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Money andy


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cool money project

Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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Money andy

  1. 1. By Andy
  2. 2.  Debt and Credits Long Ago What people buy with money How do we access money Countries around the world
  3. 3. OF Power  Jobs Food  Saleof assets Communication  Government Transport Water Tax Clothes House/Land Health Contents
  4. 4. Before money there was trading or bartering. People traded things or services of equal value.Contents
  5. 5. Money is usually stored in a bank,building society etc. Until we needit.• We can get it out through: an ATM, Credit, Debit Card, internet banking , cheque book, fill in form at bank, EFTPOS, Loan etc.
  6. 6. Different countries trade differentthings so the currency changes.
  7. 7. laptop 125cc dirt bike