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A selection of Capsule\'s work in the spirits and wine work.

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Capsule Presentation

  1. 1. A VE H ICLE FOR E X P LORATION AN D DI SC OVE RY definition A container for things of particular meaning. An environment where people and ideas come together. The essence, highly condensed, compact. A process resulting in understanding and insight; the ability to express powerful concepts simply and effectively. 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
  2. 2. D O u b LE CROS S Lu X u RY VO D KA Distinction is one of the many elements that Double Cross Luxury Vodka has captured in their exquisite spirit, a vodka produced in the Slovak Republic. The striking and evocative design is a testament of luxury. Precisely engineered to capture the heritage of the product itself, the packaging boasts a seamless design with artistic elements including verses of old-world Slovakian poetry.
  3. 3. “We approached Capsule with a vision for a bottle design that would match the elegance of its contents, the luxury of the brand and the heritage of our Slovakian roots,” says Malcolm M. Lloyd, M.D., CEO of Double Cross Luxury Vodka. “The final design not only met our every expectation but is also a bottle that will become truly iconic in the spirits industry.”
  4. 4. D O u b LE C ROS S VOD KA ALu m I N u m C OLLAR & CAP LAS E R E Ng RAVE D LO gOS Custom molds were made for creating Both the cap and collar feature small, the collar and cap out of aluminum. laser engraved Double Cross logos. C OR K w ITH E m bOS S E D LO gO The inside of the cap structure ALu m I N u m LO gO I N LAY contains a red rubber cork with the The Double Cross logo is set into Double Cross logo raised above the recessed glass in solid aluminum. surface. TAm P E R S EAL DETAI LS Historic design elements and CuSTOm CALLIg RAP HY Old Slovakian poems were hand individual bottle numbers were lettered for screening onto the back included in the design of the tamper of the bottle. seal to create an exclusive sense of heritage and luxury. S LOVAK IAN C OAT OF AR m S CuSTOm bOT TLE The inclusion of the Slovakian coat of A completely custom, full mold set was arms reflects the pride Double Cross created for production of the takes in its roots. Double Cross bottle. COPYRIGHT 2009 CAPSULE
  5. 5. Starting with pencil sketches, images boards, and mountaintop photos of Slovokia, the creative process had all the right inspirations. The concepts were taken to three-dimensional renderings at the early stage so Old Nassau Imports could experience the essence of the bottle. The graphics were applied to the bOT TLE C ONCE PTI Ng bottle, taking what was a twenty-fifth-century bottle design back a hundred years to incorporate the heritage of the Slovakian culture. { F R O M T H E E X P E R I E N C E O F U N C A P P I N G T H E B O T T L E , T O A C T U A L C O N S U M I N G T H E A L C O H O L WA S A D E S I G N E D E X P E R I E N C E }
  6. 6. g O LD S m I TH Ag I O H E Lm S Goldsmith Agio Helms, an investment banking firm, needed luxurious and compelling touchpoints to speak to their high net-worth audiences. Capsule designed beautifully customized private label cigars, bottled water, wine, and champagne to carry the messaging of their affluent brand. With a preference for rich materials and a tactile experience, we worked with international vendors to produce sumptuous effects including foil stamping, leather embossing and engraving.
  7. 7. { T H E BR A N D PERSONA LI T Y COM E S TO LI F E A N D DE LI V ERS I TS L A RGE ST I M PR E S SION T H E MOM E N T SOM EON E PICKS I T U P } Each and every brand should choose an intended personality based upon the brand’s aspirations and its customers’ current perceptions of the brand.
  8. 8. S LI P P E RY S LOP E Extending into Ice Wines, Winehaven Winery needed an identity and packaging design that would jump off the shelf as a premium gift or impulse purchase. Creating a custom illustration that wraps around the bottle shares the story of Mother Nature nurturing the grapes and Old Man Winter freezing the grapes. The concept is revealed as you hold the bottle in your hand and see how the delicious, hand-crafted luxury is borne of patience and snow-covered hillsides.
  10. 10. F I N L A N D I A / F ETz E R Sustainable design and a responsible organization have a great moment to dovetail. Brown-Forman hired Capsule to conduct an exercise around sustainable design and promotions for a handful of the Brown-Forman brands. Finlandia and Fetzer were determined to be the best options in the retail channel. Our efforts focused on uncovering ways to communicate the brands’ environmental initiatives while educating the consumer on the role that organic ingredients play in helping to reduce the carbon footprint. The result was a plan to provide smart sustainable behaviors and changes to the design for retailers to help their customers live a more earth friendly lifestyle.
  11. 11. C A P S U L E combines leading-edge business and brand thinking with highly strategic creative methods, resulting in memorable and effective design solutions. The Capsule process uses both fundamental and innovative research techniques to gather knowledge on customer behaviors and cultures. Findings and I N T H E D E TA I L S insights inform the development of brand strategies that are both deeply grounded and in sync with your business objectives. We then embody that strategy in design solutions that work hard to build your brand, earn customer loyalty, and maximize your return on investment.
  12. 12. R E S EARC H Capsule believes in a multi-faceted approach to research, enabling us to uncover maximum insight into your brand and its audiences. Every global branding project is different. We design our research methods accordingly. As well as the traditional methodologies (surveys, interviews, focus groups, panels, ethnography and so on), Capsule also uses our own proprietary research process: Foundations™. The Foundations™ journaling process combines both visual and written aspects of a brand definition process, in order to delve into the deepest regions of your audiences’ desires and feelings, your brand’s personality and story, and the best way to leverage these going forward. Our approach encourages information gathering that is more developed and better articulated, resulting in collaborative input that fosters commitment and in-depth knowledge. COPYRIGHT 2009 CAPSULE
  13. 13. DE S Ig N The Capsule creative team makes use of our knowledge of your brand, its place within the world, and your audiences. We translate your brand’s attributes, heritage and personality into form, color, texture and material. Every brand has a past history and future goals. Growth requires an honest and complete understanding of the current situation and an open, constructive dialogue. Capsule’s filtration process focuses on education, research and creative, integrating clients into every project phase. Addressing these specific areas ensures balance, whittling analysis down to the single idea that unites every aspect of the brand. COPYRIGHT 2009 CAPSULE
  14. 14. I m P LE m E N TAT I O N There are two defining elements of our implementation process at Capsule – attention to detail, and an awareness of the importance of connecting back with the original direction at each and every stage. Taking a design from an idea, to a point of collective agreement, to a final piece requires a detail fanatic. Our relatively small size ensures that we are flexible and extremely adaptable throughout the design and implementation process. Capsule’s team is research savvy and process driven. We believe great design doesn’t magically appear thanks to brilliant elves, but rather by a team of diverse disciplines all with a design process mind set. Implementation is an essential seat at the table of success. COPYRIGHT 2009 CAPSULE
  15. 15. bOOKS Rockport Publishers, a leader in design and advertising publications, approached Capsule to author and design a book series. Design Matters//Logos and Design Matters//Packaging have both become national best sellers in design.
  16. 16. CLI E N T S A LC O H O L , Lu X u RY & P R E m I u m C LI E N T S Brown Forman (2007-2008) Double Cross Vodka (2007-2008) Red Wing Shoes (2007) Winehaven Winery (2008) Goldsmith Agio Helms (2007) RoamEO (2007) COPYRIGHT 2009 CAPSULE
  17. 17. AwA R D S AwA R D S P u b LI S H E D I N m E N T IO N E D I N American Center for Design AIGA Journal of Graphic Design Harper Collins Publishers Brand Packaging Investors Business Daily American Corporate Identity American Center for Design Journal HOW Magazine Jones Day American Institute of Graphic Arts Business Week I.D. The Boston Globe Marketing News Art Directors Club of New York Communication Arts Minnesota Business The Business Journal The New York Times Communication Arts Critique Print Carlson School Magazine Pittsburgh Tribune International Annual Reports Design Management Institute Rockport Books Clear Magazine Progressive Grocer Printing Industries of America Emigre Step-by-Step Graphics Dallas Morning News Toy Directory magazine Financial World Eye Twin Cities Business Monthly Entrepreneur Seattle Post Graphis Graphis Florida Today USA Today HOW Magazine Gourmet Retailer Visual Merchandising & Store Design I.D. Magazine HOW Magazine IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America) Print San Francisco World Spirits COPYRIGHT 2009 CAPSULE
  18. 18. C ONTACT I N FOR mATION contact wEbSITE > WWW.CAPSU LE.US Aaron Keller Kitty Hart mANAgINg PRINCIPAL ACCOuNT EXECuTIVE ONLINE PORTFOLIO VIDEO 612.341.4525 612.341.4525 > ONLINE DOubLE CROSS VIDEO > 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08