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Febrer musica 2013


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Febrer musica 2013

  1. 1. The London Studio El Bages: Cançons, Oh my love Troubadours on the Rhine God is my Bike Recordings 1957-1964 tonades i balls populars Quimi Portet Loreena McKennitt Maïa Vidal Judy Garland Música Popular Rofer Mas i La Cobla SantUn dígito binario dudoso Bric-a-Brac Skyscrapers & Deities Jazz Magnetism Jordi ciutat de Barcelona Hidrogenesse Death by Chocolate Kouyate Neerman Kase.O Roger Mas . Libertad Bending Bridges Cadenas de odio This is Madness Tomorrow sunny Orquestra Àrab de Mary Halvorson Quintet Soziedad Alkoholika The Last Poets Henry Threadgill’s Zooid Barcelona Biblioteca Central d’Igualada Tel. 93 804 9077 -