Employment communication and interviewing


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Employment communication and interviewing

  1. 1. Employment Communication and Interviewing Presented by Ajay Kumar
  2. 2. Writing Application Letters• Works as cover letter for your resume.• Highlights your most potential points• Do not repeat the same information Application Letters SpecificNot specific General Targeted advertised position
  3. 3. • Research on the company before preparing resume.• Highlight specific past achievements
  4. 4. • Focal point is not what you have done..• If any position advertised, learn as much as possible about the job and how it appeals to you
  6. 6. GAINING ATTENTION IN THE OPENING• Short opening paragraph (4-5lines)• Mention the reference in opening• Opening should attract potential employer’s attention
  7. 7. CONVINCING AN EMPLOYER THAT YOU FIT THE JOBThe middle portion of an application letter shouldconvince employer that you are fit for job requirementsThis area can be filled with your accomplishments like work experience Special expertise Educational accomplishments Strengths to meet job requirements
  8. 8. PROMOTING ACTION IN THE CLOSE• Motivate the employer to take action-to read your resume and invite you to an interview• The closing paragraph is the wrap-up. You should provide your telephone numberand email address for employer to invite you tointerview
  9. 9. Eg., : May I have interview to discuss thisopportunity with you, Mr. Rahul? I believe thatmy education and experience match your needsand I could become valuable part of your teamat Verma Agency. You can reach me at+919955443322 or e-mail me atmadhav@yahoo.comat your convenience.
  10. 10. PREPARING AN APPLICATION LETTERThe application letters you use in your jobcampaign should meet the same neatness,accuracy, clarity and standards as resumes. Application letter should not be morethan 1 ½ pages. use 8 ½- by 11- inch bond paper forapplication letters. And 9- by 12- inch envelopeto avoid folding of the letter.
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