right INDUSTRY Step 1: Right Vision Right TIME Enroll with your  Right PRODUCTS Right COMPENSATION Right COMPENSATION $35 Basic Kit $35 B i Ki Right COMMUNITY Right COMPANY Step 2: Purchase Your  Ph Y ENROLL NOW!!! Success Pack Step 3: Step 3: Qualify for Quick Start Bonuses  $100 BV Auto‐Ship  Active Associate with Enroll now; pay later; FREE  $100 BV Auto‐Ship shipping on your favorite  products each month!
  34. 34. SOULPURPOSE If not YOU WHO? If not YOU…WHO? 2009 2010 If not NOW WHEN? 2011 If not NOW…WHEN? 2012 If not SOUL PURPOSE…WHAT? If not SOUL PURPOSE WHAT?
  35. 35. SOULPURPOSE “Our mission is to inspire and empower our entrepreneurs to realize their p rpose reali e purpose, who in turn will do the same for others. T h f h Together, we can all contribute to a better world.!” Nadine Thompson CEO/Founder
  36. 36. SOULPURPOSE Isn’t it time to… Live Your  Life On  PURPOSE!