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Maxartists Ppt V2.2


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Maxartists Technologies - Extending Technology World Wide

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Maxartists Ppt V2.2

  1. 1. COMPANY PROFILE Maxartists Technologies was founded in 2005 at Trivandrum, Kerala, Indias latest attraction of IT Hub, by few Industry experts across the Globe with a vision to become the forerunners in the Emerging Technologies. We, Maxartists Technologies, being a Multi-disciplinary IT solution company, is your source for high quality, cost-effective software solutions ranging from Mobile Applications to Server-side development, from Web Application to Consulting. We have mastered a wide range of technologies and platforms, and proven our • efficiency in the fields of: Mobile Application • Server-side Mobile Applications NFC Solutions Development Web Applications Barcode Ticketing Medical Compliance • Web Application Server Applications Biometric Applications Tracking System • Consulting
  2. 2. COMPANY PROFILEMaxartists Technologies is based in theTechnopark campus. This 300 acre IT hub,with 4 million sq. ft. of built-up space is one ofthe biggest and oldest in the country, hostingover 150 IT and ITES companies andemploying more than 20,000 IT professionals.We are proud to be in the beautiful city ofThiruvananthapuram in Kerala for itsenchanting life, low-cost living and peacefulsurroundings to give a perfect work/life .balance
  3. 3. E-Ticketing System (ETS)The E-Ticketing Solution is intended to provide analternative to the existing paper ticketing processes. ETSenables multiple ticket originators (Vendors) to manageand send the tickets/ vouchers to their customers (end-users) mobile phones. ETS has a wapsite through which auser verify if an event ticket has to sent to a particularMSISDN by providing the MSISDN number.The following is the workflow of the ETS: An Admin creates a Vendor. The Vendor can create an Event. A barcode delivery request for an event is sent to the ETS. The ETS will check whether aticket has already been sent to the user as a MMS or Midlet. The ticket will be sent as MMS if earlier the ticket was sent as MMS, and if the ticket wassent as midlet then a binary SMS will be sent to the users Midlet in mobile.
  4. 4. • If the user is a new user then a wap push with a Midlet downloadable link will be sent to the users mobile.• For an already installed midlet, a binary SMS is sent to deliver the barcode ticket to the users mobile.• If the midlet is not available in a handset then the barcode ticket is sent as a MMS to the users mobile.
  5. 5. YLP CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT SOLUTION The Campaign Management solution enables the Users to load vouchers against a campaign to the system and allocate the vouchers to their customers (end-users). Campaign Management solution is an add-on to the existing ETS that manages the promotional campaigns and allocates vouchers for the campaigns. Reports can also be generated based on different criteria. The YLP CAMS is controlled by an administrator who has all privileges in the system.YLP Features Admin creates retailers in the YLP system.The admin manages the users and campaigns. Vouchers can be loaded and managed for acampaign. Campaign vouchers can be allocated and ifrequired re-issued against an issued MSISDN. Transaction statues can be monitored. Generates reports on transaction details in .xlsformat. Audit trail of all actions in the system can beviewed.Profile details are editable .
  6. 6. YLP Campaign Management Solution Architecture
  7. 7. Mobile Ordering SystemThe Mobile Ordering System is a processing system, wherebyusing mobile phones, customers can order a food fromrestaurants or any other items from merchants, who deliversproducts such as flowers or gifts. First an end user will have toregister in the system via mobile phone or website. Aftersuccessful registration, a midlet installation URL is sent as SMS tothe users mobile device and the midlet is installed in the usersmobile phone or else the url can be typed in his mobile browser todownload the midlet.The customers can order food from restaurants or order anydeliverable product such as flowers from a flower shop using mobilephones. Merchants are able to send promotional coupons to all thecustomers available with in the MOS .The promotional coupons willbe sent as SMS to the users mobile phone and the users can usethese coupons to attain discounts at the specific Outlet / shops.
  8. 8. Field Technician Support SystemThe Field Technicians Support System(FTSS)is to help companies and technician to keeptrack of the service log of equipments andperipherals like Printers, Air conditioners,refrigerators, Computers, Xerox machinesetc.. This avoids lots of paper works andmake sure that service history is correctlyrecorded to the satisfaction of client.The unique barcode id of the Device would be written to device. Using the Android phones,the customer or field technician can view thedetails of the equipments and peripheralsalong with the service history, sparereplacements and the follow-ups done.The application can be later expanded totarget NFC enabled Android phones
  9. 9. Mobile Ticketing SystemMaxartists have developed Mobile Ticketing System in differentscenarios for our various customers based on their requirementsand has been successfully implemented for various games,concerts, theaters and other events. The various scenarios of Mobile Ticketing System are: Mobile Ticketing Delivery System Program Server Mobile Ticketing Shop Mobile ClientMobile Ticketing Delivery System (MTDS) is a user-friendlyapplication, in which multiple ticket providers can manage theircustomers and send 2D Barcode tickets directly to their mobilesas entry pass for various events.
  10. 10. Program Server The Program Server, is a system, by which a mobile application will be installed in the usersmobile phone and an end user can access barcode ticket for various events along with the detailedprogram information and speaker details. The Program server consists of a web interface for managing Events and its programs, ManagesSpeakers for Events, Manages Midlets, Provisioning of Midlets and Tickets to an end users mobilephone and monitors the transaction status.
  11. 11. Mobile Client Maxartists have extensive experience in implementing innovative mobile clients i.e. Wallet for our various mobile solutions across a wide range of industries and business functions. A Midlet application will be installed in the users mobile phone for handling the barcode tickets. The events will be listed in the midlet application and the user will be able to purchase tickets using these informations.
  12. 12. MTDS Architecture
  13. 13. Mobile Ticketing Shop (MTS) The Web Shop is a public website, which provides the ability for the users to register in the website and purchase an event ticket using payment cards. After payment, the user will receive a barcode ticket as SMS in his mobile phone. In the web shop, one venue is specifically assigned for the Ticket shop and it can be setup with a number of events using the Admin interface.
  14. 14. Mobile Client We have developed mobile clients, that supports the latest technology mobile phones such as Android, iPhone, Black Berry and Windows Mobile.
  15. 15. Product LocatorProduct locator is anamazing touch screenapplication which can beused in super markets,grocery stores etc to locateitems on the shelf. As anindividual comes up to themachine they will be greetedby a voice message. Theuser will be given audioguidance on how to use thesystem.The customer will type in the product they are looking for. The machine will then provide avisual map (with the layout of the store) which shows the path the customer needs tofollow to reach the product. A audio message will also be played which explains the paththat the customer needs to follow. A text message will also be displayed.
  16. 16. Terminal ApplicationMaxartists have developed customized Terminal Applications to be installed in theBarcode readers used at the venue for ticket validation process. When a customer shows his phone with the ticket over the barcode reader kept at the venue entrance, the terminal application checks whether it is a valid ticket and if the ticket is valid, the customer gains access to the venue
  17. 17. Barcodes Our Mobile Ticketing System supports 1D/ 2D barcode. A 2D barcode is similar to 1D barcode, but has more data representation capability. Types of Barcodes used in our solution are: Data Matrix QR Code Aztec EAN 13 PDF 417 CODE 128 CODE 39 CODE 25i
  18. 18. Biometric ApplicationsAtrua Fingerprint Sensor Application - It is a trainingsolution that runs on the Mobile handset to train users onhow to correctly use the fingerprint sensor. Theapplication gives the user real time feedback on his swipetechnique and the user can train himself any number oftimes. Auto-launch facility. Casio Hand-Scanner Application - It is used to read 2D barcode tickets from Mobile phones or other similar electronic devices. Show the 2D barcode to the Casio IT 3000M56E reader and the reader extracts information in barcode and prints it on the reader GUI Atrua Fingerprint Sensor ApplicationCasio Hand-scanner
  19. 19. NFC @ MaxartistsMaxartists has been onto the field of Near Field Communication from 2006onwards. NFC is one of the latest wireless network technologies that enables simpleand safe communication between two electronic devices.It supports the use of mobile handsets by touch-based interaction, which is anintuitive and user-friendly way of establishing connections and exchanginginformation.Few applications done in this domain are listed below: TSM & mTessa Appliances Monitor NFC Travel Guide Smart Poster Solution for Retailers Medical Compliance Event Management NFC Payment & Ticketing Point of sales App. KASSA Business card exchange
  20. 20. TSM (Trusted Services Manager)TSM is the server part which deals with all sortof NFC related activities. This is a very loosely-coupled module, so that any NFC applicationscan fit together to form a final NFC solution. Itsprimary goal is lifecycle management of Javacardapplications(cardlets) within the Secure Elementand Mifare object management in NFC phones.Cardlets are used for mobile payment cards, highvalue ticketing and secure data storage (likeidentity, and medical information).
  21. 21. mTessamTessa (Mobile Tessa) is a securemobile client developed for NFCphones.Manages installed credit cards,debit cards, loyalty cards, etc inNFC mobile phones.Handles Secure ElementManagement requests from remoteserver (TSM, explained later).Compatible with MyMax Contactless • NFC Sticker and can handle Mobile Applicationvarious NFC capabilities such ascardlet lifecycle • Server-side management, Developmentsmart poster reading, peer to peerdata transfer, etc. • Web Application User authentication using client side and server side certificate. • ConsultingUses “Three pass authentication”while accessing Secure Element.
  22. 22. mTessa
  23. 23. NFC Travel GuideNFC Travel guide is a solution forguiding an user/tourist to arestaurant or other areas ofinterest by providing touristinformation, call Taxi number inhis preferred language throughthe NFC enabled Mobile Phone.The route information for reaching the restaurant/tourist spot from theusers place, is calculated and the map info is displayed on user mobile.
  24. 24. Travel Guide - Flow• User installs midlet from Midlet download Tag.• User scans Info tag and reads information from it.• Mobile screen displays list of restaurants/points ofinterest.• View the Picture of the place, tourist info and theoperating hours as options.• Route map to that Restaurant from the userscurrent location will be displayed.• Admin can configure the point of interest, thelatitude and Longitude of the place, Tourist info andits pictures.• Admin can configure the Info Tags and Midletdownload Tags.
  25. 25. Medical ComplianceWe are into the domain of NFC basedMedical Compliance System using Mobilephones. This system: Ensures patients takes their medication in time and at the frequency recommended. Avoids non-compliance issues. Allows healthcare professionals to monitor the patients’ medication compliance. Correlates the generated data with the information gathered from diagnostic devices. Links the patient’s therapy compliance behaviour and the therapy outcomes on a daily basis.
  26. 26. Mobile clientMaxartists have developed various mobile clients for medical compliancemonitoring. The one below shows the mobile client to configure the duration of themedication and to view the pill intake time graphically.
  27. 27. Appliances MonitorIn Appliance Monitor, the Technician would get theservice details of the Device by waving his NFCmobile phone over a RFID Tag placed on the Device.The AM consists of four main components:1. Desktop client2. Admin Web Interface3. Technician web interface4. Mobile Clients.
  28. 28. The Process Flow of AM is as follows:The details of the Device would be writtento the RFID Tag (Mifare 1K) using thedesktop client.The RFID Tag will be pasted on the specificDevice after the sales.The customer waves his NFC mobile phoneover the RFID Tag on the Device to see theservice history, helpline and other detailsrelated to the device.The Technician waves his NFC mobilephone over the RFID Tag on the Device tosee the service history and details will bedisplayed on the Mobile client installed inthe Technician mobile phone.The Technician would enter the newproblem of the Device in the Mobile clientand these details will be uploaded to theserver from Mobile client.
  29. 29. NFC Smart Poster Solution for Retailers (SPSR)NFC Smart Solution poster for the retailers is asolution to determine the position and directionof the retailers and the latest offers theyprovide. The traveller has to touch the tag onthe poster using the NFC enabled device toretrieve the information regarding the locationof the retailer and the latest offers they areproviding for the customers. The three components involved in this solution would be: 1. Web Interface 2. Smart Poster Creator 3. Customers Midlet
  30. 30. KASSAKassa is a touch screen desktop application communicating with the NFC reader,in which users can purchase event tickets, food, items, etc and make paymentsusing Loyalty points, Credit card and Debit card by showing his NFC mobilephone over a reader.
  31. 31. NFC Readers and Phones We have proven our expertize in various types of NFC phones ranging from Nokia 6212, Nokia 6131 SWP, Nokia C7, Google Nexus, Blackberry 9900, Samsung Galaxy S2 (NFC) and NFC Stickers ( like Twinlinx NFC Sticker). The supported NFC readers are Philips Pegoda, PN531 (USB/Serial), Arygon, Omnikey Cardman 5321, Accesso 2G, ACS ACR122, Payter Terminal (USB/Serial), Inside Contactless NFC Reader, Myztro NFC Blutooth reader and we have developed custom USB drivers for these readers.
  32. 32. SMS APPLICATIONSSMS messaging technology is an underlying communication medium between wirelessdevices and servers in a two-way interactive text messaging application. Maxartists havedeveloped innovative SMS applications, which can be used for conducting a votingprocess in big MNCs or to conduct an online lottery or for a chit chat etc. Live SMS Voting Application SMS Jukebox Application SMS Lottery Application SMS Textbar Application Love Match Application Cattle Lifecycle Tracking
  33. 33. LIVE SMS VOTING APPLICATIONLive SMS Voting is a Web based application forbuilding a voting process in an organization tofind out the best employee, best team leader,etc or where ever a live voting process takesplace. When a live voting takes place, the userswill be able to vote for a category by sending aSMS in the specific format using their mobilephones and the results are shown through aflash client. The SMS Voting Application consistsof an Admin Web Interface and Flash ClientInterface.
  34. 34. Key Features In the Admin interface, an admin manages Categories and its options or voting. Set the Total time duration for voting, Blind Time, (Final countdown), Vote Limit, Jury vote ratio for a category and a jury percentage for the options in category. Set the order of Priority for categoryand its options to be displayed in theFlash Interface. Assign a keyword and select a Gatewayfor the users to send SMS for voting.
  35. 35. SMS JUKEBOX APPLICATIONSMS Jukebox, a multipurpose audio program,is an application by which users can createplaylists, as well as organize music. An SMSbased jukebox is something by which youselect a song by sending a SMS. The songand the SMS to be sent are displayed on thescreen. Just send the code for a particularsong by SMS and the song which gets thehighest number of votes will be played foryou.
  36. 36. Cattle Lifecycle Tracking(CLT)Cattle Lifecycle Tracking (CLT) isdesigned specifically for thelivestock monitoring authorities,who keep track of the lifecycle ofthe livestocks.The application CLT has a mobileclient, a back-end server and anSMS reception system. Themobile client have fields that areto be entered by the DataCollector. Once entered, the mobile phone sends the details as anSMS to the CLT Server. The Server then updates the records with the received data which canbe viewed by the monitoring authority using the Admin web gui interface. The reports can beviewed as graph and also exported in xls format.
  37. 37. TECHNOLOGY Mobile Technology Server-side TechnologyNFC Technologies / J2me / J2ee / C# / Spring / ACEGI / StrutsJMS / WML / Andriod / (v2.0) / Hibernate / SOA / SVN /iPhone / Mophun / Infra Red Grinder/ BPEL / BPM / Mule Quartz/WinCE .Net / Win Mobile 5.0 LCDS / GDS / SOAP / XML-RPC /Brew 2.1 and 3.1 / JOOMLA / PRADO / SMARTYBluetooth / WMAPI /Blackberry Desktop Technology Web TechnologyJava / C / C++ / Swing / PHP / JSP /DotNet/ ASP / JST / JSFVC++ / VB / Junit/ / JTA / Adobe ColdFusion / XML /Maven / Easymock / AIR XSL / WAP / XSLT / HTML / DHTML / SAML / Xfire / Jasper Reports / Action script / Java script/ Ajax / Flex / Photoshop / Illustrator / Flash CS3 Fireworks
  38. 38. Project Life-cycleMaxartists development method isbased on the Agile SoftwareDevelopment, it is a conceptualframework for software developmentthat promotes development iterationsthroughout the life-cycle of theproject. Each iteration passes througha full software development cycle:including planning, requirementsanalysis, design, coding, testing, anddocumentation. An iteration may notadd enough functionality to warrantreleasing the product to market butthe goal is to have an availablerelease (without bugs) at the end ofeach iteration. At the end of eachiteration, we re-evaluates projectpriorities. Our project life-cycle consists ofvarious phases as shown in the figure:
  39. 39. Methodology We provides quality, cost-effective offshore development services to our clients. We are proud to offer a service that assures quality, but is also price competitive with other companies, with rapid start and quick response times. Our large qualified resource pool, combined with a broad set of development processes, tools and environments allows us to tackle any project. Our methodology can be summarized as:
  40. 40. Contact Information Maxartists Technologies Pvt. Ltd. C-5, Thejaswini, Technopark Campus Trivandrum 695 581 Kerala, India + 91 471 6574664 + 91 471 4017346 Also visit our Website + 91 471 2700708
  41. 41. THANK YOU