Sir Arthur Evans and Theseus and the Minotaur


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Sir Arthur Evans and Theseus and the Minotaur

  1. 1. Minoa and the story of Theseus and the Minotaur
  2. 2. Arthur Evans loved mythology.
  3. 3. Especially the story of Theseus and the Minotaur. Theseus and the Minotaur.
  4. 4. And from the story, he thought he could prove that King Minos was from
  5. 5. Crete
  6. 6. So he went to Crete, and he and archaeologists found the remains of an ancient city an ancient city
  7. 7. a large city, in fact ancient Crete had many cities...
  8. 8. as well as ancient palaces
  9. 9. With many rooms! So many rooms one might get lost! So many rooms one might get lost!
  10. 10. The palace walls were decorated with colorful paintings
  11. 11. Depicting a peaceful people
  12. 12. Whose lives depended on the sea
  13. 13. for trade
  14. 14. They traveled to the mainland for food They could not grow all the food they would need for
  15. 15. But they did have tin! An essential ingredient that traders during the Bronze
  16. 16. In their cities, we see the use of gold and bronze to make many things, including the labrys, or double headed axe.
  17. 17. We believe they had kings, who also acted as priests,
  18. 18. Who wore a bull mask during ceremonies
  19. 19. They had religion. ...goddesses were important...such as the snake
  20. 20. ...the Mistress of the Animals
  21. 21. ... and the goddess who looked after the crops
  22. 22. They believed in an afterlife ...and buried their dead with food and a few possessions
  23. 23. in chests like these. (notice anything on this one?)
  24. 24. We know they had a written language. Creatively called “Linear A”
  25. 25. But we can’t really read it.
  26. 26. Although some scholars believe the Cretan word for king is “Minos” Cretan word for king is “Minos”
  27. 27. They had some system of indoor plumbing
  28. 28. And they had depictions of bulls everywhere!
  29. 29. Horns by their palaces
  30. 30. And depictions of bull leaping
  31. 31. On walls, on rings, and in statues
  32. 32. Was it a sport? A religious ceremony? (Or just the workings of an over-active imagination?
  33. 33. Arthur Evans, became Sir Arthur Evans, and named the civilization he found Minoa
  34. 34. for the story of King Minos.
  35. 35. So... why did the Minoan civilization end?
  36. 36. Was due to the start of the Iron Age? ... you don’t need tin to make iron!
  37. 37. Was it a volcanic eruption? (We know there was one around 2000 BC)
  38. 38. On the island of Thera
  39. 39. That spewed ash, causing famine
  40. 40. Or the volcanic eruption may have caused a tsunami may have caused a tsunami
  41. 41. We know the eruption may have caused the end of the Xia China!
  42. 42. If these did not end the Minoan civilization It weakened them, allowing the more war-like
  43. 43. Ending the Minoan culture
  44. 44. Your turn: Which parts of Minoan culture could point to some truth in the story?