Design Trend Report 2012


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Overview and categorized product design and color trends.

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Design Trend Report 2012

  1. 1. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 1 Title W1w GK SUMMER 2012 COLOR TREND REPORT By A. Groen, GK Design Europe bv July 2011
  2. 2. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 2 Contents Contents Trend Research Sources: Where the trends come from Report Set Up Social Trends - social/lifestyle influences Directions Colors - coloring, mood and image Graphics - Logos, striping, accents Material - product skin, aroma, details Effects - finishing and textures Combos – color material effect mixes Key Theme SUMMER 2012 DEMOCRACY–- A taste for everyone Key Social Trends Identity, Sensibility, Vanity Mood Boards 5 Directions per social trend Iysander Follet ‘like’ silver pendant
  3. 3. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 3 Source Source Seminars / Lectures CMG Color Marketing Group Second Sight Desk Research Product Design / gadgets Fashion Web & Magazines Media Arts & Entertainment Lifestyle Blogs, YouTube Field Research MILAN Design Week 2011 Geneva/Shanghai Motor Show AMFI Graduation Show 2011 ISPO 2011 Sports Fashion Fashion Shows Hommes Spring/Summer 2012 MBFW Berlin 2011 Fashion Rio Verão 2012
  4. 4. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 4 KEY THEME WIN 12 DEMOCRACY Key Theme: Summer 2012 After RE-VOLT comes DEMOCRACY. It is the responsibility of design and color to bring people to a higher level. Design is a reflection of our history and culture. Taking the old and reinventing it but not forgetting the roots. This season is a mix of future tech and past revivals with the common theme being our ability to CHOOSE, share and create. With the conflicting trend themes of Identity, Sensibility and Vanity, color swings from classic revivals to technically coded graphics and the tacitly textures of the last years. This report seems like a mix of the past and present influences meaning that there is a taste or a style out there for each of us. Movie Link: Kolor Ksubi Cult Australian fashion label ksubi, toast the long awaited return of their colored denim range, with a short film directed by Australian director Daniel Askill. kolors is a fume-fuelled, slow-motion battle between three colour-clad models and a trio of '80s muscle cars. Threadless Doctor Who T-shirt TARDamask by Rosemary Travale
  5. 5. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 5 Social Trends WIN 12 KEY THEME: IDENTITY Brand & Personal Identity SENSIBILITY Classic Kitsch Decadence VANITY Look but don’t touch TRENDS KEY IMAGES: Lady GaGa, Kate Middleton Royal Wedding, Cinemagraph – by Beck & Burg
  6. 6. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 6 Dominance - TREND SOCIAL TREND WINTER 2012 INTRO PANEL: LADY GAGA IDENTITY This trend has to do with BRAND IDENTITY and PERSONAL IDENTITY. Brand Identity in terms of design is the corporate coloring and consistency of the brand with recognizable colors that project an image and message. On a PERSONAL level, with the help of technology, you can show who you are and expose yourself to the masses with a unique digital identity and information about who you are and what you like. Google Chrome has introduced its new browser as a channel to update the world, even recruiting the IDENTITY Queen herself to promote it. Movie link: Lady GaGa for Google Chrome
  7. 7. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 7 OJ Camo1 COKE RED This color trend takes unrelated products and mimics the corporate identity of big brands causing a familiar POP culture effect. This bright glossy red should not be hindered by complex graphics. The color has the strength, graphics should be bold / simple like a stop sign or Coke can. Key Words: Classic Crimson Stop Sign Summer Red Intro Panel: PRADA sports Color 2012 Updated: Racy Red W09/10
  8. 8. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 8 OJ Camo2 Keywords: Classic Crimson Stop Sign Summer Red Mood Board: Jeremy Scott FW11 Renault DeZir Concept Carrera Key Images: NDK ISPO 2011 Michael Kors Watch Adidas AdiZero Rose Dominant 2012 COKE RED Updated: Racy Red W09/10
  9. 9. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 9 CODE QR CODE QR Codes (Quick Response) are matrix codes readable by camera telephones. At Milan Design Week many exhibitions had the codes on displays. As a design element the codes are used a graphics as well as a decorative symbol. Colored QR Codes: link Movie link: First ever Animated Tattoo by K.A.R.L (uploaded July 4) Keywords: Matrix Message 2D Barcode Creative Codes KEY IMAGE: Chairs for Charity exhibit Triennale Milan 2011 Graphic 2012 NEW
  10. 10. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 10 Zombie 2 Keywords: Creative Code Matrix Message 2D Barcode Mood Board: Supernights DJ Phono B&B Berlin 11 Nidecker board Kopenhagen FUR 2011 Supra Royal Collection Key Images: Rick Owens 11 Philips O’neill the Snug Kaywa & Office Lendorff QR CODE NEW
  11. 11. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 11 Lava Red 1 Citrus Cyan A fresh yellow arrives as part of a series of bright youth trend colors that are almost neon. Yellow can add a light flashy feel to a product; the combo with light cyan blue makes it more sporty. At the recent Geneva car show (March 2011), various hues of bright yellow were seen more often than orange. Another advantage of yellow is that it has spiritual meaning (healing, leadership). This is a highly underused color and is coming back. Key Words: Water Lemon Sunny Sky Yellow Med Intro Panel: K2 ISPO 2011 2Tone 2012 Updated: Sunny Slick S09
  12. 12. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 12 Lava Red 2 Keywords: Water Lemon Canary Sky Yellow Med Mood Board: Daniele Alessandrini SS12 Nissan Townpod Concept 2010 POC Helmet Key Images: Galliano SS12 Nixon Nike Air Max Fly By Citrus Cyan Updated: Sunny Slick S09
  13. 13. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 13 Lunar Grey1 BOWTIE WHITE High contrast Black and glossy White has gone underground for some time, having been overused in recent years. But its graphic strength can’t be denied due to it’s intense expressive message. More a product color combo than a fashion color, this combo will always be a safe classic choice yet can be dramatic with black eye socket graphics and striping. Key Words: Harlequin Eye Dramatic Dove White Hole Intro Panel: Opel Ampera 2012 Color Graphic 2012 Updated: Night Water W09/10
  14. 14. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 14 Lunar Grey 2 Keywords: Harlequin Eye Dramatic Dove White Hole Mood Board: Milan Design Week 2010 Hyundai Blue2 Nexx Helmet Key Images: DIOR HOMME SS12 Diesel Watch Diesel Island Max 2009 fusion 2011 BOWTIE WHITE Updated: Night Water W09/10
  15. 15. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 15 CODE Black Pebble The sequel of Batman ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ comes out in the summer of 2012. We will see the return of the super hero like materials like this tech textured rubber or leather black. Adidas will introduced UNDFTD (Undefeated) x Adidas Originals Aug 11 with its pebble leather skin finish. Movie link: Keywords: Anti-Slip Noir Knobs Raised Round KEY IMAGE: Versace 2011 Color Material 2012 NEW
  16. 16. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 16 Zombie 2 Keywords: Noir Knobs Anti-Slip Raised Round Mood Board: Versace 2011 Nike Kobe VI Uvex bike helmet Key Images: Alexander McQueen 11 NIXON Revolver UNDFRD X Adidas Originals BLACK PEBBLE NEW
  17. 17. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 17 Intelligence- TREND SOCIAL TREND SUMMER 2012 INTRO PANEL: Kate Middleton / Catherine Duchess of Cambridge SENSIBILITY The UK Royal Wedding and Kate Middleton’s style icon status has helped in bringing back classic decadence. This trend was seen at Milan Design week 2011 where we called it “Classical Kitsch”. It has to do with the return of classic styles and materials which we already saw last season with Colonial & Animal prints. It is also the evolution of the eco trend which can now appear through nature’s luxurious beauty rather than the generic green or cardboard look. Nature’s beauty comes in the form of silky pearls, woven golds, luxury woods and subtle flowers. It is a return to classical decadence with the occasional kitsch twist.
  18. 18. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 18 Lava Red 1 Pearl Passion In 2009 we had ‘Mink Pearl’. This is a more genuine version of pearl in which some products use actual pearls for beading or ornamental purposes. It can be a mix of sparkly and smooth, or 2 toned with black or grey for more strength. Key Words: Misty Cream Ivory Gloss Pearl Drop Intro Panel: 2011 Nike Jordan 11 Space Jams Material Color 2012 Updated: Mink Pearl W08/09
  19. 19. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 19 Lava Red 2 Keywords: Misty Cream Ivory Gloss Pearl Drop Mood Board: Nike Lotus: Geneva 2011 Duckie Brown 2011 Key Images: The Blonds 2011 Angular Momentum Diva Fashion 2011 Pearl Passion Updated: Mink Pearl W08/09
  20. 20. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 20 Lunar Grey1 WOOD YOU? With the coming of ‘Arbofoam’, eco friendly liquid wood, new wood based designer products are popping up everywhere. As the eco tend continues this material will have a major effect on tech products. Arbofoam: made from lingin (waste wood) mixed with resins/fibers. Put into a mold and it can pretty much make ANYTHING. +Subscribers&utm_campaign=5bb9a9e767-UA-2235360-4&utm_medium=email Key Words: Liquid Wood Drift Wood Branch Out Intro Panel: Fossil made of Arbofoam (liquid wood): Material 2012 Updated: White Ash W09/10
  21. 21. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 21 Lunar Grey 2 Keywords: Liquid Wood Brach Out Drift Wood Mood Board: HMR B52 Helmet Drift Eyewear MDC stand Rodart FW12 Key Images: Grove Ipad 2 bamboo case Drift Eyewear Nixon WOOD YOU? Updated: White Ash W09/10
  22. 22. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 22 Lava Red 1 Gold Tapestry This is a key direction for ‘classic luxury’; an intricate mix of gold and silver mainly influenced by the runways. It reminds us of old tapestries and indulgent excesses. Movie link: Versailles is hosting a new exhibition: Le XVIII au Gout du Jour/ A Taste of the 18th Century. The exhibition is curated by Olivier Saillard and is on view at Versailles through October 9, 2011. Key Words: Metal Medley Woven Silver/Gold Gilded Grandeur Intro Panel: Pierre Hardy Discorama High top Sneaker 500 pairs available June 2011 Material Color 2012 NEW
  23. 23. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 23 Lava Red 2 Keywords: Metal Medley Gold Silver Weave Gilded Grandeur Mood Board: Pierre Hardy Discorama High Top Gustave Klimt 1907 Rolex Balmain 2011 Key Images: Roberto Cavalli 2011 Gurgel Sergrillo Series band Oakley Romeo Original Gold Tapestry NEW
  24. 24. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 24 Black Swan1 SKY FLOWER This is the first C&G (Color & Graphic) that is as much influenced by fashion (Gautier SS12) as product design. A soft sky blue with tiny flower prints, reminding us of classic Laura Ashley designs but modernized through color matching the flowers with the blue. Note: The sky blue can also be used independently from the flower graphic. Keywords: Fresh Water Light Blue Surf Flower KEY IMAGE: Nike Sportswear + Liberty collaboration SFB (*Special Military Field Boot) with classic Liberty Pattern Out July 2011 Color Graphic 2012 Updated: Baby Blue S09
  25. 25. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 25 Black Swan2 Keywords: Fresh Water Light Blue Surf Flower Mood Board: JP Gautier SS12 Erba Milan 2012 Nike SFB Key Images: Basler MBFW SS12 Eastpak Giro SKY FLOWER Updated: Baby Blue S09
  26. 26. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 26 Lunar Grey1 SHADED SHINE Gradients were already popular in sports casual products and have been invading the runways since last season; now we also see them in interior design. This trend should be used with neutral colors (i.e., no neons) fading into white or black to give the fading the more attention rather than the color. Song Link: Fade to Grey (80s) Key Words: Easy Transition Sober Sunset We Fade to ….. Intro Panel: Nike Sportswear Women’s Skinny Dunk Effect 2012 NEW
  27. 27. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 27 Lunar Grey 2 Keywords: We Fade to … Easy Transition Sober Sunset Mood Board: IMM 2011 Oakley Frogskin Neil Barrett AW11 Key Images: Paul Smith Diesel Prada SHADED SHINE NEW
  28. 28. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 28 Seduction- TREND SOCIAL TREND SUMMER 2012 INTRO PANEL: Cinemagraph (animated GIF) - by fashion photographer Jamie Beck and visual designer Kevin Burg VANITY Close to last seasons “Seduction” trend, the recession tired fashionista’s are ready to show off. This is seen in the form of exposing lingerie inspired colors and materials or in an explosion of eye popping color mixing and Latin inspired graphics. Socially this trends links to “Generation Me” (born between 1980 and 2000) the overly confident youths of today are more sure of themselves than Gen Xers. They are described as winey and spoiled yet tech savvy and optimistic even in hard times and have the numbers to create their own future. Movie Link: Paco Rabanne Lady Million Perfume Ad
  29. 29. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 29 Lunar Grey1 POWDER PINK This delicate pale pink with a silky finish is meant to attract in a ‘look but don’t touch’ way. Like a princess. Key Words: Candy Wrapper Delicate Dahlia Lingerie Lead On Intro Panel: Invicta Watch Color 2012 Updated: Pinkette S08
  30. 30. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 30 Lunar Grey 2 Keywords: Candy Wrapper Delicate Dahlia Lingerie Lead on Mood Board: Milan Design Week 2010 Erba Milan 2012 Invicta Watch Key Images: Kenzo SS12 Fanny Wang Nike POWDERED PINK Updated: Pinkette S08
  31. 31. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 31 Lava Red 1 Translucent Touch Since the success of colored transparency (Imacs and Jelly Swatch), all other transparencies were considered a cheap imitation. Now, with a technical function, translucency, returns. Seen on the runways as trendy rain gear or on product showing the heart of the product with an inner detail or soft coloring. Key Words: Liquid Heart Membrane Melt Gel Coating Intro Panel: Semi Rigid Car by Emergent; made of cartilage; it makes its own fuel from algae. The bio-engineered car is grown instead of manufactured made of synthetic skin, the chassis is foldable for easy transport. Material Effect 2012 Updated: Veiled White S10
  32. 32. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 32 Lava Red 2 Keywords: Membrane Melt Liquid Heart Gel Coating Mood Board: Milan Triennale Exhibition Space Adidas Jeremy Scott “Invisible Wings” 2011 Dragon Alliance Sunglasses Mulger SS12 Key Images: Hermes BAGS 2011 DKNY Watch 2010 Swatch 2011 Translucent Touch Updated: Veiled White S10
  33. 33. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 33 Lunar Grey1 Paint Streak This is a collision of colors randomly placed with precision (precision being the black background). It portrays an artistic streak that can either be for self expression or to have a bombshell effect. Key Words: Art Splat Dramatic Dobs Pop Prism Intro Panel: Citroen Survolt Concept, Shanghai 2011 Color Effect 2012 NEW
  34. 34. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 34 Lunar Grey 2 Keywords: Art Splat Dramatic Dobs Pop Prism Mood Board: SV Ski Helmet Citroen Survolt Concept Shanghai 2011 Versace 2011 Key Images: Blue Man SS12 HEAD Boards 2011 Electric Funk Marble Headphones PAINT STREAK NEW
  35. 35. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 35 CODE Bird of Paradise Bird of Paradise is the name of the Flower that inspired the print used on the Givenchy Spring/Summer 2012 collection. It symbolized Latino culture in the streets, and is an exciting pattern for Summer. codes-with-sister/ Keywords: Latino Leaf Fast Foliage Bamboo Shoot KEY IMAGE: Givenchy Spring Summer 2012 Graphic 2012 Updated: Tree Times W08/09
  36. 36. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 36 Zombie 2 Keywords: Bamboo Shoot Latino Leaf Fast Foliage Mood Board: Milan Spa Exhibit 2011 Nordica Side Country 2012 Givenchy SS12 Key Images: Espaco (FFW Fashion Rio Summer 12) Nike Dunk High Pro SB De La Soul Baroque Brown Altitude Green BABA Design Milan 2011 Bird of Paradise Updated: Tree Times W08/09
  37. 37. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 37 Lava Red 1 Wolf Grey Gray is the strong continuing ‘recession proof’ color. ‘Future Proofing’ was the key trend at the CMG conference in June 2011. Wolf Gray pops up next to the ever continuing “Concert Grey” from S10, but it finds its character in a 2 tone combo with white and strong black graphic details. This a more sporty casual direction. Key Words: Recession Proof Black Fang Sporty Casual Intro Panel: Nike Air Max Penny 2Tone 2012 NEW
  38. 38. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 38 Lava Red 2 Keywords: Recession Proof Black Fang Sporty Casual Mood Board: Buick Envision Concept (Shanghai MS) Nike Air Max Penny 1 “Wolf Grey” Armani SS12 Key Images: Dion Lee 2011 2011 Jordan & Ferrari Skullcandy Grey Low Rider Wolf Grey NEW
  39. 39. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 39 SUM 11 CHART EMERGING ESTABLISHED INDIVIDUALSOCIAL DIRECTION CHART SUMMER 2012 QR Code Tapestry Powder Pink Shaded Shine Pearl Wood U Wolf Gray Translucent Streak Paradise Coke Pebble Citrus C Sky Flower Bowtie SUMMER2012 NEW! (6) UPDATED (9) Total: 15 Directions
  40. 40. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 40 SUM 11 CHART EMERGING ESTABLISHED INDIVIDUALSOCIAL SWATCH CHART SUMMER 2012 QR Code Tapestry Powder Pink Shaded Shine Pearl Wood U Wolf Gray Translucent Streak Paradise Coke Pebble Citrus C Sky Flower Bowtie SUMMER2012 NEW! (6) UPDATED (9) Total: 15 Directions
  43. 43. SUMMER 2012 PAGE 43 ENDW12 Disclaimer: The contents of this report are for internal use only, unauthorized copying or distribution without written approval from GK Europe bv is prohibited. SUMMER 2012 COLOR TREND REPORT Photography: Y. Maeshima, M. Muller, O. Beboux, A. Groen Cinemagraph – by Beck & Burg